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Columbia College Today July 2003
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College Honors 78 Students at Awards and Prizes Ceremony


Before a crowd of faculty, administrators, alumni, students and proud family members, the College honored 78 outstanding students with prizes for academic achievement at the annual Columbia College Academic Awards and Prizes Ceremony, held in Low Library Rotunda on May 19.

Dean Austin Quigley congratulated the students, saying, “The academic expectations and requirements of Columbia College are difficult. Surviving and striving, and being able to excel as a student who sets standards, is excellent indeed.”

Dean of Academic Affairs Kathryn Yatrakis noted that the King’s College charter included the goal of “the Instruction and Education of Youth in the Learned Languages and Liberal Arts and Sciences.” The awardees, she said, carry forth the charter, embodying a “truly liberal arts education.”

Yatrakis also recognized the College’s alumni. “The alumni who have donated the awards have connected three communities: the students and faculty, alumni, and family and friends,” she said.

Before presenting the awards for special achievement, Yatrakis identified several outstanding recipients: a student who recently published a book, a fellowship recipient who has balanced philosophy with the marching band, and a winner who requested that the cash award be donated to UNICEF.

Lila Dupree '03, winner of the Henry Evans Traveling Fellowship
Dean of Academic Affairs Kathryn Yatrakis congratulates Lila Dupree '03, winner of the Henry Evans Traveling Fellowship.

The honorees represent the wide variety of interests of College students. Lila Dupree ’03 will use her Henry Evans Traveling Fellowship (awarded for a creative research project) to continue working with KwaMashu Community Advancement Project (K-Cap), a youth theater group in a black township northeast of Durban, South Africa. Dupree studied in Durban during her junior year. “After an early lecture on the role of developmental theater in South Africa, I became very interested in the concept of using theater in an educational way,” she said. Dupree wants to produce a work that addresses South African-U.S. relations. “I would like the youth to come up with their own interpretations of the subject and create an original production,” she said. Dupree considers the fellowship a jumping-off point: “The goal of the project is to create a 40-minute music and dance production that, ideally, would tour in the U.S.”

Miriam Stone ’03 received the Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts, a cash prize awarded to a senior who has demonstrated “excellence of the highest standards of proficiency in performance, execution or composition.” Stone recently published her first book, At the End of Words: A Daughter’s Memoir (Candlewick Press, 2003), which comprises poems and essays about her mother and her mother’s death. At the ceremony, one of Stone’s professors, Leslie Woodard, director of the undergraduate creative writing program, applauded Stone’s award. “I’m delighted. The recognition is well-earned.”

The awards were presented in four categories: special achievement, sciences and mathematics, humanities and social sciences. Awards ranged from fellowships in support of graduate study to cash prizes. Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences Nicholas Christie-Blick presented prizes in science and mathematics, including the national Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Chemistry. Professor of Classics Gareth Williams presented the humanities prizes, and Professor of Sociology Karen Barkey presented the prizes in social sciences.

More information about the College’s awards and prizes is available in the Columbia College Bulletin.

Awards for Special Achievement

Henry J. Carman Fellowship Prize
Ivan Khotulev '03
Adele Lack '03

Contemporary Civilization Essay Award
Tienmu Ma '04
Gregory Woods '04 (Honorable Mention)
Jonathan Sargent '04 (Honorable Mention)

Henry Evans Traveling Fellowship
Lila Dupree '03

Albert Asher Green Memorial Award (Highest GPA)
Stefanie Weisman '03

Euretta J. Kellett Fellowship
Robert Jenkins '03
Jonathan Manes '03

Richard & Brooke Rapaport Summer Music Fellowship
Anna Bulbrook '03
Edward Goldman '05
Jae Yeon Kim '06
Sarah Kishinevsky '05
Alicia Kravitz '06
Connie Sheu '03
Laura Usiskin '05
Joseph Weisenberg '04
Robert Yamasato '04

Arthur Rose Teaching Assistantship
Sharon Berry '04

Solomon and Seymour Fisher Civil Liberties Fellowship
Ankush Khardori '04

The Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts
Miriam Stone '03

David B. Truman Award
Adam Bush '03

Prizes in the Sciences and Mathematics

Computer Science Department Award
Andrew Arnold '03

Iota Pi Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Chemistry
Mary M. Rozenman '03

Alfred Moritz Michaelis Prize
Geoffrey Williams '03

Russell C. Mills Award in Computer Science
John Rolston '03

I.I. Rabi & V. Kann-Rasmussen Prize in Mathematics
Jacob Barandes '04
Aaron Katz '04

Professor Van Amringe Mathematics Prize
Kiril Datchev '05
Jay Heumann '05
Mark Xue '06

John Dash Van Buren Jr., Prize in Mathematics
Eric Patterson '03

Prizes in the Humanities

Academy of American Poets Prize
Yvette Siegert '03
Charles Paterno Barratt-Brown Prize
John L'Ecuyer '03
Robert Jenkins '03

Dino Bigongiari Prize
Carrie Wilner '03

B'nai Zion Foundation Award
Jonas Divine '03

Seymour Brick Memorial Prize
Esinam Bediako '05
Hannah Pollin '04

Karen Osney Brownstein Writing Prize
David Gerrard '03

Bunner Prize
William Welch '03

Douglas Gardner Caverly Prize
Diana Moser '03

Senior Thesis Prize in Art History and Archaeology
Andrea Herbst '03

Carl B. Boyer Memorial Prize
Aviva Rothman '03

George William Curtis Prize in Oratory
Jonathan Reich '04
   (First Place
   in Persuasive)
Katharine Clark '03
   (Second Place
   in Persuasive)
Laura Sherman '04
   (Second Place
   in Persuasive)
Seulgey Kim '03
   (First Place
   in Informative)
Charles Klein '03
   (Second Place
   in Informative)

Arthur E. Ford Poetry Prize
June Kim '03

Dean Hawkes Memorial Prize in the Humanities
Stephanie Chan '04
Peter Khalil '04
Ankush Khardori '04
Jennifer Richnasfsky '04

Adam Leroy Jones Prize
Jacob Mermelstein '03

Jonathan Throne Kopit Memorial Prize
Rakesh Kilaru '06

Helen & Howard Marraro Prize
Ramsey McGlazer '05

Philolexian Prize Fund
Nikil Saval '05

Peter M. Riccio Prize
Scott Hartman '05

Benjamin F. Romaine Prize
Silvia McCallister Castillo '03

Van Rensselaer Prize
Laura Kolb '03

Richmond B. Williams Traveling Fellowships
James Moorhead '04

Susan Huntington Vernon Prize
Harold Braswell '03

George Edward Woodberry Prize
Qian Xi Teng '06

Prizes in the Social Sciences

Charles A. Beard Senior Thesis Prize in History
Robert Lee '03

Chanler Historical Prize
Julia Kraut '03

Albert Marion Elsberg Prize
Julia Kraut '03

The Lily Prize in History
Stefanie Weisman '03

Garrett Mattingly Prize
Thomas Mosher '03

Sanford S. Parker Prize
Ivan Khotulev '03

Romine Prize
David Lane '03
Christine Phillpotts '03

Caroline Phelps Stokes Prize
Adeline Yeo '03

Edwin Robbins Academic Research & Public Service Fellowship
Jamie Hodari '04
Mark Maher '04
Logan Slone '04
Alice Wiemers '04

Alan J. Willen Memorial Prize
Benjamin Fishman '03
Joshua Salzman '03




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