Applying: Current Students

(9/10/2013 Note:  This section is currently being revised.)

Applying for Fellowships

Fellowships offer many unique opportunities for you as a Columbia undergraduate. Designed to support an individual’s academic and professional development, fellowships can provide funding for a number of different intellectually enriching opportunities. From independent undergraduate research and study abroad to postgraduate study and travel, each fellowship is designed to enable you to produce knowledge and gain a better understanding of yourself, your field of study, and the world around you. In turn, every recipient becomes part of a lasting network of likeminded people through the community created by each fellowship.

As a current Columbia undergraduate, you have access to numerous resources that will help you as you explore fellowships. As you browse this website or use our fellowships search engine, the first things to consider are your motivation and goals in applying for a fellowship. 

  • Are you interested in language study or cultural immersion?  
  • Do you want to develop your leadership skills?  
  • Are you hoping to turn your senior thesis into a research project after graduation?  
  • Do you want to meet other eager graduates dedicated to promoting international and cultural understanding?

By identifying your primary goals, you narrow your search and position yourself to complete the most competitive application. At the Office of Fellowship Programs, we provide you with resources to consider these different opportunities and focus on your unique aspirations.

Because of the time and hard work that necessarily go into crafting the best application, we encourage every student to begin considering and exploring fellowships early.  Unique fellowship opportunities exist for students in every academic year. Whether you are a first-year student or a graduating senior, we advise you to stop by the fellowships office at any time in your academic career to discuss your immediate and long-term goals.  

Sometimes internal deadlines for specific fellowships fall up to six months prior to national deadlines; therefore, students may need to explore scholarships in the academic year preceding actual application.  Often work on an application involves several tasks leading up to that application—such as developing your aims as an applicant, making contact with possible research affiliates, and building strong relationships with possible recommenders. The fellowships office is eager to assist you as you navigate all of these different aspects of fellowship applications, from initial exploration to final submission.