Course Management Course Proposal Guidance for Instructors

Academic departments and programs have designated at least one person on their administrative staff to have access to the Course Management system, to enter information into the Proposal module and to submit a course proposal into the Committee on Instruction (COI) workflow. Instructors should therefore make sure that this person has the following materials and additional information for a new course proposal:


  1. The proposed course syllabus. Instructors can find more information on the expected elements of a syllabus for a course open to undergraduates by reviewing Structuring a Syllabus.
  2. The course description for the Bulletin. Instructors can find more information on constructing a course description for the Bulletin by reviewing Writing a Course Description for the Bulletin.
  3. A curriculum vitae, if the course instructor is new to teaching at Columbia University (i.e., a new full-time faculty member, visiting faculty member or adjunct instructor).

Additional Information

Department administrators will need to confirm with the instructor the following information about the proposed course, if it is not already clearly noted on the course syllabus:

  • Name of department/program that will be offering and listing the course

  • Subfield, if applicable (e.g., department of Political Science, subfield of American Politics)

  • Short version of course title for the Directory of Classes

  • Instructor Columbia UNI and Columbia email address

  • If more than one instructor of record, name(s) of other instructor(s), UNI(s) and email address(es)

  • Course type (e.g., lecture, seminar, colloquium, laboratory, language, fieldwork, studio)

  • Term(s) in which the course will be offered

  • Additional class meetings, if applicable (e.g., film viewings, museum visits)

  • Points of credit for the course (see Guidance on Course Points)

  • Prerequsites or corequisites necessary for enrollment

  • Enrollment cap for the class (required for all courses)

  • Enrollment priority for the class, if applicable (e.g., priority for senior majors, admission by application)

  • Requirement or elective for major, if applicable

For definitions or additional details about the information noted above, please see instructions for Department or Program Administrators.