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This campaign brings together everyone who shares our commitment to inquiry and learning, to ambitious goals and their achievement, and to supporting Columbia as the greatest college in the greatest university in the greatest city in the world.

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Did You Know?
The Columbia swim test has always been a unique part of our students’ experience. Dive in with us to create more experiences!
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Did You Know?
The Columbia swim test has always been a unique part of our students’ experience. Dive in with us to create more experiences!




Current Use Gifts

Current-use gifts give the College flexibility to provide immediate support to priority initiatives and to seize new opportunities as they arise.

Endowed Gifts

Endowed gifts create a permanent legacy of support, ensuring that key programs are funded in perpetuity.


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Campaign Announcements

Distinguished Alumna Cements Legacy with a Professorship

Trailblazing international art consultant and author of Art World: The New Rules of the Game, Dr. Barbara Guggenheim GSAS'76 will endow a Professorship in Art History and Archaeology through an estate gift. Dr. Guggenheim received her doctorate from Columbia's Department of Art History and Archaeology in 1976 and went on to build an illustrious and diversified career in the art world, including roles at Sotheby's, Douglass College, Christie, Manson & Woods Ltd, the Whitney Museum of American Art and finally, Guggenheim, Asher & Associates, of which she is co-founder. 

College Receives Innovative Gift to Strengthen Liberal Arts in America

Eager to see Columbia lead a broad-based effort to reinvigorate liberal arts education nationally and internationally, Laura Y. Chang BUS'77 and Arnold L. Chavkin CC'74, BUS'77 have established an $825,000 fund that will give Columbia College the resources necessary to pilot an innovative program of visiting Core Faculty Fellows. Fellows will be distinguished senior faculty from outstanding liberal arts colleges who wish to teach in the Core Curriculum and devise Core-inspired courses to implement at their home institutions. Fellows will also participate in summer workshops and pursue a scholarly projected related to liberal arts teaching. 

A Gift to Support Extraordinary Students

Jonathan Bram CC'87 P: CC'14 CC'17 and Susan Bram TC'87 P: CC'14 CC'17 made a gift in support of both endowed and current-use financial aid at the College. They simultaneously expanded their longtime support of this critical area by making an additional gift to the Freedom and Citizenship Program within the Center for American Studies, which will be matched on a 1:1 basis by an anonymous donor. These gifts are a testament to Jonathan and Susan's heartfelt dedication to providing pathways to success for the best and brightest students.

A Family's Heartfelt Retirement Gift

The Yatrakis family honored the retirement of Kathryn Yatrakis, the College's Dean of Academic Affairs, with a $250,000 gift to establish an undergraduate summer research fellowship in her name. Recipients will receive support for academic projects in the field of urban studies, Yatrakis' area of expertise. When asked about his family's gift, Demetrios Yatrakis CC'05 said, “Our family has benefited immeasurably from Columbia College as students, as alumni and as​ the children of ​a devoted teacher and dean. We chose to give back to honor our mother and to recognize the impact that she has had on us, on Columbia College, as well as to give thanks to Columbia for all that it has given to our family.”

New Chair and Center for Turkish Studies

Thanks to a generous $10 million gift from the family of the late Sakıp Sabancı, Columbia University has created the Sakıp Sabancı Chair and Center for Turkish Studies. The first center for Turkish Studies in the United States, the Sakıp Sabancı Center will re-think the history, politics, society, and economics of Turkey through a trans-regional perspective, including topics such as contemporary Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, history, archaeology, culture, sociology, political science, economics, diplomacy, and art history.

College alumnus and Business School alumna catalyze entrepreneurship at Columbia College

Stephen Trevor CC'86 and Ronnie Planalp BUS'86 have made significant gifts, totaling $2.5 million, to Columbia University. Their gifts to Columbia College, which thoughtfully combine endowment and current-use funding, will enable the development of a new entrepreneurship curriculum in response to this rapidly growing area of interest on campus. They also made commitments to support the Columbia College Fund, the Fencing team, and the Tamer Center for Social Enterprise.

Anonymous Family Foundation Creates Innovative Summer Internship

A graduate of LAW '68 and SIPA '68 made his first gift to Columbia College in support of students who wish to pursue summer internships at NPOs and NGOs committed to human rights. This innovative opportunity will be coordinated by the Center for Career Education and the University's prestigious Institute for the Study of Human Rights.

$5 million Gift Supports Faculty and Students

This multi-part gift from an anonymous parent donor will have far-reaching impact on the sciences by supporting a professorship in nanoscience, a faculty research fund, an undergraduate summer research fund, and scholarships for science students in the College.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Renews Grant for Global Liberal Arts

Following a successful four-year initiative to globalize the undergraduate core curriculum, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has renewed its commitment to Columbia with a $2.5 million grant that will strengthen the University's leading position in the humanities even further.

William V. Campbell CC'62 pledges $10 million to the College

Demonstrating his deep commitment to Columbia once again, Bill Campbell CC’62 has pledged $10 million in support of financial aid and the Core Curriculum. This gift, which thoughtfully combines both current-use and endowment funds, will strengthen the College's ability to admit the very best students and provide them a liberal arts education of the highest caliber.

$5 million gift strengthens the Core Curriculum

This generous gift from an anonymous donor fortifies and enhances virtually every aspect of the Core Curriculum. Most importantly, this gift provides for two Core Faculty Fellows--a priority of the Core to Commencement Campaign--teaching either Contemporary Civilization or Literature Humanities. Core Faculty Fellows are gifted post-doctoral lecturers with a passion for teaching in the Core.

The John R. Eckel Foundation establishes Professorship of Financial Economics with $3 million gift

The Foundation's $3 million gift is a testament to John R. Eckel, Jr. CC’73, who attributed much of his success in business to his economics major at Columbia College. The John R. Eckel Professor of Financial Economics will be an economist whose academic work is well regarded internationally and who participates actively in the financial economics major through teaching and curriculum innovation.

The Lemann Family Foundation gives $2 million in support of Columbia Entrepreneurship

This current-use gift will catalyze Columbia Entrepreneurship, an enormously successful initiative founded in 2013 by University President Lee C. Bollinger and the University Board of Trustees to support, accelerate and motivate a culture of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Every year, Columbia College students take advantage of the incredible opportunities afforded by "CE", such as the Columbia Organization of Rising Entrepreneurs--the largest entrepreneurship club at Columbia--and the Columbia Venture Competition's Undergraduate Challenge.

$10 million gift has wide-reaching impact on the College and Arts and Sciences

This transformational gift from an anonymous donor provides funding for Columbia College, the Double Discovery Center at Columbia College, and the Faculty of the Arts and Sciences. At the College, $4 million will support both current-use and endowed financial aid; $3 million will allow the Dean to inaugurate a new program of Visiting Scholars whose undergraduate teaching will enrich the departments that devote significant time to the Core Curriculum; and $2 million will enhance the Double Discovery Center's programs and spaces. The Center for American Studies will benefit from a $1 million matching challenge intended to enrich academic programs.

John Doody CC’66 makes a $1 million bequest in support of financial aid at Columbia College

Bequests are important philanthropic vehicles that preserve your legacy at the College and fund important initiatives for decades. Last year, for example, $7.1 million in scholarship support was provided by bequests dating back to 1913! We are grateful to alumnus John Doody CC’66 for recognizing this and including Columbia College in his estate plans.