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Class Deans system refined

CLASS DEANS: New dean positions have been added beginning this academic year to the class-based advising structure. Last year, the College re-structured the advising system from house-based advising to advising centers for each class. Under this refinement, senior dean positions have been created to coordinate the deans for each class.

"They will be a communications link between the Dean of Students office and the class deans," says Sandra Johnson, associate dean for residence life and advising programs. "They will set a vision, detail the goals and objectives for that particular class, work closely with class deans and work with students on advising."

The new senior deans are: Richard Slusarczyk '93TC, promoted from class dean to senior dean in the Senior Class Center; Gwen Pasco '91TC, formerly director of student affairs at the Alabama School of Mathematics and Science, now senior dean for the Junior Class Center; Richard Gatteau, formerly senior administrative manager in the dean's office at Cornell University Medical College, now senior dean for the Sophomore Class Center; and Nancy Wada-McKee, formerly assistant dean of students at Purdue University, now senior dean for the First Year Class Center.

In addition, two new class deans have been appointed. Jayne Brownell '96TC, who was program coordinator for the First Year Class Center, is now class dean in the Senior Class Center, and Ellen Richmond '94TC, formerly coordinator for the student services center of Continuing Education Programs, is now class dean in the First Year Class Center. Also, Kathryn Wittner has become a class dean in the Junior Class Center, moving from the First Year Class Center.