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Kellett Fellowships

December 4, 2017
Arts and Humanities
Social Science
United Kingdom
2 or More Years


Columbia College's Euretta J. Kellett Fellowship has been awarded annually since 1932, and provides graduating seniors with funding for two years of study at either Cambridge University or Oxford University in the United Kingdom.  There are no restrictions as to academic field of study, but the proposed course of study (either a two-year degree or a succession of two related one-year degrees) must be available at Cambridge or Oxford, and an applicant’s undergraduate program must provide a solid foundation for his or her proposed studies.  

Each fellowship provides for direct payment of its recipient's University and College fees at Cambridge or Oxford, plus a maintenance stipend from which he or she pays for travel and living expenses. 

Applicants must be graduating seniors in Columbia College at the time of application.  It is not required that applicants apply for admission to their proposed degree program(s) at Cambridge or Oxford by the time they submit their Kellett Fellowship applications; however, eventual release of fellowship awards is contingent on acceptance to the proposed degree program. You are advised to apply to your program at Oxford or Cambridge in one of the early intakes at each school.

Selection committees consider academic distinction and the suitability of the proposed course to be the most important considerations in evaluating candidates, but each candidate's ability to contribute to his or her community in the U.K. will also be considered, as will the potential for the fellowship to be a truly broadening experience.

 To apply: Complete your online application here and have your letters of recommendation submitted directly to no later than 11:59pm EST on the deadline provided.

Columbia's most recent Kellett Fellows:  Paula Gaither '17CC (Classics) and Evan Garnick '17CC (Philosophy); Brian Trippe '16 CC (Biology) and Eliav Grossman '16CC (Philosophy); Jack Klempay ’15CC (Comparative Literature and Society) and Benjamin Gittelson ’15CC (Linguistics)