An intellectual jewel set within a pulsing research university, Columbia College has always been different. With the founding fathers of the Core at our helm, we’ve grown in harmony with New York City, carving new territory, defying expectation and forging triumphant paths.  

From now through 2019, the centennial of the Core Curriculum, Core to Commencement charts an ambitious plan to strengthen the undergraduate experience for which Columbia College is known. It is an educational approach steeped in inquiry, continual examination, vibrant dialogue between students and with faculty, and a grounding in the real world of New York City and beyond.

This is what we’re after: to ensure that Columbia College remains a beacon for the liberal arts and that every future Columbian is challenged to chase a brilliant future. With your help, we can succeed in making a great College even greater.

Our Campaign Objectives

Endow the Core
Strengthen the commitment to the Core through increased faculty opportunities, rich programming experiences and the establishment of Columbia at the forefront of liberal arts education.

Support Our Students
Bring the most talented and deserving students to campus while providing them with a supportive environment, real-world experiences beyond the classroom and global perspectives that prepare them for a rapidly changing world.

Support Our Faculty
Reward great teaching and support the learning, exploration and scholarship of outstanding faculty.

Propel the Columbia College Fund
Sustain our competitive position and maintain excellence in all that we offer, with a focus on current needs.

Build Lifelong Connections
Build sustaining relationships, a tightly-bound community and a collective pride in the past and future of Columbia College.


Campaign Steering Committee

The enthusiasm and generosity of our Campaign leadership are helping to make this important endeavor a reality.  


Lisa L. Carnoy CC'89
Jonathan S. Lavine CC'88, P: CC'16, CC'18

     Up-Close with Co-Chair Jonathan Lavine CC’88 
Alexander Navab CC87
    Campaign Co-Chair Alex Navab CC’87 Commits to Excellence


Andrew F. Barth CC’83, BUS’85, P: CC’16
Michael P. Behringer CC89
Lynn Chen-Zhang P: CC’17, CC’20
Margaret A. Conklin P: CC13, CC16
Thomas W. Cornacchia CC85, P: CC’17, CC’19
Abigail Black Elbaum CC92, BUS’94
Thomas H. Glocer CC81
Sandra H. Hoffen CC
Stefanie F. Katz-Rothman CC
Hugh Lawson CC’91
Nicholas P. Leone CC
88, P: CC19
Victor H. Mendelson CC
89, P: CC’18
Souren Ouzounian CC89
Claire C. Shipman CC86, SIPA’94
Jonathan S. Sobel CC88
Kyriakos Tsakopoulos CC93
Alisa Wood CC01, BUS’08
Demetrios Yatrakis 
CC05, BUS’10
Charles C. Zhang P: 
CC’17, CC’20

Honorary Members

Robert Berne CC60, BUS’62
Philip L. Milstein CC71, P: CC’09, CC’10
Richard E. Witten CC75, P: CC’10, BUS’15, LAW’15