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Whitaker International Undergraduate Scholarships

January 20, 2016
unrestricted overseas
Full Year

 Whitaker Undergraduate Scholarships support second-, third-, and fourth-year biomedical engineering students from U.S. institutions pursuing study abroad in biomedical engineering for a semester or an academic year.  The program aims to increase the number of biomedical engineering students in study abroad programs and provide them with opportunities early in their careers to see their field from an international perspective.

Scholarships provide up to $7,500 for a semester or academic term abroad, and up to $10,000 for a full academic year abroad.

Candidates must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents; currently enrolled at a U.S. institution in biomedical engineering or bioengineering; sophomores, juniors, or seniors with at least one semester remaining after returning from their study abroad program; and able to demonstrate financial need in order to participate in their proposed study abroad program.

Applicants may participate in any study abroad program approved by their home institution through which they can take biomedical engineering coursework, or they may enroll directly at an overseas institution that offers outstanding academic training in biomedical engineering.  Applicants bear responsibility for selecting suitable study abroad program or host institution in consultation with their home institution’s study abroad advisors.