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First-in-Family Programs Theater Outing: Henry V

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May 4

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Friday, May 4, 2018 - 5:15pm to 9:45pm
Lerner Hall, 2920 Broadway, New York, NY 10027 401

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Berick Center for Student Advising First-in-Family Programs
Join First-in-Family Programs in seeing The Public Theater’s production of Shakespeare’s Henry V! Insulted by the regent of France, England’s King Henry V decides to wage war and claim the throne across the Channel. But Henry’s charm only distracts his soldiers for so long before the dire stakes of their task calls into question the King’s true motives and direction. Resonating from across the centuries—wherever there may be a kingdom for a stage, and princes to act--Shakespeare’s drama about invasion, ego and leadership, delves into history’s thorniest questions: What makes a man worthy of wearing the crown, and what does he owe the people he leads? We’ll meet outside Lerner 403 at 5:15pm and head downtown together. Free round-trip transportation will be provided. Space is limited, so you must enter the lottery. Make sure you can attend this event before registering! A FiF advising dean will confirm your participation a week before the show.