Administrative Information

Program Manager: Saphia Najafee, 104 Uris; 854-0140;

Affiliated Faculty

Andrew Hertzberg
Roger Mesznik
Ernesto Reuben

Aaron Wallen
Keith Wilcox

The collaboration between the faculty of Arts and Sciences and Columbia Business School offers students access to the ideas and expertise of the faculty of a top-ranked professional school recognized for its excellence in graduate business education through a series of elective courses. These courses, designed by Business School faculty specifically for undergraduates, build upon the strong liberal arts education at Columbia. Students learn how finance is directly connected to the fundamental principles of economics; that marketing utilizes concepts from psychology; how management depends upon principles developed in psychology and sociology.

Students can take advantage of the opportunity to enhance their experience by participating in co-curricular activities, such as Business School faculty lecture series, industry panels, informal mentoring/networking activities with MBA students/alumni, and research opportunities with Business School faculty.

This curricular and co-curricular programming capitalizes on the Business School’s ability to connect academic theory with real-world practice, providing students with the opportunity to develop key leadership skills, an entrepreneurial mindset, and the ability to innovate.

Application Requirements

To apply for the special concentration in business management, students must meet these three requirements:

  1. Sophomore or junior standing
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher
  3. Have received a B+ or better in at least one, but preferably two, of the following three prerequisite courses. Students who completed only one prerequisite at the time of application must be currently enrolled in at least one other; acceptance is conditional on achieving a grade of B+ or higher in the second course.

Application Components

  1. Application form
  2. Current class schedule, including a brief description of how all concentration requirements will be completed
  3. Official transcript
  4. Resume

Benefits for Admitted Students

While students may complete the special concentration requirements without applying to the progam, the following benefits are available to students admitted through the application process:

  1. Guaranteed enrollment in popular undergraduate business courses (must reserve in advance through program manager)
  2. Access to special guest speaker presentations at the Business School, including business leader or faculty presentations exclusively for admitted students
  3. Formal and informal networking opportunities with Business School students, faculty, and/or alumni