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Funding for Undergraduate Research Opportunities


Fellowships offer many opportunities for you to develop your academic and professional interests. They can help you study abroad, get involved in research or public service, or take on a postgraduate degree. Fellowships are also a networking opportunity. Recipients become part of a lasting network of like-minded people from around the country and around the world. Fellowship advisers can help you determine which opportunities help you meet your goals. Once you find a fellowship, they support you throughout the entire application process.

Opportunities exist for every class year, so it is never too early to begin to explore your options.

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Senior Thesis Funding

Columbia College is able to provide a small research fund to students conducting approved research for their senior theses. The average amount awarded is no greater than $250 and, if special permission is given, will not exceed $500. All funds are provided on a reimbursement basis.  The process for requesting approval is as follows:

  1. Download the Columbia College Senior Thesis Funding Application Form.
  2. Complete Section 1 and submit to your faculty adviser.
  3. Assuming your Faculty Adviser approves your research plan and anticipated expenses, your application is then submitted to the Director of Undergraduate Studies. 
  4. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will review and confirm funding amount before submitting, at the same time, all applications on behalf of the department/program.
  5. Students with approved applications will receive a notification from the Office of Academic Affairs. This notification will confirm the awarded amount and contain detailed instructions on how to submit expenses for reimbursement. 
  6. Please note that if you submit receipts more than 120 days after the expenses occurred, your reimbursement will be both delayed and taxed. It is important, therefore, to submit your reimbursement requests promptly. You may submit multiple requests.

Semester Deadlines for Submission of Reimbursement Requests:

Fall 2018 Semester Deadline: December 10, 2018

Spring 2019  Semester Deadline: April 26, 2019

Please Note

  • Eligible Expenses

Expenses that are eligible for reimbursement may include research materials, transportation, entrance fees, etc. 

Services, such as choreography, photography, and videography, are not reimbursable through the University.  While students may still apply for funding for these types of services, they must not be paid for directly by the student. All services are paid directly to the vendor by the University.  For additional details, please contact Jessica Cubas at

  • Regarding the amount of funds awarded

The average amount awarded is no greater than $250 and, if special permission is given, will not exceed $500. The Director of Undergraduate Studies may adjust the initial amount requested by the student. The Director will inform the student of any adjustments.

  • Regarding the purchases made with your debit card and/or credit card

You will be asked to provide a copy of your bank statement and/or credit card statement, and label the charges according to the expense number that you list on the reimbursement form.  You may black out all other information on the statements.

Please remember to retain all original receipts and invoices for expenses to be submitted for reimbursement.  

Questions? Contact: Jessica Cubas, executive assistant, Academic Affairs, at