Columbia College Honor Code

The Columbia College Student Council, on behalf of the whole student body, has resolved that maintaining academic integrity is the preserve of all members of our intellectual community – including and especially students.

As a consequence, all Columbia College students will now make the following pledge:

We, the undergraduate students of Columbia University, hereby pledge to value the integrity of our ideas and the ideas of others by honestly presenting our work, respecting authorship, and striving not simply for answers but for understanding in the pursuit of our common scholastic goals. In this way, we seek to build an academic community governed by our collective efforts, diligence, and Code of Honor.

In addition, all Columbia College students are committed to the following honor code:

I affirm that I will not plagiarize, use unauthorized materials, or give or receive illegitimate help on assignments, papers, or examinations. I will also uphold equity and honesty in the evaluation of my work and the work of others. I do so to sustain a community built around this Code of Honor.

Columbia College students ask that the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and all other instructional staff assist them in achieving these aspirations. This assistance can take a number of forms, specifically:

1. Please include in your syllabi a statement on academic integrity which

  • References the faculty statement on academic integrity;
  • States the expectation that students will work in accordance to the student honor code;
  • Specifies the consequences of committing an academic integrity violation in your class - for example, whether or not there will be an academic sanction and whether or not the matter will be referred to the Dean's Discipline process;
  • Refers students to the Columbia University Undergraduate Guide to Academic Integrity.

2. Please require all students in your class to affirm their adherence to the code for each piece of work and graded assignment. It is the expectation that students will submit this statement, either electronically or written in their exam blue books, each time they are required to complete work for the course.

3. Should an instructor be concerned that an individual student has not adhered to this code and has instead committed an academic integrity violation, please refer the matter to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards. You can file an official report of a violation of academic integrity with that office using this form. This ensures both equity for all students in the class as well as appropriate educational interventions for the student in question.