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American Center for Mongolian Studies Research Fellowships

February 15, 2016
Arts and Humanities
Social Science


American Center for Mongolian Studies (ACMS) Research Fellowships support up to twelve months of doctoral dissertation or post-doctoral research in Mongolia on topics in the social sciences or humanities.  Research in the natural sciences is ineligible unless it furthers social, cultural, political, or policy knowledge relevant to Mongolia or the region.

The program seeks to promote research opportunities in Mongolia among scholars who have not included the country in their previous research, and to broaden the knowledge base of scholars already working in the country. Previous Mongolian Studies experience is not required, but projects should enhance knowledge of Mongolia and the Mongols within relevant academic disciplines or fields of study. Projects that link research conducted in Mongolia to research in other parts of Asia or across academic fields are especially encouraged.

Fellowship awards will include travel expenses to and from Mongolia, an accommodation and food allowance, and a stipend to cover research expenses.  Award amounts vary according to the length of each research visit but will not exceed $27,000 per fellow.  Fellows will also have the opportunity to take intensive Mongolian language courses, select resources for inclusion in the ACMS Library, and participate in an annual academic seminar in Mongolia that will bring together international, regional, and local scholars and students.

Research work must begin between September and March of the award year and last for at least six continuous months.  Fellows must be based in Mongolia for the duration of their tenure, but research travel in the broader region is encouraged.