On April 9, the students of Columbia College and the School of Engineering & Applied Sciences gathered on the steps of Low Plaza to take a photo with their fellow classmates. Participating students were given a Columbia University pin displaying their class year. Photo: LifeTouch Photography
April 9, 2014

In an effort to establish a strong connection between students and their respective class year cohorts, a new tradition of class year photos was established. College and Engineering students were provided a pin that included the Columbia crown with their class year underneath and then were invited to stand on the Low Steps and have their picture taken as a class. Seniors were so pleased with the event that they spontaneously broke into singing the alma mater. Students were later seen wearing the pins at award ceremonies, at Class Day and at Commencement. Moving forward, each year’s New Student Orientation Program will include incoming students posing for a class year photo. The class will then recreate the photo in their senior year.

Photo: LifeTouch Photography