Global Scholars Program

Arts and Humanities
Social Science
Paris, France

The Columbia Global Scholars Program (GSP) offers highly motivated students of diverse disciplines the opportunity to investigate issues from a global perspective.  Based at Columbia Global Centers | Europe in Paris (CGC|E), the program encourages students to delve into another society and culture as they pursue their own projects, test their own goals against other peoples’ educational and intellectual systems, and develop a range of research, language, and networking skills to help them in this innovative intellectual endeavor. The GSP curriculum is designed to enable students to conduct individual research projects during the spring and summer semesters of their junior year.  The program, the first of its kind at Columbia, takes place during the spring and summer semesters.  The GSP for academic year 2013 is now recruiting students.

Selected Columbia students spend the spring semester of their junior year in Paris.  They attend classes in French and English in the French University system with tutor support.  They also participate in skills-building workshops at CGC|E in order learn how to conduct and present research.

The centerpiece of the program during the spring semester is the Colloquium, co-taught in English by the resident Columbia faculty member for the GSP at CGC|E, in cooperation with visiting foreign and Columbia scholars. The Colloquium for Spring 2013 is “Jazz Music in a Global Context.” Drawing on their disciplinary and interdisciplinary skills and knowledge, students explore the multifaceted framework of jazz: artistic, historical, anthropological, sociological, political, and literary.  

In this program, each student conducts an independent research project under the immediate supervision of the resident Columbia faculty member for the GSP, in collaboration with a formal advisor from the student’s departmental or interdisciplinary major or area of concentration. This advising team guides students through research and writing, and it helps them establish contacts with appropriate specialists and research facilities in Europe. Students define their research projects at CGC|E during the spring term of 2013.  They conduct their research in Europe in the summer term.  The project culminates in a 25-page paper in English presented the following fall to faculty and students at Columbia University. This project can be further developed into a senior thesis in one’s department and discipline.

In the year after graduation, GSP helps interested students obtain internships abroad on issues related to their research and professional interests, forming a kind of fifth year of study.

GSP students are housed at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris, which offers group activities, shared meals, and other contact with local and international student life.

Applicants from all disciplines and undergraduate schools at Columbia are welcome. The program is bilingual, and although the research can be conducted in any language, applicants are expected to have enough fluency to work in the French academic milieu by January 2013. Scholarship support is available for intensive language study in Summer 2012, as well as for the program abroad.

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