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Young Alumni Fund Advisory Board

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The Young Alumni Fund Advisory Board (YAFAB) works to grow support for the Columbia College Fund among the young alumni community.

Members of the young alumni community, those who graduated in the last decade, play a vital role in fundraising efforts at Columbia College. This large and influential group represents one fourth of the College’s alumni population and has a tremendous impact on the College Fund’s goals.

The YAFAB develops strategies to inform and engage fellow young alumni, as well as thank classmates for gifts to the College Fund. Members meet quarterly with College Fund staff and are invited to exclusive events with other alumni leaders. The co-chairs work closely with College Fund staff, serving in an advisory role and leading the efforts of the YAFAB.



Jessica Chi CC’15
Andrew West CC’13


Jacob Goren CC’12
Charles Roberts CC’12
Tala Akhavan CC’13
Hannah Deresiewicz CC’13
Matthew Jacobs CC’13
Jacqueline Karsh CC’13, JRN14
Andrew West CC’13
Leigh Colvin CC’14, TC18, TC19
Andrew Glicklich CC’14
Rebecca Fattell CC’14, BUS22
Jessica Chi CC’15, BUS21
Alexandra Carieri CC’15
Andrea Viejo CC’15
Aram Balian CC’16
Anna Broadbent CC’16, GSAS17
Catherine Jenkinson CC’16
Martin Mora Montoya CC’17, BUS22
Franco Maddalena CC’18
Emily Gruber CC’19
Jason Zhang CC’19
Shefali Kumar CC’21
Zehra Naqvi CC’21