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Cabot Trust Grants

April 1 and November 1
Arts and Humanities
Social Science
Full Year


The Ella Lyman Cabot Trust (ELCT) offers grants to individuals with charitable, religious, artistic, educational, and scientific projects that promote the good of others.  Within this general guideline, the trustees pay special attention to how the proposed project will be essential to the applicant's own growth and development.

While there is no formal limit on the size of an individual grant, the trustees expect grants to be in the range of $15,000 per recipient, and do not expect any grant to exceed $25,000.  Grants may not be renewed. 

ELCT's interests are broad and not limited to any single area of endeavor or geographical location.  That said, there are certain specific limitations.  The trust does not make grants to institutions, organizations, or group endeavors; it does not offer grants for scholarship, research, or vocational training; and it does not make grants to artists, writers, or filmmakers soliciting support for artistic works, writing or publishing a book, or production of a film, unless these ends are clearly secondary to a project that meets ELCT's purposes.

ELCT Application Process: The approximate deadlines for completed applications are, respectively, March 15 and October 15, as the trustees meet every six months. However, the preliminary proposal must be received well before those dates. If the trustees are interested in your project, you will be asked to submit a formal application using the online application portal. Details on the formal application will be sent to you directly, including a request for for three letters of reference, a formal budget, and other additional information.

Recent Columbia University awardee:  Shamm Petros ’14CC (Sustainable Development)