Marshall Scholarships

August 24, 2015 for advising questionnaire
Arts and Humanities
Social Science
United Kingdom
Full Year
2 or More Years


Marshall Scholarships ordinarily provide for two years of post-baccalaureate study at any participating university in the United Kingdom, with the possibility of a third year for students continuing for a doctorate.  In special circumstances, students may apply for a one-year scholarship.  There are few restrictions as to field of study, but applicants must be academically prepared to undertake their proposed course.

There are three main criteria for selection:

  • academic merit (a GPA of 3.7 or better is required),
  • leadership potential, and
  • ambassadorial potential.

The total value of a Marshall Scholarship varies according to a scholar’s selected university and degree course, but is approximately £23,000 per year.  This includes payment of tuition fees, a personal stipend to cover living expenses, travel to and from the U.S., and various other allowances.

Applicants must be citizens of the U.S. and either be graduating seniors or alumni/ae who have graduated within the past two years.

Marshall Scholarship selection committees look for candidates who have the potential to excel as scholars, as leaders, and as contributors to U.K.-U.S. understanding.  Assessment is based on academic merit, leadership potential, and ambassadorial potential.  Preference is given to candidates who display a potential to make a significant contribution to their own society.  Selectors also look for strong motivation and seriousness of purpose, including the presentation of a specific and realistic academic program in the U.K.

University endorsement:  Columbia University must nominate candidates for consideration in the national competition each year.  Rising seniors, graduating seniors, and recent graduates of Columbia College, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the School of General Studies are eligible, provided they meet scholarship criteria.

To begin the application process, candidates should submit an Endorsement Application Advising Questionnaire by August 24, 2015. The earlier candidates submit their questionnaires, the earlier they can engage with OGP Fellowships Office advising.

Please note:  the internal campus advising and endorsement process places students into consideration for the national competition.  Students may not apply independently for these fellowships.

Meet Columbia’s most recent Marshall Scholars:  Dillion Liu ’13SEAS (Applied Physics), Alexander Frouman ’12CC (Mathematics), and Anna Feuer ’11CC (English)