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Young People For Fellowships

February 7, 2016
Arts and Humanities
Social Science
United States
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Full Year


The Young People For (YP4) Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for college students to develop leadership skills while creating meaningful social change.  The year-long program provides each fellow with personalized leadership development, customized organizational training, strategic and tactical training, networking and community-building opportunities, and professional development support and mentorship.

YP4 Fellowships are not structured as internships and do not offer stipends.  However, the program does occasionally provide small grants to support fellows’ social justice projects when funding is available.

All undergraduate students are eligible to apply, provided they are able to attend the program’s regional trainings and national summit.

YP4 is most interested in identifying young progressive leaders in order to empower them with the tools to realize their own visions for creating lasting progressive change—this vision is more important than specific causes.  That said, fellows have tended to engage in such issues as  campus diversity, civic engagement, civil rights, economic justice, education, environmental conservation, health care, immigration, international human rights, Native American empowerment, workers’ rights, and/or progressive alliance and coalition building.