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Eligibility Discipline Keyword in Name Keyword in Body Location
Namesort descending Location Deadline Applications
AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellowships various U.S. cities January 15, 2015
Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarships unrestricted Applications for the 2015-16 academic year will be available starting January 2015
Alexia Foundation Student Grants unrestricted February 2, 2015
Alumni and Friends of the London School of Economics ▪ U.S. Scholarship London, United Kingdom mid-March 2015 (tied to LSE admissions)
Alumni and Parent Internship Fund Grants unrestricted April 16, 2014
Alva Fellowships unrestricted April 1, 2013
American Association of University Women (AAUW) Fellowships and Grants global varies by fellowship program (see website)
American Australian Association USA to Australia Fellowships Australia October 15, 2015
American Bar Association Legal Opportunity Scholarships United States March 2, 2015
American Center for Mongolian Studies Research Fellowships Mongolia February 15, 2015
American Chemical Society Scholarships United States March 1, 2015
American India Foundation Clinton Fellowship for Service India February 1, 2015
American Indian Graduate Center Graduate Fellowships United States July 11, 2014
American Institute for Economic Research Summer Fellowships Great Barrington, MA April 1, 2015
American Jewish Committee Goldman Fellowships various February 6, 2015
American Meteorological Society Graduate Fellowships United States January 16, 2015
American Political Science Association Minority Fellowships unrestricted October 24, 2014
American Prospect Writing Fellowship Washington, D.C. July 8, 2014
American Research Institute in Turkey Summer Fellowships Istanbul, Turkey February 1, 2015
American University in Cairo Presidential Internships Cairo, Egypt January 15, 2015
American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellowships and Grants Scandinavia November 1, 2014
Amgen Scholars U.S. Program various U.S. locations early February, 2015 (February 2 for Columbia's program)
Asian Cultural Council Grants Asia November 1, 2014
Autry Fellowships at MDC Durham, NC January 12, 2015
Baltimore City Mayoral Fellowships Baltimore, MD May 9, 2014 for summer positions
Bartley Fellowships at the Wall Street Journal United States, Europe, Asia January 15, 2015
Beebe Fund for Musicians Fellowships Europe December 19, 2014
Beinecke Scholarships unrestricted January 27, 2015
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Undergraduate Research Travel Grants Beer-Sheva, Israel April 15, 2015 (for academic year and fall semester grants); October 15, 2015 for spring semester
Bennett Fellowships at Phillips Exeter Academy Exeter, New Hampshire December 1, 2014
Blakemore Freeman Fellowships for Advanced Asian Language Study Asia December 30, 2014
BMI Foundation John Lennon Scholarship Awards unrestricted February 27, 2015
BMI Student Composer Awards unrestricted February 6, 2015
Boren NSEP Undergraduate Scholarships for International Study global January 29, 2015
Bosch Foundation Fellowships Germany November 1, 2015
Breakthrough Collaborative Summer Teaching Fellowships various U.S. locations February 24, 2015
Bridging Scholarships for Study Abroad in Japan Japan April 8, 2015 (for fall 2015 study abroad)
Builders of Jewish Education-Lainer Internship Program Israel, North America Rolling Deadline
Cabot Trust Grants unrestricted September 15, 2014
Canon Collins Trust Scholarships for Postgraduate Study in South Africa South Africa July 28, 2014
Carman Fellowships unrestricted March 9, 2015
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Junior Fellowships Washington, D.C. November 24, 2014 (internal deadline)
Center for Arabic Study Abroad CASA I Fellowships Cairo, Egypt January 9, 2015
Center for California Studies Capital Fellows Programs Sacramento, CA February 9, 2015
Center for the Study of Science and Religion Clinical-Based Internships New York, NY February 28, 2014
Chamberlain Fellowship in Women and Public Policy Washington, D.C. February 15, 2014
Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program Graduate Fellowships various U.S. cities January 14, 2015
Churchill Scholarships Cambridge, U.K. October 16, 2014 (internal deadline)
CIEE Language Intensive Focus Track (LIFT) Scholarships unrestricted November 1, 2014
CIEE Pioneer Grants Havana, Cuba; Moscow, Russia; Toulouse, France rolling
City Hall Fellowships San Francisco, CA Applications open mid-February and close mid-March 2015
Class of 1939 Summer Research Fellowships unrestricted March 5, 2015
Code for America Fellowships San Francisco, CA and other U.S. cities Applications open June 1, 2015 (deadline July 2015)
CODE2040 Fellows Program San Francisco Bay area, CA January 5, 2015
Collegiate Inventors Competition Prizes United States, Canada Application will be made available Spring 2015
Columbia Office of Government and Community Affairs Congressional Internship Fund Grants Washington, DC and local district offices March 14, 2014
Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships British Commonwealth countries varies by participating country
Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Fellowships for Young Professionals Germany December 1, 2014
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarships United States April 16, 2015
Cooke Foundation Graduate Arts Awards unrestricted discontinued
Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; San Francisco, CA; St. Louis, MO January 23, 2015
Critical Language Scholarships global November 12, 2014
Cultural Vistas Fellowships Berlin, Buenos Aires, or Singapore January 15, 2015
DAAD German Studies Research Grants Germany November 1, 2014; May 1, 2015
DAAD RISE Scholarships Germany January 31, 2015
DAAD Study and Internship Program Germany Febuary 15, 2015
DAAD Study Scholarships Germany October 31, 2014 for architecture, music, performing arts, and visual arts; November 4, 2014 for all other disciplines
DAAD Undergraduate Scholarships Germany January 31, 2015
David-Weill Scholarship Paris October 30, 2014 (internal deadline)
Davis Fellowships for Peace: Investing in the Study of Critical Languages Middlebury, VT January 15, 2015
Davis Projects for Peace unrestricted January 22, 2015
Davis-Putter Scholarships unrestricted April 1, 2015
De Kármán Fellowships United States January 31, 2015
Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowships United States January 27, 2015
Department of Homeland Security HS-STEM Summer Internships Washington, D.C. December 22, 2014 6:00 PM EST
Deresiewicz Summer Research Fellowship New York, NY April 21, 2014 at 12:00 noon
Doctorow Fellowships Oxford, U.K. December 2, 2014
Dorot Fellowships in Israel Israel January 16, 2015
Drum Major Institute Scholars Program New York, NY rolling admission
Earth Institute Student Travel Grants unrestricted October 18, 2014 for fall travel; February 9, 2015 for spring travel
East-West Center Scholarships and Fellowships Washington, D.C. and Asia deadlines vary by program
Echoing Green Fellowships unrestricted January 5, 2015
École Normale Supérieure de Lyon Ampère Excellence Scholarships France February 4, 2014
Eesti and Eurasian Public Service Grants various April 16, 2014
El Pomar Fellowships Colorado Springs, CO January 20, 2015
Emerson National Hunger Fellowships United States January 6, 2015
Émigré Memorial German Internships Germany October 1, 2014 for Spring 2015 internships
English-Speaking Union (San Francisco Branch) Post-Graduate Scholarships United Kingdom March 28, 2014
Ertegun Graduate Scholarships in the Humanities Oxford, United Kingdom January 9, 2015 for Philosophy; January 23, 2015 for all other subjects
Evans Traveling Fellowship unrestricted (outside of New York City) February 12, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.
Evolving Earth Foundation Student Grants United States March 3, 2014
Explorers Club Student Grants unrestricted November 5, 2014
FirstMark Elite Internships New York, NY February 7, 2014
Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships United States November 19, 2014
Foreign Language Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowship global February 28, 2014
Forum for Theological Exploration Ministry Exploration and Mentoring Grants unrestricted July 15, 2014
Freeman Indonesia Nonprofit Internship Program (FINIP) Indonesia not offered in 2012
Fulbright Grants for Study, Research, and English Teaching Assistantships Abroad global August 22, 2014 for advising questionnaires
Gates Cambridge Scholarships Cambridge, U.K. October 15, 2014, for U.S. citizens based in the U.S.; December 3, 2014 for all others
GEM Consortium Fellowships United States October 1, 2014 for Part 1 of the application; November 15, 2014 for Part 2 of the application
German Chancellor Fellowships Germany September 15, 2014 for U.S. citizens
Getty Library Research Grants Los Angeles, CA October 15, 2014
Gilder Lehman History Scholar Award (essay contest) New York, NY March 1, 2014
Gilman International Scholarships global (except Cuba, countries with U.S. travel warnings) October 7, 2014 for Spring (or Summer) 2015 programs; March 3, 2015 for Summer 2015 and AY 2016 programs
Glamour Top 10 College Women Competition (prize) United States September 15, 2014
Global Fellows in Sustainable Development Program various February 14, 2014 (for spring programs)
Global Health Corps Fellowships Burundi, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, U.S., Zambia February 3, 2015
Global Scholars Program Paris, France rolling
Goddard Memorial Scholarship unrestricted in the U.S. December 2, 2014
Goldwater Scholarships United States December 15, 2014 (internal deadline)
Google Policy Fellowship United States and Canada March 15, 2013
Great Oaks Tutor Corps Newark, NJ Rolling
Green Corps Field School for Environmental Organizing United States Rolling deadline, Winter interviews in March 2013
Hackley School Edward E. Ford Foundation Fellowship Tarrytown, NY contact foundation for information
Harriman Institute Undergraduate Fellowships Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Russian Federation February 15, 2014
Hays-Brandeis Traveling Fellowships unrestricted overseas January 30, 2015
Hearst Endowed Fellowships for Minority Students Washington, D.C. July 18, 2014 for fall 2014 fellowships; December 5, 2014 for spring 2015 fellowships; February 27, 2015 for summer 2015 fellowships
Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund Scholarships unrestricted March 18, 2014
Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowships United States October 31, 2014
Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarships for College Students United States varies by program: September 1 through December 15 for the following academic year
Hollings Undergraduate Scholarships Hollings Scholarships January 30, 2015
Holthusen-Schindler Scholarships New York, NY April 7, 2015 at 1:00 p.m.
Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowships unrestricted in the U.S. not offered in AY2014-2015
Humanity in Action Fellowships Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland January 8, 2015
Huntington Public Service Awards unrestricted January 19, 2015
IDEX Global Fellowships India February 1, 2014 (new deadline)
Insight Fellowships global January 5, 2015
Institute for Humane Studies Fellowships Institute for Humane Studies January 31, 2015
Institute for Humane Studies Koch Summer Fellowships various U.S. locations January 31, 2014
Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies Undergraduate Israel Fellowships Israel and New York, NY April 15, 2014
Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life Undergraduate Fellowships unrestricted not offered in AY2013-2014
Institute for the Recruitment of Teachers (IRT) Andover, MA April 1, 2014
Institute of Current World Affairs Fellowships unrestricted overseas March 1, 2014 (for letter of interest)
InterExchange Foundation Christianson Grants unrestricted overseas October 15, 2014; March 15, 2015; July 15, 2015
International Radio and Television Society Summer Fellowships New York, NY November 2, 2014
Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program Japan November 14, 2014
Kellett Fellowships United Kingdom November 24, 2014
Knowles Science Teaching Foundation Teaching Fellowships United States October 29, 2014
Kosciuszko Foundation Year Abroad Scholarships Cracow, Poland January 9, 2015
KPCB Engineering Fellowships San Francisco Bay area, CA October 31, 2014
Leitner Family Student Fellowships for Language Study and Research in Africa Africa March 3, 2014
Leland Energy Fellowships United States January 2, 2015
Levy Foundation Fellowships Israel March 1, 2014
Library of Congress Junior Fellowships Washington, DC January 24, 2014
Liebmann Fund Fellowships United States December 6, 2014 (internal deadline)
Lightspeed Venture Partners Summer Fellowships Menlo Park, CA March 16, 2014
Lime Connect Fellowships various U.S. cities April 21, 2014
Luce Scholarships East and Southeast Asia October 6, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. (internal deadline)
Madison Memorial Foundation Fellowships United States March 1, 2015
Marshall Scholarships United Kingdom August 18, 2014 for advising questionnaire
Math for America Fellowships Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Diego, Utah, Washington, D.C. February 9, 2014 for Los Angelese, New York City, Utah, and Washington, DC
McNamara Memorial Fund Grants United States and Canada mid-January
Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowships New York, NY February 28, 2014
Middle East Institute Fellowships for Undergraduates Middle East March 14, 2014
Minority Health and Health Disparities Research Fellowship New York, NY and either the Dominican Republic, Kazakhstan, or Swaziland December 19, 2014
Minority Scholarships in Classics and Classical Archaeology unrestricted December 15, 2014
Mitchell Scholarships Ireland and Northern Ireland September 12, 2014 at 1:00 p.m. (internal deadline)
Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Japan February 21, 2014
NanoJapan International Research Experience for Undergraduates Japan January 23, 2015
NASA Aeronautics Scholarships United States May 16, 2014
NASA MUST Scholarship United States not offered for AY2013-2014
National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships United States December 12, 2014
National Institutes of Health Clinical Center Department of Bioethics Predoctoral Fellowships Bethesda, MD January 15, 2015
National Institutes of Health Oxford-Cambridge Scholarships United States and United Kingdom December 1, 2014
National Institutes of Health Undergraduate Scholarships United States and Canada March 3, 2014
National Italian American Foundation Scholarships United States March 1, 2014
National Physical Science Consortium Graduate Fellowships United States November 30, 2014
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships United States October 29, 2014 (earliest of four deadlines, varying by field)
National Urban Fellows Fellowships Program New York, NY December 4, 2014
Naval Research Enterprise Internship Program United States December 19, 2014
New Israel Fund SHATIL Social Justice Fellowships Israel January 20, 2015
New Sector Alliance Summer Fellowships Boston, Chicago, or San Francisco areas March 6, 2015 (Round 2)
New York City Service Fellowships New York, NY June 14, 2013
New York City Urban Fellows Program New York, NY January 9, 2015
New York Needs You Fellowships New York, NY February 20, 2014
New York State Assembly Intern Program Albany, NY October 31, 2014
New York State Senate Undergraduate Session Assistants Albany, NY October 31, 2014
North American Language and Culture Assistantships in Spain Spain April 1, 2014
NYC Turing Fellowships New York, NY not available in 2013-2014
Orr Entrepreneurial Fellowships Indiana October 3, 2014
Oxford Pershing Square Graduate Scholarships Oxford, United Kingdom January 9, 2015
Partnership for Public Service Fellowships Washington, D.C. November 1, 2014 for Spring 2015 positions
Pasteur Foundation Undergraduate Internships Paris, France December 21, 2013
Payne International Development Graduate Fellowships United States January 20, 2015
Peace First Fellowships unrestricted March 17, 2014
Pearson Fellowship United Kingdom October 3, 2014 for nominations; November 10, 2014 for applications
Pearson Prize for Higher Education National Fellowships United States not available in 2013-2014
Peermusic Latin Scholarships (prizes) United States February 14, 2014
Philly Fellows Program Philadelphia, PA January 31, 2015
Pickering Graduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships United States February 7, 2014
Pickering Undergraduate Foreign Affairs Fellowships United States January 23, 2015
Piedmont Environmental Council Fellowships Warrenton, VA March 3, 2014
Playwrights' Center Jerome Fellowships Minneapolis, MN November 20, 2014
Point Foundation Scholarships United States January 20, 2015
Presidential Global Fellowships various cities overseas December 15, 2014
Princess Grace Awards United States March 31, 2014 (Theater and Playwriting); April 30, 2014 (for Dance and Choreography); June 1, 2014 (Film)
Princeton in Africa Fellowships Africa November 2, 2014
Princeton in Asia Fellowships Asia November 14, 2014
Princeton in Latin America Fellowships Latin America November 3, 2014
Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowships United States November 1, 2014
Puffin Foundation Artist Grants unrestricted December 27, 2014
Qatar Scholarships Doha, Qatar December 15, 2013
Rangel International Affairs Program Summer Enrichment Program Washington, D.C. February 4, 2015
Rhodes Scholarships Oxford, U.K. August 18, 2014 for advising questionnaire
Rieser Fellowships in Science, Global Security, and Public Policy unrestricted March 15, 2013
Rome Prize Fellowships Rome, Italy November 1, 2014
Roothbert Fund Scholarships United States January 31, 2015
Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships unrestricted (other than home country) varies by local Rotary Club
Rotary Peace Fellowships various varies--contact your local Rotary Club
Saltire Scholarships Scotland May 30, 2014
Saxe Memorial Fund Prizes for Public Service United States April 1, 2014
Schepp Foundation Scholarships unrestricted rolling (opens in August and closes when funds are committed)
Schwarzman Scholars China August 31, 2015 (internal deadline)
Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation Scholarships-for-Service United States December 15, 2014
Scoville Peace Fellowships Washington, D.C. October 1, 2014 for Spring 2015 awards
Shackford Medical Fellowships United States January 14, 2015
Show Me Campaign Fellowships United States May 10, 2013
Shuttleworth Founation Fellowships unrestricted November 1, 2014 for March 2015 start; May 1, 2015 for September 2015 start
Simpson Scholarship in Egyptology Cairo, Egypt rolling deadline; must first be accepted to AUC's Study Abroad Program
Sitka Fellows Program Sitka, Alaska March 24, 2013
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Summer Internships Cambridge, MA February 3, 2014
Smithsonian Institution Minority Awards Washington, D.C. October 1, 2014 (for Spring 2015); early February 2015 (for Summer and Fall 2015)
Society of Women Engineers Scholarships United States February 17, 2014 for sophomores and more senior students; May 15, 2014 for first-year students
Soros Fellowship for New Americans United States November 1, 2014
Stacey Scholarships for Art Education unrestricted February 1, 2014
StartingBloc Fellowship various February 6, 2014
StartUp Health Fellowships New York City and various other U.S. cities rolling
Steamboat Foundation Scholarships New York, NY not offered in AY 2012-2013
Stegner Fellowships Stanford, California December 1, 2014
Summer Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships unrestricted February 28, 2014
Summer Research Opportunity Program at Northwestern University Evanston, IL April 8, 2014
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships at California Institute of Technology Pasadena, CA February 22, 2014
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships at Columbia University New York, NY February 3, 2014
Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships at the Mayo Clinic Rochester, MN February 1, 2014
Taiwan Ministry of Education Huayu Enrichment Scholarships Taiwan March 31, 2014
Taiwan U.S. Alliance Ambassador Summer Scholarships Taiwan February 15, 2014
Taiwan-United States Sister Relations Alliance Summer Scholarships Taiwan March 31, 2014
Teach and Learn in Korea Scholarships Korea rolling admission
Teach for China Fellowships China January 22, 2015; March 12, 2015
Teaching Assistant Program in France France January 15, 2015
ThinkSwiss Research Scholarships Switzerland January 31, 2015
Tisdale Public Policy Fellowships Washington, D.C. February 10, 2015
Travelers Summer Research Fellowships for Premedical Students New York, NY February 1, 2014
True Entrepreneur Corps (TEC) Fellowships San Francisco Bay area, CA January 31, 2015
Truman Scholarships United States December 15, 2014 (internal deadline)
Turkish Coalition of America Study Abroad in Turkey Scholarships Turkey, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, or Bosnia and Herzegovina rolling
Tylenol Future Care Scholarships United States June 30, 2014
U.S. English Language Teaching Assistantships in Austria Austria January 15, 2015
U.S.-U.K. Fulbright Commission Summer Institute Awards United Kingdom February 26 or March 5, 2015, depending on program
Udall Scholarships United States February 12, 2015 (internal deadline)
Undergraduate Awards (essay contest) Dublin, Ireland June 2, 2014
United Negro College Fund ▪ Merck Undergraduate Science Research Scholarships New Jersey November 6, 2014
University of East Anglia International Summer School Scholarships Norwich, U.K. March 31, 2015 (early bird deadline); May 15, 2015 (final deadline)
USA Today All-USA Academic Team Awards (prizes) United States May 18, 2012
Van Amson Service Fellowships New York, NY March 24, 2014
Venture for America Fellowships various U.S. cities February 17, 2014 for final application cycle
Villers Fellowships for Health Care Justice Washington, D.C. January 23, 2015
Waldbaum Archaeological Field School Scholarships unrestricted March 1, 2015
Warren Legal Training Scholarships United States April 30, 2014
Weatherhead East Asian Institute Undergraduate Training Grants Asia February 28, 2014
Wellstone Fellowships for Social Justice Washington, D.C. not offered for AY2013-2014
Whitaker International Undergraduate Scholarships unrestricted overseas January 20, 2015
White House Fellows Program Washington, D.C. January 15, 2015
Wiesel Foundation for Humanity Prizes in Ethics (essay contest) unrestricted December 8, 2014
Wilson Teaching Fellowships Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New Jersey October 13, 2014; November 14, 2014; January 31, 2015
Women LEAD Nepal Fellowships Kathmandu, Nepal July 4, 2014
Woolley Scholarships Paris, France January 31, 2015
Worldstudio AIGA Scholarships United States March 28, 2014
Yenching Academy Scholarships China January 31, 2015
Young People For Fellowships United States February 7, 2014
Zaslow College Columnist Awards (prizes) United States March 1, 2012
Zonta International Earhart Fellowships unrestricted November 15, 2014