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Undergraduate Global Policy Fellowship

March 20, 2017 by 5pm EST
Arts and Humanities
Social Science


The Columbia Global Policy Initiative (CGPI) offers an Undergraduate Global Policy Fellowship available for Columbia juniors who seek to conduct policy-oriented research for a senior thesis that is global in nature. This fellowship was established to assist students in addressing problems that impact not just one country or region, but that reflect the challenges of the globalized world in which we live. The Columbia Global Policy Initiative, as conceived by President Lee C. Bollinger and led by founding director Professor Michael W. Doyle, brings together eminent Columbia faculty members and distinguished policy professionals from the widest range of relevant disciplines. These experts, not only address global problems comprehensively by building on the relevant range of scholarly expertise but also, find effective ways of influencing global policy by engaging stakeholders and public policymakers. Through this research, the Initiative hopes to provide an intellectual basis for policy, thereby helping to bridge the gap between scholarship and global policymaking. For further information about the Columbia Global Policy Initiative, please see here.

Eligible senior thesis projects must be research-based (including but not limited to fieldwork or laboratory research); global in nature (having cross-border origins, consequences, or implications); and oriented toward identifying practical solutions.

Applicants must be current juniors who fulfill their department’s requirements for a senior thesis project within Columbia College, the School of General Studies, or the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Average awards will be $3,000-$4,000 per fellow, and are intended to be used for domestic or international research.  Students with an expected summer earnings contribution, as determined by their financial aid award, may be eligible for additional support on a case-by-case basis.

 To apply: You can find application materials online here or below. Complete and submit your application online here by the deadline.

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