Administrative Information

Statistics Major and Concentration Advising:
Daniel Rabinowitz; 1014 SSW; 851-2141;

Economics-Statistics Major Advising:
Economics: Susan Elmes, 1006 IAB; 854-2194;
Statistics: Daniel Rabinowitz, 1014 SSW; 851-2141;

Mathematics-Statistics Major Advising:
Mathematics: Ioannis Karatzas, 619 Mathematics; 854-3117;
Statistics: Daniel Rabinowitz, 1014 SSW; 851-2141;

Political Science—Statistics Major Advising:
Political Science: Robert Shapiro, 726 IAB; 854-3944;
Statistics: Daniel Rabinowitz, 1014 SSW; 851-2141;

Department Administrator:
Dood Kalicharan, 1003 SSW; 851-2130;

Statistics Department Office:
1005 SSW (1255 Amsterdam Avenue); 851-2132



Richard R. Davis
Victor H. de la Peña
Andrew Gelman
Shaw-Hwa Lo
David Madigan
Ioannis Karatzas (Mathematics)
Liam Paninski
Phillip Protter
Michael Sobel (Sociology)
Daniel Rabinowitz
Zhiliang Ying

Associate Professors
Bodhisattva Sen
Tian Zheng

Assistant Professors
Regina Dolgoarshinnykh
Yang Feng

Adjunct Professors
Demissie Alemayehu
Birol Emir
Mark Brown
Frank Caridi
Anthony Donoghue
Hammou Elbarmi
Irene Hueter
Noor Rajah
Michael Shnaidman
Gary Venter
Keith Weintraub
Abraham Weishaus
Edward Whalen

Lecturer in Discipline
Michael Hogan

The department offers introductory survey courses, a concentration or minor in applied statistical methods, a major in statistics, and joint majors with mathematics, with economics, computer science, and with political science.

The three survey courses serve as an introduction for consumers of statistics or for students considering going on to the concentration or the major. They vary in their mathematical sophistication: STAT W1001 Introduction to Statistical Reasoning is designed for students who have taken a pre-calculus course—and the emphasis is on general principles; STAT W1111 is designed for students with some mathematical maturity but who would prefer not to exercise their calculus—and the emphasis is on practical issues; STAT W1211 Introduction to Statistics (with calculus) is designed for students who have taken some calculus—and the emphasis is on theory.  Students considering the concentration or minor are advised to take STAT W1111; students considering the major are advised to take W1211.

Four courses, STAT W2024 Applied Linear Regression Analysis, STAT W2025 Applied Statistical Methods, STAT W2026 Statistical Applications and Case Studies, and STAT W3026 Applied Data Mining, (together with any one of the introductory survey courses and one semester of research experience or an advanced elective) form a concentration in applied statistics appropriate for students preparing for a career or future study where skills in data analysis are valued. 

The statistics major augments the practical training of the concentration with a comprehensive introduction to the mathematical and theoretical underpinnings of probability theory and statistical inference. Students interested in careers as statisticians or careers in finance or in actuarial science choose to major in statistics.

Advanced Placement

The Department grants 3 credits for a score of 5 on the AP Statistics exam. Students not majoring in statistics who are required to take an introductory statistics for their major should check with their major adviser to determine whether this credit is sufficient.

Departmental Honors

Students are considered for departmental honors on the basis of grade point average and the comprehensiveness and difficulty of the study program. For departmental honors in a joint major, students must meet the standards of both departments. Normally no more than one tenth of the graduating majors in the department each year may receive departmental honors.

Summer Internship in Applied Statistics

Columbia College, Barnard College, SEAS, and General Studies students may apply to the department's summer internship program. The internship provides summer housing and a stipend. Students work with Statistics Department faculty mentors on applications of statistics. Applicants should send review the information posted on the Department's website, and subit a statement of interest and a transcript to Ms. Dood Kalicharan in the Statistics Department office by March 15.