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Evans Traveling Fellowship

March 10, 2017
Arts and Humanities
Social Science
unrestricted (outside of New York City)
Full Year


Columbia College’s Henry Evans Traveling Fellowship, established by his widow in memory of her late husband, a member of the Class of 1881, supports purposeful travel in the year after graduation to pursue imaginative non-coursework projects beyond New York City.  There are few restrictions as to the general nature of a student’s travel project, but award money may not be used to pursue formal coursework or to participate in a formal internship program or comparable project.

In general, awards support independently arranged travel experiences that provide recipients with some experience of a place and culture they might not gain simply as tourists, and that have some connection to their undergraduate studies or interests.  The selection committee also looks to see that the travel experience imagined will have some personal significance for the recipient, and that he or she has the necessary background and skills to pursue the project successfully—this includes facility with language in the proposed destination(s).  Past Evans Fellows have pursued projects representing a great diversity of interests.

Individual awards rarely exceed $5,000 and may support travel experiences lasting from three months to a full year, depending on project and location.  Eligibility is limited to graduating seniors in Columbia College.

To apply: Complete your online application here and have your two letters of recommendation submitted to no later than 11:59pm EST/NYC time by the deadline stated above

Columbia's Most Recent Evans Scholars: Dennis Zhou '16 CC (English); Reva do Espirito Santo '16 CC (Film Studies).