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Hollings Undergraduate Scholarships

Hollings Scholarships
Full Year
2 or More Years


Sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Ernest F. Hollings Scholarship Program aims to increase undergraduate training in oceanic and atmospheric science and prepare students for public service and education careers relating to natural resources.  Hollings Scholarships provide tuition assistance for up to two years and an internship experience at a NOAA facility.

Specifically, each scholarship provides up to $8,000 in academic assistance during the initial award year, a paid ten-week full-time summer internship ($650 per week), and, if the scholar is reappointed, a second year of up to $8,000 in academic assistance.  Awards also include travel to attend the program orientation and a housing subsidy for scholars who live away from home during the summer internship.

At the time of application, candidates must be U.S. citizens enrolled as full-time second year students in a four-year accredited undergraduate college or university program within the U.S., or as full-time third-year students in a five-year undergraduate program.  Candidates must also be earning, and have maintained, a 3.0 GPA or better on a four-point scale, and have an academic major related to NOAA’s programs and mission.  These include but are not limited to:  oceanic, environmental, biological, and atmospheric sciences; mathematics; engineering; remote sensing technology; physical and social sciences, including geography, physics, hydrology, and geomatics; or teacher education that support NOAA's programs and mission.

A review panel of experts evaluates applications based on each applicant’s relevant course work, stated education and career plans, academic references, relevant extracurricular activities, and interpersonal and communication skills.