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Alexander Hamilton, Great Teacher Award winners named

Alexander Hamilton, Great Teacher Award winners named

GREAT TEACHERS: Kenneth Jackson, Jacques Barzun Professor of History, and Donald Goldfarb, chairman of the department of industrial engineering and operations research at the Fu School of Engineering and Applied Science, have been named winners of the 50th annual Great Teachers Award. The awards will be presented at the Society of Columbia Graduates' 90th anniversary dinner in Low Rotunda on Thursday, October 14.

Jackson has been a member of the Columbia faculty since 1968 and a full professor since 1976. He currently is the vice president of the Society of Historians and chairman of the nominating board of the Organization of American Historians. One of Columbia's most popular faculty members, he teaches courses in urban, social and military history, but is also well-known for his all-night bicycle rides, all-day bus trips and three-hour walking tours of New York City. Students of the College honored him with the Mark Van Doren Award as teacher of the year in 1989 for "humanity, devotion to truth, and inspiring leadership." Editor of the acclaimed Encyclopedia of New York City, Jackson is co-chair of the University's 250th Anniversary Committee.

Goldfarb joined the Engineering faculty in 1982 and became department chair in 1984. An expert in the discipline of mathematical programming, he received the 1995 Prize for Research Excellence from the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences. Under Goldfarb's leadership, the IEOR department has the largest number of students in the Engineering School. He serves on numerous advisory boards for other universities, on editorial boards for technical journals and is the author of many research papers.

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HAMILTON AWARDS: Wm. Theodore de Bary '41, James Shenton '49, and Richard Axel '67 have been named this year's recipients of the Alexander Hamilton Award. The professors will receive their awards at a gala dinner at Low Memorial Library on Wednesday, November 17.

De Bary, John Mitchell Mason Professor Emeritus and provost emeritus, is an expert in Confucianism and founded the Heyman Center for the Humanities. Professor of History Emeritus Shenton, a scholar of American history, has taught at Columbia for over 50 years. Axel, a pioneer in applying molecular biology to the study of perception, was named University Professor this spring.

Presented each year to an alumnus or faculty member for distinguished service and accomplishment in any field of endeavor, the Alexander Hamilton Award is the highest tribute awarded to a member of the Columbia College community.

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