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New York City Urban Fellows Program

January 8, 2016 (submitted by 6 PM EST)
Arts and Humanities
Social Science
New York, NY
Full Year


The New York City Urban Fellows Program is a selective nine-month fellowship which combines work in mayoral offices and city agencies with an intensive seminar series that explores current urban issues impacting public policy.  This firsthand knowledge is supplemented by a series of workshops that help promote a deep understanding of the structure of New York City government.  During the year, fellows make group trips to Washington, D.C. and Albany, where they meet face-to-face with representatives and policy-makers who help shape life in New York City.

Each class of New York City Urban Fellows works from September through the middle of May.  For their services, the program provides a nine-month stipend of $30,000 and health insurance coverage. 

Eligibility is limited to current college seniors or those who have graduated within two years at the time of application.  Applicants must be willing to full-time work during the fellowship and agree to suspend any graduate study or other work during the duration of the fellowship.  Applicants need not be New York City residents or U.S. citizens, but they must be able to demonstrate their eligibility to work full-time in the U.S. after graduation.