Parent Leadership Council

Through their gifts of time, talent and resources, members of the Parent Leadership Council make leadership contributions and engage in activities that foster the parent community and deepen the relationship between the College and its parent supporters. The following list includes members of the Parent Leadership Council in Fiscal Year 2017-2018.


Audra D. and Eric L. Cohen P: ’18, ’21
Raymond H. Yu ’89, SEAS’90, P: ’21 and Amy H. Yu TC’07, TC’12, P: ’21


Marc O. Agger and Francesca M. Connolly P: ’18
Elizabeth Albert and Howard M. Kleinman ’84, P: ’18, ’22
Danya Alsaady and Tal H. Nazer P: ’21
Sonia Alvarado de Westman and Mattias Westman P: ’21
Kimberly E. Amsden P: ’20
Melanie J. and George A. Anagnos ’80, P: ’18, ’22
Sima and Sunil Anand P: ’19, ’21
Michael Argenziano ’88, PS’92, P: ’18, ’20 and Maria A. Rodino ’88, P: ’18, ’20
Rula L. and Omar M. Asali BUS’01, P: ’18, ’20
Gael and Emile Bacha P: ’16, ’20, ’22
Edward D. Baker III P: ’20
Rana M. Baladi P: ’18
Gregory S. and Nairi C. Balian ’88, P: ’16, ’22
Ann Marie P. and Michael J. Barone P: ’17
Michele and Thomas Bass P: ’18
Surabhi M. and Sanjeev Bikhchandani P: ’15
Jeffrey M. Birnbaum and Gille Ann Rabbin P: ’20
Jonathan D. Bram ’87, P: ’14, ’17 and Susan S. Bram TC’87, P: ’14, ’17
Michelle F. and Adam S. Cedar P: ’19
Hyoshin and Paul S. Chang P: ’17
Zeliana Charemi and Ioannis Frangos P: ’19, SEAS’21
Yihua Chen and Tianyin Shi P: ’21
Shirley Shujuan Chen and Douglas Z. Yang P: ’17
Xiaoli Chen and Hongbin Peng P: ’20
Constance Chiang and S. Steven Pan BUS’88, P: ’18
Julie Ann L. and Steven Y. Cho P: ’21
Neguine N. and Jens B. Christensen ’84, P: ’19, ’21
Allen Chu and Mary A. Kuo ’92, P: ’20, ’21
Carol S. and Sunil M. Chugani P: ’18
Qingfeng Cui and Jun Guo Gao P: ’16
Catherine S. and David C. Cuthell BUS’79, SIPA’90, GSAS’00, GSAS’05, P: ’16
Julie C. and Sean M. Dalton P: ’20
Robert Danial and Mojdeh L. Khaghan ’88, LAW’91, P: ’17
David Davidovich P: ’19
Elizabeth B. and Michael Davidsen P: ’19
Donn M. and Sharon B. Davis ’88, P: ’19
Carla De Landri and Florindo Volpacchio GSAS’84, P: ’20
Melissa A. and Michael F. Der Manouel P: ’19
Frances M. and Patrick J. DeSouza ’80, P: ’20
Alisa Drijanski and Emilio Romano P: ’18, ’22
Jodi S. and Edgar A. Edmonds P: ’19
Supanavit and Kaveepan Eiamsakulrat P: ’17, SEAS’18
Phyllis M.W. and Hamen S.H. Fan P: ’13, BUS’15
Guirong Fang and Huazhi Gao P: ’19
Suning and Fenglei Fang P: ’04
Francisco Fernandez De Ybarra and Raquel Lucan P: ’18
Robyn L. Field and Anthony D. O’Carroll P: ’21
Maria and Lee N. Friedlander P: ’82
Marco F. Ghisolfi BUS’88, P: ’19
Ameeta and Varun Gosain P: ’19
Felicia K. and Michael I. Gottdenker ’86 P: ’20
Annalize and Francois J. Gouws P: ’19
Nicole and David Gruenstein ’77, P: ’18
Janice and Gang C. Gu SEAS’86, P: ’18
Sook Hyun Han and Kyoo Wan Cho P: ’20
Joan B. and Douglas B. Hansen P: ’18
Jonathan Hecht and Laurel S. Mayer P: ’21, ’22
George F. and Debra S. Heinrich TC’84, P: ’13, ’16, GS’16
Claire I. Hernandez BUS’85, P: ’19 and Carlos M. Hernandez BUS’86, P: ’19
Daisy Ho P: ’20
Alan Howard P: ’19, ’21
Jiong-Ming Hu and Yi-Jun Chen P: ’18, ’22
William K. Hui and Jing Zhao P: ’18
Margarita Inserni P: ’16
George Jiang and Hua Tang P: ’19
Jeffrey L. Kateman ’89, LAW’92, P: ’19, ’21 and Nam Y. Kim LAW’92, P: ’19, ’21
Robin M. and Jeffrey D. Kent PS’89, P: ’17, ’19, ’22
Patrice S. and Robert G. Kester P: ’17
Prairna K. and Kamal A. Kewlani P: ’18
Farha Khan and Ilyas Munshi P: ’19
Delia M. and Bijan Khosrowshahi P: ’16, ’18
Ji Y. Kim and Vincent W. Yoon SEAS’86, P: ’19
Mary E. and Adam W. Kirsch P: ’17
Jenny L. and Lawrence B. Kong P: ’19
Ina P. and Mark R. Kupferberg P: ’18
Marshall F. Kwong and Vivian Yeh P: ’20
Yael and Amnon M. Landan P: ’10, ’17, SEAS’07
Miyoung E. Lee and Neil P. Simpkins P: ’21
Emmanuelle V. and Hugues B. Lepic P: ’17
Lijun Li and Fenghua Wei P: ’18
Zhitang L. Liang and Lei Lu P: ’20
Lei C. Liang and Edward Guo P: ’18, SEAS’19
Polina and Michael Liberman P: ’19
Chun Liu and Wenjun Qiao P: ’19, ’22
Qing and Xiaosong Liu P: ’19
Yi Lu and Jianguo Qian P: ’20
Olga L. Malova and Vladimir V. Kuznetsov SIPA’90, SIPA’91, P: ’19
Valerie and Michael F. McKeever P: ’11
Kally and Othon K. Mourkakos P: ’17
Nicole and Allan Mutchnik P: ’19
Amna Tirmizi and Syed Ali R. Naqvi P: ’21
Christopher Nawn P: ’16
Ann and Francis Neczypor P: ’08
Dominic K. Ng and Ellen Wong-Ng P: ’17
Emil H. Nguy and Ying Xin P: ’19
Maha A. and Sharif Omar P: ’16
Martha E. Ortiz and Robert H. Diamond ’82, P: ’20
Sujata S. Pandiri BC’86, P: ’18, ’21 and Samir M. Pandiri SEAS’86, BUS’90, P: ’18, ’21
Antje and PeterPaul Pardi P: ’20
Hyun Park ’84, P: ’13, ’17, ’21 and Catherine M. Park BC’84, P: ’13, ’17, ’21
Susan Janette L. Pena and Gabriel R. Singson P: ’20
Regina Pitchon and Henry Udow P: ’14, ’18
Laura R. and Laurence P. Rabinowitz ’71, P: ’19
Elizabeth Reza Skelly ’92, LAW’97, P: ’19 and Paul A. Skelly SEAS’91, SEAS’93, SEAS’94, P: ’19
Barrie S. Roman GS’84, SEAS’88, P: ’18
Emmanuel Roman P: ’18
Steven A. Rosenblum and Monique A. Witt P: ’16
Susan C. and Edward J. Sanderson P: ’19
Kimberly R. and John P. Santamaria ’77, P: ’21
Janet B. Serle and Ira B. Malin ’75, P: ’11, ’17
David M. Siegal P: ’21
Kathie Plourde Simmons BC’73, P: ’12, ’19
W. Reed Simmons P: ’12, ’19
Star Soltan P: ’17
Cindy B. and Jason E. Spitz P: ’19
Maureen F. and Thomas D. Steiner P: ’17
Jonas and Natasha M. Steinman ’90, P: ’21
Eva J. and Jan M. Sudol P: ’20
Christine I. and Michel L. Suignard P: ’18
Shruti S. Tewari SIPA’94, P: ’20 and Pawan Tewari BUS’94, P: ’20
Blair L. Trippe P: ’16
Walter and Shirley F. Wang BUS’93, P: ’21
Jue Wang and Chengjian Zhou P: ’19
Yu Qiao Wei and Yong An Xu P: ’17
Devin N. and Cindy Horowitz Wenig P: ’20
Sioe Lie Wong and Philip P. Wang ’70, P: ’18
Beth L. and Scott R. Yagoda ’86, LAW’92, P: ’20
Chiu Yam and Jun Zhai P: ’21
Yuyan Yang P: ’18
Julie and Alexander Zaks P: ’17, ’19
Lynn L. Chen-Zhang and Charles C. Zhang P: ’17, ’20
Yong Zhang P: ’18
Mary M. and Jeffrey D. Zients P: ’17