Jewish Studies

Administrative Information

Program Director: Prof. Jeremy Dauber, 319 Hamilton; 854-9608;

Assistant Director: Sheridan Gayer, 511 Fayerweather; 854-2581;

Program Office: Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies, 511 Fayerweather; 854-258

Affiliated Faculty

Nehama R. Bersohn
         Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

Elisheva Carlebach

Yinon Cohen

Jeremy Dauber
         Germanic Languages

Miriam Hoffman
         Germanic Language


Rebecca Kobrin

Rina Kreitman
         Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

Dan Miron
         Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies

Sam Moyn

Jonathan Schorsch

Seth Schwartz

Michael Stanislawski

The academic discipline of Jewish studies is an interdisciplinary field centered on the analysis and investigation of Jewish history, religion, language, and literature. The discipline ranges from the study of Jews and Judaism in antiquity to the present day. It explores Judaism not only as a religion, but as a civilization and culture.

A special concentration in Jewish studies is available for undergraduates and allows students to draw upon classes in a wide range of departments across the University, including History; Sociology; Middle Eastern, South Asian, and African Studies; Germanic Languages and Literature; and Religion. The requirements for the special concentration are designed to provide students with the interdisciplinary knowledge necessary to study Jewish civilization both broadly and deeply.

The roots of Judaism lie deeper than one region, gender, language, or culture; and by studying the interconnectedness of these areas, the depth of understanding across a range of spheres and disciplines greatly increases. The special concentration in Jewish studies enhances the current scholarly programs, adding to current Jewish studies courses' vitality as students come to each course with a deeper understanding and background based on their complementary coursework.

Students wishing to complete a special concentration in Jewish studies work with a program adviser to decide upon course selection and sequencing. The program office provides and keeps on record a planning form to track the fulfillment of requirements for the special concentration.