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Green Corps Field School for Environmental Organizing

Rolling deadline, early application deadline October 10, 2015
Arts and Humanities
Social Science
United States
First Year
Full Year


Green Corps’ Field School for Environmental Organizing is a paid year-long experience that combines classroom training with hands-on fieldwork with organizations across the country running environmental campaigns.  Its aim is to identify and nurture future leaders in the various aspects of the environmental movement.

Participants receive a stipend of $23,750 for the year and have the option to participate in Green Corps’ health benefits program.  Sick days and vacation days are also provided.  Students carrying undergraduate student loans may also qualify for repayment deferments.

Because the program is designed for those about to launch their careers in environmental organizing, most applicants are current seniors or recent graduates, but there is no actual age restriction.  Any qualified individual who is able to work in the U.S. for a year is eligible to apply.

Applicants to this program have a diversity of interests and experiences.  Ultimately, Green Corps is looking for people who are very committed to caring for the environment, who have some experience with environmental or social change issues, and who have demonstrated leadership experience.