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Travelers Summer Research Fellowships for Premedical Students

February 1, 2016
Arts and Humanities
Social Science
New York, NY


The Travelers Summer Research Fellowship Program is designed to give 25 premedical students deeper insights into the field of medicine, including issues that affect the health of traditionally underserved groups.  Fellows participate in laboratory or clinical research at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, a lecture series on cardiovascular physiology, a series of talks with minority physicians on their specialties and career paths, and hospital rounds with advanced medical students. 

Fellows receive a weekly cost-of-living allowance of $140 as well as rent-free housing in the medical school’s dormitories, but are expected to provide for their meals and other living expenses.  Fellows also receive counseling on financial planning for medical school.  The program pays travel expenses for recipients who live some distance from New York. 

Candidates must be in at least their junior year of college at the time of application and should have declared themselves as premedical students.  Ideal candidates will have maintained a B average or better and already have taken courses in biology, general chemistry, and organic chemistry.

While there are no requirements that candidates be members of traditionally recognized U.S. minority groups, the fellowship program is committed to the idea that diversity among medical students becomes a critical mutual education process for all medical students, faculty, and administrators, and sees itself as part of that process.