Parent Gifts

Parents are a vital part of the Columbia College community. The 45 parent families who serve on the Parents Leadership Council work to inspire their fellow non-alumni parents to raise financial support for the Parents Fund. They also create a community for College parents by hosting welcome receptions, lectures and other special events.

Gifts to the Parents Fund allow parents to enrich students’ undergraduate experience by supporting the Core Curriculum, providing stipends for student internships, enhancing financial aid and providing funds for extracurricular activities and events. Through their generosity, parents help all College students to grow academically as well as personally.

Class of 2018
Dean's Silver Circle $50,000-$99,999
Annette M. Grant BC’83, P: ’12, ’17, ’18 and Geoffrey T. Grant SEAS’82, P: ’12, ’17, ’18
Dean's Circle $25,000-$49,999
Rivkie Penstein-Hirt and Lance L. Hirt P: ’18
Delia and Bijan Khosrowshahi P: ’16, ’18, ’18
HyeKung Oh and Jung Chul Rhee P: ’15, ’18
Patron $10,000-$24,999
So Yeon Lee and Byung Wook Choi P: ’17, ’18
Regina Pitchon and Henry Udow P: ’14, ’18
Sponsor $5,000-$9,999
Rakhshan M. and Junaid H. Chida P: ’14, ’18
Srinivasa Varathan P: ’15, ’18
Member $1,500-$3,499
Douglas J. Feith P: ’09, ’13, ’18
Cheryl A. Petroff and James B. Fine P: ’14, ’18
Michelle Meersand and Allen Heller P: ’05, ’18, GS’06
Shaheen F. and Anil S. Nanji P: ’13, ’18
Angela M. Dimango-Simpson and Timothy E. Simpson P: ’14, ’18
Anjana Sriram and Subramanyan Sriramachandran P: ’14, ’18
Hallie C. and David N. Swanson P: ’16, ’18
Donor Up to $1,500
Dawn M. and Brian J. Bathras P: ’18
Christine A. and Allan A. Cassorla P: ’11, ’18
Jessica L. and Anthony K. Chen P: ’15, ’18
Linda Crane and Robert E. Coyne SEAS’80, SEAS’09, SEAS’11, P: ’18
Humphrey W. Chow and Joanna Q. Deng SEAS’86, SEAS’88, P: ’13, ’18
Xiaobo Cui and Yuemin Ding P: ’09, ’18
Kenneth D. Katkin and Linda M. Dynan GSAS’91, GSAS’91, GSAS’94, P: ’18
Hilda Y. Hutcherson and Fredric Fabiano PS’82, P: ’10, ’18
Donna M. and John A. Fetchet P: ’17, ’18
Jinying Li SEAS’94, P: ’18 and Hang Gao SEAS’95, P: ’18
Karl A. Kensinger and Nora E. Garrote LAW’83, P: ’18
Hephzibah H. and Kurt W. Grossberndt P: ’18
Susan and Bruce E. Hirsch P: ’09, ’18
Jennifer and Garland Hughes P: ’18
Kathleen A. and Herbert F. Janick III P: ’18
Shari S. and Stuart D. Kaplan P: ’14, ’18
Rafaela Z. Calabio-Khan and Shams A. Khan P: ’18
Padmavathi Mylapore and Ravichandran Krishnaswamy P: ’18
Sunyoung Kim and Yoonhyo Lee P: ’18
Xiao L. Yi and Poming Leong P: ’18
Carol F. and Anton J. Mikofsky JRN’68, P: ’18
Diane B. and Ross E. Moore P: ’18
Wen Chen and Hiroshi Mori P: ’18
Nabil Moukattaf P: ’10, ’13, ’18
Rosemary Moukattaf P: ’10, ’13, ’18
Jane S. Praeger and Terrence P. O’Brien P: ’14, ’18
Cuihua Li and JianHua Qian P: ’18
W. Roger Buck and Sharon S. Quayle PS’88, P: ’14, ’18
Bethia G. Straus BC’81, P: ’15, ’18 and Paul Z. Quintas GSAS’85, GSAS’86, GSAS’92, P: ’15, ’18
Uzma Jawed and Sohail Saleem P: ’15, ’18
Dominicus J. Lap and Shelley A. Saltzman BC’79, P: ’18
Miae and Hyun Song P: ’18
Sherry L. Thomas P: ’17, ’18
Mark Schaszberger and Trami Tran SEAS’82, P: ’08, ’18
Class of 2017
Dean's Platinum Circle $250,000 or more
Yu Qiao Wei and Yong An Xu P: ’17
Dean's Gold Circle $100,000 to $249,999
Ellen Wong-Ng and Dominic K. Ng P: ’17
Dean's Silver Circle $50,000-$99,999
Ann Marie P. and Michael J. Barone P: ’17
Mary A. Blodgett and Carlton F. Calvin P: ’17
Mary E. and Adam W. Kirsch P: ’17
Emmanuelle and Hugues Lepic P: ’17
Carrie R. and Alexander M. Vik P: ’17
Dean's Circle $25,000-$49,999
Supanavit and Kaveepan Eiamsakulrat P: ’17, SEAS’18
Yuqing Jing and Zhiyuan Li P: ’17
Cheryl K. and Paul S. Petrovich P: ’17
Patron $10,000-$24,999
Hyoshin and Paul S. Chang P: ’17
Alexandra H. and Charles E. Gottdiener P: ’17
Marie F. Pribyl and David E. Huguelet P: ’17
Agnes I. Mentre Jacobs and Kenneth M. Jacobs P: ’17
Amy F. Sklar and Ronald Kremnitzer P: ’17
Brigitte P. and Klaus Tanner P: ’17
Zina I. and Asem A. Toukan P: ’17
Shirley S. and Edward J. Wes P: ’17
Sponsor $5,000-$9,999
William J. Goebelbecker and Cynthia Goebelbecker BC’81, P: ’17
He Lin and Hua Huang P: ’17
Sucheta A. and Anantha N. Kamath P: ’17
Susan Krisberg P: ’17
He Young Joo and Hansen Lau BUS’87, P: ’17
Michele A. and Stephen M. Pallone P: ’17
Mika N. and Nimil R. Parekh P: ’15, ’17
Fellow $3,500-$4,999
Shasikala R. and Kanasan P. Pillay P: ’17
Lisa L. Barry and Todd N. Steinberg P: ’17
Member $1,500-$3,499
Toni S. and Seth P. Bernstein P: ’17
Stacey M. and Steven F. Binder P: ’17
Christie K. and James I. Chu P: ’17
Clare T. and James W. Gurbach P: ’17
Ana Amelia O. and Paulo Marcelo G. Hoff P: ’17
Debbie K. Joy P: ’17
Robin M. Kent and Jeffrey D. Kent PS’89, P: ’17
Patrice S. and Robert G. Kester P: ’17
Andrea Kopunova and Romuald Kopun P: ’17
Jung Hee Woo and Eungse Lee P: ’17
Shannon L. and Trevor S. Norwitz LAW’90, P: ’17
Susan M. and John J. O’Connor P: ’17
Roger B. Talkov and Inga L. Parsons LAW’89, P: ’17
Eliot and Barrie L. Peyser BC’83, DM’86, P: ’14, ’17, SEAS’11
Kavita and Arjun Singh P: ’17
Adrienne L. Halpern and David L. Sugerman P: ’17
Holly H. and Michael B. Weiss P: ’17
Yilin Chen and Wenbin Zhu P: ’17
Donor Up to $1,500
Anissa Abi-Dargham P: ’17
Sunanda and Ravinder P. Agarwal P: ’12, ’17
Wendi J. and Steven W. Aimonetti P: ’17
Lynn M. and Edward Aisawa P: ’17
Alba M. Aleman P: ’17
Lorna A. and Keith L. Alston P: ’17
Shohreh V. and Tejwansh S. Anand P: ’17
Mai I. and Srinivas Anday P: ’17
Fariba and Bijan Ansari P: ’17
Rosa A. Arana P: ’17
Imelda and Andres Arellano P: ’17
Zelekashe Demissie and Tedla Asfaw P: ’17
Pooja and Vinayak Bahuguna P: ’17
Kristin C. and John E. Bair P: ’17
Clair E. and Thomas C. Ball P: ’17
Audrey H. and Michael L. Bard P: ’17
Donna A. and Mark R. Basile P: ’17
MaryRose and Abel Batuure P: ’17
Sarah and David S. Beckerman P: ’17
Marsha H. Berkeley P: ’17
Katarzyna Wlodarczyk-Bisaga and Adam M. Bisaga P: ’17
Tana R. and Willard B. Blevins P: ’17
Monica P. and Franklin W. Boenning P: ’17
Lilia V. and Oleg P. Bondarenko P: ’17
Gwen C. Barton and Tom H. Bozeman P: ’17
Jennifer S. and Ari D. Brooks P: ’17
Janice E. Seymour and Frederick C. Brose P: ’17
Brenda D. and Dennis E. Brosten P: ’17
Yolanda and Tod E. Brown P: ’17
Mary B. and Warner L. Brown P: ’17
Dale S. Rubin and Michael Callahan P: ’17
Maria A. and Boyd G. Carano P: ’17
Maria Luiza R. and José Mario Castilho P: ’17
Maria I. and David Castrejon P: ’17
Ana E. Castro P: ’17
Ruth C. Katz and Neil Chan P: ’17
Wei Chen SEAS’93, SEAS’95, SEAS’96, P: ’17
Yang Yang and Zhi Qiang Chen P: ’17
Jessie Lee and Kong S. Cheng P: ’17
Young J. and Sang B. Choe P: ’17
Juhee and Ginkyu Choi P: ’17
Reza Chorsi P: ’17
Yu C. and Jing Y. Chow P: ’17
Carol S. Chun P: ’17
Grant J. Clifford P: ’17
Kimberly S. and Timothy Clinton P: ’17
Mary C. Connick P: ’17
Martha Galvan and Jonathan Corren P: ’17
Bianca and Daniel Costin P: ’17
Andrea L. Coughlin-Rowley P: ’17
Daphne F. Crosswell BC’82, SEAS’84, P: ’11, ’14, ’17 and Alan Crosswell SEAS’81, SEAS’85, P: ’11, ’14, ’17
John A. Porada and Debbie L. Davis BC’87, P: ’17
Hae Y. and Jose F. de Lavalle P: ’17
Robin M. Bartelman and Dennis J. DeBilzan P: ’17
Rosanna M. and Frank L. DeTommaso P: ’17
Mary L. and Paul T. DeVlieger P: ’17
Hong Guo and Chongying Dong P: ’17
Richard M. Drobner BUS’91, SEAS’91, P: ’17
Diane C. Dunay P: ’17
Mary D. Loughead and David J. Eckhart P: ’17
Linda and Michael A. Edwards P: ’15, ’17
Ramona S. Elmer P: ’17
Jennifer A. Punt and Stephen G. Emerson P: ’17
Michelle L. and John N. Erickson P: ’17
Bernadette and Dominic B. Facciolla P: ’17
Georgia Yeh and Roy Fan P: ’17
Eve B. and Adam J. Feinberg P: ’17
Robert H. Feliciano P: ’17
Andrea C. and Thomas C. Fiest P: ’17
Robin A. and Steven S. Finkelstein P: ’17
Rebecca B. Fischer P: ’17
Georgia Crozier and John Fitzgerald P: ’10, ’17
Nancy E. and Stuart T. Foster P: ’17
Laurie C. and Paul J. Fraser P: ’17
Lisa C. and James R. Freemantle P: ’17
Jeffrey S. Frick P: ’17
Yuki M. Fukumoto P: ’17
Henrietta J. and Craig S. Furer P: ’17
Mark S. Gallagher P: ’17
Jenny Gallo P: ’17
Shauna R. Garr P: ’17
Monica M. and Simon L. Gill P: ’17
Christine and John P. Giraudo P: ’17
Diana S. and John Glendinning P: ’14, ’17
Lynne A. Greene and Dieter K. Gloeckler P: ’12, ’17
Lori F. and James S. Goldfinger P: ’17
Cruzita Gonzalez P: ’17
Dalisa K. and Kemp W. Gorthey P: ’17
Lenae L. and Dominick F. Guarna P: ’17
Corinna and Hendrik Hamann P: ’17
Myungdeok and Kyuteck Han P: ’17
Amy W. Miller and Matthew F. Hanser P: ’17
Kristie S. and Kevin A. Hassett P: ’17
Katharina R. and Zackary C. Helms P: ’17
Tanya Stukes and Ian-Max Henriquez P: ’17
Olivia P. and Robert B. Hilton P: ’17
Hanh H. Ho P: ’17
Sharon Hogan P: ’17
Nancy J. Liu and James G. Houle P: ’17
Berta A. Sanchez and Bernie M. Hovden P: ’17
Frances V. and Richard L. Howard P: ’17
Barbara A. Reiser and George M. Hripcsak PS’85, PH’00, P: ’17
Xiaoling Sui and Zhiming Huang P: ’17
Teresa H. and David W. Hunton P: ’17
Helen V. and Gerardo C. Jamias P: ’17
Moonok Lee and Jin Jang P: ’17
Burr B. Jennings P: ’17
Kirk M. Joy P: ’17
Renee H. Migdal and Samuel A. Judd P: ’17
Therese M. and Timothy D. Kalberer P: ’17
Karen L. Kessler and Barry S. Kane P: ’17
Vandana and Sanjiv Kapur P: ’17
Thomas Merwin and Ellen M. Kaufman SOA’85, P: ’14, ’17
Patricia B. and Mark S. Kegel P: ’17
Jaishree B. and Virjanand Kemraj P: ’17
Amie Tishkoff and Robert Kennon P: ’17
Leigh Ann and Brian T. Kenyon P: ’17
Susan M. Kenyon P: ’17
Christine C. and Robert M. Kilgarriff P: ’17
Emine Z. and Cengiz Kilic P: ’17
Heather G. and Wade H. King P: ’17
Steven C. Klumpp P: ’17
Michael H. and Jacqueline S. Knoll BC’84, P: ’17
Julie M. Kovarik P: ’17
Maria and Stephanos Krommidas P: ’17
Taiwo A. and Tajudeen A. Kuforiji P: ’17
Debra B. and Michael H. Kuntz P: ’17
Jin Kyung Kim and Young Do Kweon P: ’17
Christine and Louis Laconetti P: ’17
Sherelle L. Laifer-Narin P: ’17
Afshan A. and Amin S. Lakha P: ’17
Julia Leavy P: ’17
Mikyung Kim-Lee and Kyonghoon H. Lee P: ’16, ’17
Barbara L. Weiss and Alan J. Leibowitz P: ’17
Lynne T. and Michael R. Levy P: ’17
Peiyi Guo and Congwu Li P: ’17
Barbie D. and Bruce J. Lieber P: ’15, ’17
Juana C. Lino P: ’17
Dawn Liu P: ’17
Lynn M. and John A. Loftus P: ’17
Evelyne Loyer P: ’17
Robin D. and Eugene M. Lucas P: ’17
Jenny C. and Michael Y. Luo P: ’17
Matthew R. Macha P: ’17
Sanchita Mal-Sarkar P: ’17
Maria G. Ambrosio-Maldonado and Wilson Maldonado P: ’17, SEAS’14
Laura B. Klein and Henry C. Markman P: ’17
Eileen C. and Roger M. Marks P: ’17
Betsy Marrion P: ’17
Nora E. and Peter I. Mavrommatis P: ’17
Laura B. and Robert W. Medway P: ’17
Cathy Popkin and Rajan Menon P: ’10, ’17
Ricardo Mesa-Tejada and Amy E. Mesa-Jonassen PS’86, P: ’17
Lisette P. and Felipe Mestre P: ’17
Anuradha T. and Martin C. Milewski P: ’17
Ellen R. and James B. Milholland P: ’17
Susan M. and James F. Mills P: ’17
Marlene and Oscar Montoto P: ’17
Su Y. Nam and Guee W. Moon P: ’17
Mary Ellen Seravalli and Philip A. Mottola P: ’17
Wanfang S. and Russell N. Murray P: ’17
Aye A. Myaing and Maung M. Myint P: ’17
Tanya S. and Jason C. Nizialek P: ’17
Mary D. and Peter H. Norman P: ’17
Chinwe C. and Moses I. Nzerem P: ’17
Jeanne E. O’Connor P: ’17
Joann H. and Patrick F. O’Keefe P: ’17
Danielle L. and Chukwuemeka E. Obiorah P: ’17
Yevette R. Bratten-Oliver and Stanford Oliver P: ’17
Maryrose E. and Alexander C. Orakwue P: ’17
Charles E. Pace P: ’17
Veronica and Fernando A. Pacheco P: ’17
Andrea C. and David V. Palmisano P: ’17
Karen Panton P: ’17
Lawrence E. Parnass JRN’83, P: ’17
Elizabeth and James J. Peoples P: ’17
Arturo Perez Kramer P: ’17
Susan J. and John P. Petralia P: ’17
Honore S. Petrasek P: ’17
Thu-hong T. Son and Trung C. Pham P: ’17
Pauline Pickeringwade P: ’17
Maria G. and Gary C. Pietrogiacomo P: ’17
Hugh P. Pollock P: ’17
Dany Eliacin and Frantz R. Polycarpe P: ’17
Rimvida Obeleniene and Skirmantas Pundzius P: ’17
Yujia Chen and Maiqi Qian P: ’17
Lin Hu and Fujie Qu P: ’17
Rosemary A. and Damien P. Quinn P: ’17
Elizabeth A. Nelson and James S. Quirk P: ’17
Lisa G. and Jay A. Radov P: ’17
Shanthini and Ranjit C. Rajaratnam P: ’17
Mary V. Shelton and Dan O. Ramage P: ’17
Kavitha T. and Kamalakar T. Rao P: ’17
Maureen A. Raub P: ’17
Yiping Hu and Ronald Ren P: ’17
Anthousa Ridge P: ’17
Julie B. and William C. Ried P: ’17
Mary M. and William P. Robertson BUS’89, P: ’17
Carol R. Berry and Dean E. Roeper P: ’17
Munye Kang and Yul Roh P: ’17
Rosario E. Rojo P: ’17
Olga Vassioukovitch and Vincenzo Romano Spica P: ’17
Qunning Rong P: ’17
Linda F. Weinreb and Bradley D. Rose P: ’17
Carole L. and Rick G. Rosner P: ’17
Virginia P. and Kevin Ruesterholz P: ’17
Betsy S. and Joseph M. Ruzzi P: ’17
Maya and Alok Sama P: ’17
Crystal and John Sampson P: ’17
Justo R. Sanchez P: ’17
Oralia C. and Miguel A. Santos P: ’17
Karen J. and Gary L. Sasso P: ’17
Yin Yuen Ng and David G. Savage PS’74, P: ’17
Deborah L. Brosovich and Ronald J. Scheidel P: ’17
Michaela Brode-Schmidt and Hans-Jorg E. Schmidt P: ’17
Shu-mei and Adam W. Schorr P: ’17
James S. Schumacher P: ’17
Irmelin S. and Michael Schwalb P: ’17
Cathy L. Karen and Steven A. Seligman P: ’17
Susmita and Soumitra Sengupta P: ’17
Rachel M. and Osman S. Shabazz P: ’17
Elizabeth B. and Sam Shahar P: ’17
Shisha Ni and Yiqiang Shi P: ’17
Debra B. Shostak P: ’17
Melanie Branca and Peter Sikora P: ’17
James H. and Robin L. Singer TC’91, P: ’17
Sidney W. Skipper P: ’17
Marina Cords and Tycho Sleator P: ’13, ’17
Bonnie and James P. Sluis P: ’17
Dana E. Smith P: ’17
Tanya Y. Smith P: ’17
Jiyoung Son P: ’17
Laura J. Davis and David B. Soper P: ’17
Anne E. Spaulding P: ’17
Denise M. and James B. Speta P: ’17
Mary Catherine and James G. Staples P: ’17
Sheryl L. and Michael D. Sudman P: ’17
Yafen Ding and Lixun Sun SEAS’01, SEAS’01, P: ’17
Syrukh S. and Phillip R. Sutter SIPA’81, P: ’17
Rosalie Guillen and Fred Swerdloff P: ’17
Sharlin Liu and Shida Tang P: ’17
Sara J. and William E. Taylor P: ’17
Nancy M. and Sean M. Teague P: ’17
Marybeth Tereszkiewicz P: ’17
Elizabeth T. and Frederick Tinari P: ’17
Lan Wu and Yujing Ting P: ’17
Diana C. and Douglas J. Toback P: ’17
Xiang-qing Li and Guo-Xia Tong P: ’17
Maria K. and Jeffrey G. Tougas P: ’17
Elizabeth C. and Geoffrey G. Towell P: ’17
Lethao Tran P: ’17
Alison Y. Tuitt P: ’17
Mary Beth and Gregory P. Tuttle P: ’17
Francesca E. and Fabian E. Udoh P: ’17
Natsuko and Yasutomo Uemura P: ’17
Kari M. and Douglas S. Unger P: ’17
Anita C. and Alex D. Uribe P: ’17
Megan L. and Gerhard T. van Arkel P: ’17
Norman Vassell P: ’17
Graciela Vinaja P: ’17
Paul A. Slavin and Susan D. Waitzkin PH’11, P: ’17
Kathy and Donald Walton P: ’17
Bin Jiang and Xiaobao Wang P: ’17
Nancy N. Zheng and Yunlu Wang P: ’17
Jing Zhang and Zheng Wang P: ’17
David S. Warmuth P: ’17
Sherry C. Warmuth P: ’17
Kathryn A. and Dean A. Warner P: ’17
Amy Q. Liu and Jianming Wen P: ’17
Darcy W. and Mark F. Wilding P: ’17
Paula C. and David M. Williams P: ’17
Denise R. and Brian H. Wolferman P: ’17
Vivian H. and Hongjiang Wu P: ’17
Geraldine N. and Samuel D. Wyman P: ’17, SIPA’96
Mei N. Xu P: ’17
Ai Mei and Zhelin Xu P: ’17
Nirmala Yerakala and Pradeep Yerukala P: ’17
In Hwa Choi and Beom Yoon P: ’17
Wen-Shing and Zhen Yu P: ’17
Chong Kim and Woosung Yun DM’95, DM’96, DM’98, P: ’17
Sharon M. and Howard A. Zebker P: ’17
Yanni Zeng P: ’17
Lin Lin and Fan Zhang P: ’17
Lanqing Wang and Xiaonan Zheng P: ’17
Qing Yu and Xing Zhou P: ’17
Wendy Q. Qiu and Andrew X. Zhu GSAS’86, GSAS’88, GSAS’91, P: ’17
Class of 2016
Dean's Platinum Circle $250,000 or more
Qingfeng Cui and Jun Guo Gao P: ’16
Zhi Dou and Chunxian Wei P: ’16
Dean's Gold Circle $100,000 to $249,999
Georgia and Nicholas C. Nanopoulos P: ’16
Dean's Silver Circle $50,000-$99,999
Jo A. and Kenneth A. Merlau P: ’16
Lori D. and Christopher M. Nawn P: ’16
Monica and David Zwirner P: ’16
Dean's Circle $25,000-$49,999
George F. and Debra S. Heinrich TC’84, TC’84, P: ’13, ’16
Monique A. Witt and Steven A. Rosenblum P: ’16
Patron $10,000-$24,999
Margarita Inserni P: ’16
Carl L. Kempner P: ’16
Irene J. and Duncan R. Lee P: ’16
Louis M. Lupin P: ’16
Robert A. Ouimette P: ’16
William B. Sacher and Ann K. Sacher BC’85, P: ’16
Maureen F. and Thomas D. Steiner P: ’16
Sponsor $5,000-$9,999
Warren Chang P: ’16
Ming Hwa Fong and Kennedy K. Chew P: ’16, SEAS’13
Maryellen and Edmund J. Feeley P: ’16
Judy Bauer and Neil A. Feldstein P: ’16
Daniel H. Geschwind P: ’16
Susan Valeriote and Kenneth A. Goldman P: ’16
Miranda P. and C. Bruno Heller P: ’16
Katie B. and James W. Loss P: ’16
Maria Ferre and Cyril L. Meduna P: ’16
Chananya and Prasong Phataraprasit P: ’16
Deepa and Inder M. Singh SEAS’79, SEAS’81, P: ’16
Fellow $3,500-$4,999
Jonathan I. Blackman and Kathleen P. Schuler GSAS’86, P: ’16
Member $1,500-$3,499
Marilyn D. Abrams P: ’16
Kimberly A. and David J. Ambrose P: ’16
Muna and Kheiry Y. Amr BUS’86, P: ’16
Teresa and Ronald D. Borchard P: ’16
Xiyun Shao and Yuchun Chen P: ’16
Gracita B. and Avelino N. Cruz P: ’07, ’16
Michele Souda and Joseph A. Finder P: ’16
Elaine and Frederick S. Freibott P: ’16
Elizabeth and William F. Jelke P: ’16
Silvia J. and Daniel J. Leeper P: ’14, ’16
Weidong Li P: ’16
Carlos T. Lu P: ’16
Mary Carol and Daniel R. Markham P: ’16
Shelina and George J. Martin P: ’16
Joanne C. Collins and Lloyd G. Palmer P: ’16
Toby L. Greenberg and Anthony L. Perricone P: ’16
Hye K. Lee and Young K. Ro P: ’16
Hannah and Si K. Roh P: ’16
Sylvia M. and Wayne J. Stater P: ’16
Ping Yu and Zhu-Ping Zhou P: ’16
Sharon J. Weinberg LAW’84, P: ’16 and Jeffrey M. Zimmerman LAW’84, P: ’16
Donor Up to $1,500
Janet and Akbar Ahmadi P: ’16
Myles H. and Sharon R. Akabas GSAS’87, GSAS’88, P: ’15, ’16, SW’11
Richmond Akumiah P: ’16
Paul G. Alexander P: ’16
Chiaka O. Amadi P: ’16
Carmelo J. Amenta P: ’16
Chucks Anyanso P: ’16
Monalie M. Arico P: ’16
Michiharu Ariza P: ’16
Nancy S. Gibson and James P. Bailinson P: ’16
Debra and Michael J. Barnet P: ’16
Fernando Barrera P: ’16
Juana M. Barrera P: ’16
Judith C. Bell P: ’16
Lydia R. and Melvin Bell P: ’16
Michael J. Bellamy P: ’16
Sharon F. and David O. Belser P: ’16
Deidad E. and Vincent J. Benincasa P: ’16
Alicia P. Bergstein SEAS’84, P: ’16
Jeannien and Michael Berkman P: ’16
Olga Mishilevski and Eugene Bernstein P: ’16
Abrah W. Bessler P: ’16
Marc Bessler P: ’16
Gurmeet K. Bhatia P: ’16
France S. Blais P: ’16
John J. Blume P: ’16
John D. Bonnell P: ’16
Dean H. Boyher P: ’16
Heidi K. and Alexander Brackenridge P: ’16
Jeannie M. and Robert Thomas H. Brown P: ’16
Stephen P. Browne P: ’16
Richard W. Browner P: ’16
Colin A. Bruce P: ’16
Mark A. Bryan P: ’16
Joanna and Piotr Buczek P: ’16
Laura L. and Mark S. Cahal P: ’16
Shih-Fu Chang P: ’16
Karen R. and Alan Chapman P: ’16
Chen-An Chen P: ’16
Julie Qiu and David Chen P: ’16
Hsiu-Fen Chen and Yi-Gong Shen P: ’16
Chi-Feng Cheng P: ’16
Eva and Michael Chow P: ’16
Chineun Chun P: ’16
Richard T. Cleveland P: ’16
James W. Click P: ’16
Beverly and Lawrence Colbourne P: ’16
Lois Mailander and John T. Cole P: ’16
Isaac J. Collazo P: ’16
Evan S. Collins P: ’16
Kaye Condon P: ’16
Patrick J. Connors P: ’16
Mark E. Coughlin P: ’16
Karen T. Crane P: ’16
William K. Crane P: ’16
Elizabeth Crawford P: ’16
Maria C. and German G. Creamer SEAS’02, SEAS’05, SEAS’07, P: ’16
Eli F. and Roberta Cricco-Lizza NRS’81, PH’81, P: ’08, ’11, ’16
Angela and David R. Crispi P: ’16
Devora Cruz P: ’16
Mary E. and John T. Daniel BUS’86, P: ’16
Gregory T. Davis P: ’16
Darnell and Steven DePaoli P: ’16
Maureen J. and Jeffrey J. Devlin P: ’16
Philip A. Dobitsch P: ’16
John E. Douglas P: ’16
Julie P. and Mitchell B. Dubick P: ’16
Robert Echavarria P: ’16
Patience A. Elliot P: ’16
Erick J. En’Wezoh P: ’16
Cecilia J. Park and Aaron T. Er P: ’16
Scott A. Robbins and Valerie Estess BC’81, P: ’16
Raymond K. Fears P: ’16
Glenda W. Fegers P: ’16
Thomas A. Fegers P: ’16
Weihong Wang and Guiquan Feng P: ’16
Gayle M. and Claude Fernandez BUS’81, P: ’16
Sally I. Arciniega and Javier F. Ferreyros P: ’16
Elizabeth A. Field P: ’16
Abigail and Robert L. Fine P: ’16
Gabriel Flores P: ’16
Sophia Flores P: ’16
Clement N. Fondufe P: ’16
Drew J. Fossum P: ’16
Carine and Harvey J. Fram P: ’16
Barbara T. Friedland P: ’16
Maria E. Diaz-Pines and Pedro P. Garcia P: ’16
Jill Lipoti and Bradford G. Garton P: ’16
Meloney C. Lawrence and Johnnie R. Gibson P: ’16
Evan M. Goldstein P: ’16
Collen and Farhad Golestan P: ’16
Tisha K. and Stefen L. Gray P: ’16
Diane C. and Daniel A. Greene P: ’16
Lynn M. Patterson and Antonio Gutierrez P: ’13, ’16
Steven C. Hoffmann P: ’16
Jacqueline L. Dinan BUS’92, P: ’16 and Raymond D. Horton GSAS’71, P: ’16
Wei Huang P: ’16
Lee Ann Bartow and William F. Hubbard P: ’16
Robin D. and William N. Hubbard P: ’06, ’10, ’16
Ann and James V. Hurt P: ’16
Claire L. Injeian P: ’16
McLloyd K. Jensen P: ’16
Nancy K. Johnson P: ’16
Dori and Eric A. Jones P: ’16
Roy M. Joseph P: ’16
Gordana and Srdjan Jovicic P: ’16
Jean C. O’Neill and Walter E. Judge SIPA’85, P: ’16
Lu Lin and Zhong Kang P: ’16
Lawrence P. Kast P: ’16
Gibrel Mustefa and Rosa Kedir SCE’09, P: ’16
Debbie A. Kenyon P: ’16
Paule F. and Andre Khoury P: ’12, ’16
Ketevan K. Kiguradze DM’06, P: ’16
Jeong-Min and Donald Kim P: ’16
Jane Byung Nam and Geunbum Kim P: ’15, ’16
Hyoun-Jung and Taehwan Kim GSAS’00, P: ’16
Cathleen L. and Kevin M. Kinne P: ’16
Ekaterina and Dmitri Klimentova P: ’16
Jason A. and Sharon R. Koutcher PH’78, P: ’01, ’16
Janet L. and Phillip D. Krasinski P: ’16
Mary E. and Anthony Q. Krut P: ’16
Karla K. Armstrong and Thomas R. Lawson P: ’16
Paul A. Lazour P: ’16
In Ho Shin and Jae Eung Lee P: ’16
Mary S. Leibforth P: ’16
Barbara L. Freedy and Douglas E. Lemley P: ’16
Qian Yu and David Y. Li P: ’16
Xin Quan and Naixi Li P: ’16
Yizhong Liao P: ’16
Alison and Charles C. Lifland P: ’16
Yan Lin P: ’11, ’16
Yueshan Zhang and Dezheng Liu P: ’16
Fusheng Liu P: ’16
Qiang Liu P: ’16
Irwin M. Loew P: ’16
Ailan Lu P: ’16
JoAnne and Peter A. Luccarelli SEAS’78, P: ’07, ’16
Mark D. Luebke P: ’16
Carol P. and James P. Lyon P: ’11, ’16
Thomas C. Mahan P: ’16
Pandora Stoianoff and David Marks P: ’16, SEAS’12
Kelsey C. Martin P: ’16
Shawn Martin P: ’16
Leopold R. Matarazzo P: ’01, ’16, SEAS’99, SEAS’02
Gregory J. Mathelier P: ’16
Mara M. and Michael A. Matthews P: ’16
Lisa B. and Donald W. Mazur P: ’16
Ruth and Nathan J. Mazurek P: ’16
Julie A. and Michael P. McDonagh P: ’16
Neil C. McGuffog P: ’16
Cynthia L. and John C. McKeon P: ’16, SEAS’11
Richard McLaren P: ’16
Laura and David B. Mead P: ’16
Thomas J. Mehigan P: ’16
Etaferahu Sime and Lemma Merid P: ’16
Gary J. Metzger P: ’13, ’16
Demetrios Minaretzis P: ’16
Jeffrey A. Miron P: ’16
Mary J. and Alex Mladek P: ’16
Francisco Morales-Galindo P: ’16
Martha L. Morell P: ’16
Barbara H. Morin P: ’16
Molly M. Multedo SIPA’92, JRN’92, P: ’16 and Fernando P. Multedo TC’92, TC’97, P: ’16
Veronica C. Munoz P: ’16
Frank E. Murphy P: ’16
Annamarie and Gerard J. Murphy P: ’16
Roman Muszynski P: ’16
Michelle A. and D’Arcy A. Myjer P: ’16
Bradley A. Nager BUS’87, P: ’16
Moses C. Nam P: ’16
Shilpa and Sidharth Nayar P: ’16
Jean W. Ngoga P: ’16
Lisa C. and Nicolas L. Nicolaou P: ’16
Thomas J. Niemann P: ’16
Akira Nishikawa P: ’16
Francis M. O’Brien P: ’16
Cynthia C. Oakowsky P: ’16
Noemi Kedei and Laszlo Offertaler P: ’16
Vincent K. Omachonu SEAS’84, P: ’16
Maha A. and Sharif Omar P: ’16
Myrna S. and Peter D. Onanian P: ’16
Marla J. Onishi P: ’09, ’16
Eduardo E. Ortiz P: ’16
Osilama Osime P: ’16
Christopher J. Packer P: ’16
Filiberto B. Padilla P: ’16
Sherri and Walter G. Paller P: ’16
John R. Paris P: ’16
John M. Patton P: ’16
Sheri L. Patton P: ’16
Petko T. Petkov P: ’16
Denise and Brian S. Pianucci P: ’16
Richard J. Porras P: ’16
Alessandra Badioli and Giovan C. Profita P: ’16
Jing Yang and Changge Qiao P: ’16
Ameer S. Qureshi P: ’16
Anand Rajaram P: ’16
Edwin R. Raquel P: ’16
Kathy and Curtis A. Ray P: ’16
Maija Rejman P: ’16
Robin P. Rivers P: ’16
Gail A. and David J. Robinson P: ’16
Janet S. and Peter J. Robinson P: ’16
Jean M. and Mark J. Rodrigues P: ’16
Peter D. Ross P: ’16
Jennifer C. and Dino M. Rossi P: ’16
Cheryll Rothery P: ’16
Lisa T. and Dana L. Roy P: ’16
Jeong Mo Kook and Byung Hee Ryu P: ’16
Carole and Michael A. Sampson P: ’16
Lauren and Gerald Santoro P: ’16
Thomas G. Santoscoy P: ’16
Mark A. Sauter JRN’87, P: ’16
Stacey A. Sauter JRN’87, P: ’16
Judythe and Bennet L. Schonfeld P: ’16
Rolf G. Schudel P: ’13, ’16
Lisa M. Scipioni P: ’16
Kristen A. and Steven D. Scipioni P: ’16
Cynthia L. and Jose M. Seijas-Gonzalez P: ’16
Sanjukta and Gautam Sen P: ’16
Yanwen Wan-Shen and An Shen P: ’16
Scott J. Shinsky P: ’16
Valerie B. Shinsky P: ’16
Gerald Silva P: ’16
Jaswinder Singh P: ’16
Doreen and Michael Sinzer P: ’16
Colin O. Skeete P: ’16
Andrea K. Smallwood P: ’16
Lynnae J. and Patrick P. Smith P: ’16
Nahimotu T. Sonaike P: ’16
Rodney B. Sparkman P: ’16
Sara and Robert G. Springer P: ’16
Scott A. Steele P: ’16
Fekade Stephanos P: ’16
Ronald N. Stetler P: ’16
Jack Stock P: ’16
Thomas C. Summers P: ’16
Xiaowu Sun P: ’16
Gang Xiao and Yan Sun GSAS’93, GSAS’96, P: ’13, ’16
Andrew R. Swain P: ’16
Shelley M. Swearingen P: ’16
Margaret M. and Jeffrey K. Tao P: ’16
Jeffrey S. Terrill P: ’16
Christine and Robert D. Terwilliger P: ’16
Adam N. Thacher P: ’16
Molly and Cherian M. Thomas P: ’16
Brenda T. and Paul T. Thordarson P: ’16
Carrie and Peter C. Tilton P: ’16
Arturo Trevino P: ’16
John F. Turner P: ’16
Stephany C. and John H. Vivadelli P: ’16
Monique P. and John Vallee P: ’16
Richard W. Walser P: ’16
Eva and Stephen S. Wan P: ’16
Jane Wang P: ’16
Tsu Y. Wang P: ’16
Cheryl H. and Paul F. Waters P: ’16
Billy J. Watkins P: ’16
Catherine B. and Gene W. Weber P: ’16
Shimin Wei P: ’16
Xiaoxia Wei P: ’16
Sharon I. and Larry N. Weil P: ’16
Yvette S. and Joseph S. Weiner P: ’16
Andrea M. Olstein and Michael J. Winkleman P: ’16
Stefan Woudenberg P: ’16
Jian Xu P: ’16
Nan Zhang P: ’16
Zhi Gao and Xumiao Zhao P: ’16
Wenli Gao and Yongsen Zhao P: ’16
Liying Yan and Qun Zhou P: ’16
Xiangdong Zhou P: ’16
Class of 2015
Dean's Silver Circle $50,000-$99,999
Elizabeth K. and Harold E. Robertson SEAS’81, P: ’15
James M. Sheridan P: ’15
Dean's Circle $25,000-$49,999
Mara L. and Joseph C. Carieri P: ’15
Teresa L. and Nicholas F. Galluccio GSAS’73, BUS’78, P: ’15
Mark J. and Elizabeth L. Kogan BUS’89, P: ’15
Frederick L. Lui P: ’15
Kathryn and William D. Schultea P: ’15
Patron $10,000-$24,999
Lisa S. Ehrlich P: ’15
Gilbert G. Menna P: ’15
Sponsor $5,000-$9,999
Gael and Emile Bacha P: ’15
Bonnie J. Brownell and Jeffrey H. Bowman P: ’15
Margueritte S. Murphy and Brian P. Cooper P: ’15
Ellen S. and Gary S. Davis BUS’80, LAW’80, P: ’15
Mitchell Presser P: ’15
Fellow $3,500-$4,999
Brenda J. Chiu and Lim Ngan P: ’15
Jane K. and Richard J. Springwater P: ’15
Member $1,500-$3,499
Frederique Alexandre-Robin and Yves M. Alexandre P: ’15
Joan and Jaime Angulo P: ’15
Ellen H. and Paul Blake P: ’15
Gunilla and Douglas S. Combs P: ’15
Michele and John W. Donley P: ’15
Viviane Eisenberg Mellen LAW’76, P: ’15
Sandra E. and Richard G. Ellenbogen P: ’15
Meredith W. Harrington and Raymond Gagne P: ’13, ’15
Edmund A. Geller PS’76, P: ’15
Mary A. Hall and Abbett P. Howland P: ’15
Christopher C. Keen P: ’15
Arundhati and Anantasubramania R. Kumar P: ’15
Sandra J. and George E. Marsh P: ’15
Olivier Pacton P: ’15
Janet L. Remien P: ’15
Amy C. and Marc A. Rosenberg P: ’15
Elise B. and Ward C. Wheeler P: ’15
Kathleen T. and Douglas G. Winger P: ’15
Donor Up to $1,500
Hayam and Essam Aboubakr P: ’15
Albertha Adcock P: ’15
Alesi C. and Daniel F. Aga P: ’15
Oscar A. Alea P: ’15
Kimberly and Timothy H. Allaman P: ’15
Yuko Arita P: ’15
Haekyung Kim and Jungchul Bae P: ’15
Olgica and Nikola Balac P: ’15
Bonnie and Robert T. Baldwin P: ’15
Wendy L. Baker and Neil L. Barg P: ’15
Maria T. Barranco P: ’15
Lynne E. Bartlett P: ’15
Emilia S. and Todd Bauleke P: ’15
Stephen A. Beal P: ’15
Anna and Gary J. Bellesheim P: ’15
Paul C. Anderson and Sharon Bennett TC’10, P: ’15
Arthur H. Berman P: ’15
Kelly S. and Andrew T. Bollman P: ’15
Henry L. Braddock P: ’15
Coryse V. Brathwaite P: ’15
Laura and Todd J. Brophy P: ’15
Ann Cuthbertson and Hans Brunner P: ’15
Barbara Weiser and Harold Burger P: ’15
Betsy D. and Mark R. Burrows P: ’15
Olga M. Fernandez-Cabrera and Manuel R. Cabrera P: ’10, ’15, SEAS’06, SEAS’14
Patrick J. Callahan P: ’15
Margaret S. and Thomas R. Chace P: ’15
Qianhui Chen P: ’15
Donghong He and Weiguo Chen P: ’15
Liu Z. Guan and Yu Jun Chen P: ’15
Irena and Hakim Cherchari P: ’15
Chui W. Cheung BC’82, P: ’15
Janice and James S. Chiou P: ’15
Mira Kim and Young S. Cho P: ’15
George B. Cipolletti P: ’15
Michal and Gad Cohen P: ’15
Shawn Collins P: ’15
Tito R. Contreras P: ’15
Margaret M. and William J. Cook P: ’15, SEAS’17
Robert B. Cordova P: ’15
Richard R. DaCosta P: ’15
Lori and Terence A. Darling P: ’15
Jane B. DeBevoise P: ’15
Sunny R. DeWakar P: ’15
Lucy M. Diby P: ’15
Claudia R. Buzo de Diez and Francisco Diez Gonzalez P: ’15
Arend E. Dikkers SIPA’83, BUS’84, P: ’15
Anne M. and John F. Donnal P: ’15
Jacqueline and Richard Druz P: ’15
Amy G. and Peter L. Dunkle P: ’15
William D. Ecker P: ’15
Gail and Leonard J. Elmore P: ’15
Allison J. and Ronald C. Espeseth P: ’15
Jane H. and Ronald E. Eversole P: ’15
Patrizio L. Facheris P: ’15
Madelaine Feldman P: ’15
Maria L. and Thomas B. Felsberg LAW’70, P: ’15
Monica Mollerstrand and Paulo A. Fontes P: ’15
Christina D. Fox P: ’15
Gordon J. Freeman P: ’15
Rebecca B. and David B. Gabriel P: ’12, ’15
Iris M. and James F. Gaffey P: ’15
Ana P. Garcia P: ’15
Miriam R. and Freddy J. Garcia P: ’15
Janet F. and Gary B. Gegan P: ’15
Denise L. and John C. Gemma P: ’15
Karen and Ronald F. Getto GS’84, BUS’86, P: ’15
Barry R. Girkins P: ’15
Clare P. Rubin and Moshe E. Gittelson P: ’15
Janusz Golec P: ’15, SEAS’12
Hong Zhang and Bing Gong P: ’15
Rima Grad P: ’02, ’12, ’15
Beatriz E. Grajales P: ’15
Sharon M. Gray P: ’15
Ellen R. and Eric Greenberg P: ’15
Debra S. and David M. Grischkan P: ’15
Mary Grace and Mark E. Gudis P: ’15
Gautami and Chandan Guha P: ’15
Monisha Ghosh and Supratik Guha P: ’15
Albert M. Gutierrez P: ’15
Susan C. Hajjar P: ’15
Margaret C. Hewitt GS’86, P: ’15
Peter T. Heyroth P: ’15
Chung Hom P: ’15
Susan J. and Neil B. Horner P: ’15
Jen-Chi Chang and Ching-Tai Huang P: ’15
Cathy B. and Terry L. Hutchins P: ’15
Pilar A. and David C. Hyman P: ’15
Maria V. Jaramillo P: ’15
Judith A. Jensen P: ’15
Young H. and Cheol Hae Jo P: ’15
Duksung Joh P: ’15
Robert L. Johnson P: ’15
Sabta B. and Alok Jolly P: ’15
Victoria E. and Andrew M. Kessel P: ’15
Shehnaz N. and Jamal Khan P: ’15
Susan Y. Lee and Daniel C. Kim P: ’15
Young-Hye Park and Eui Hyung Kim P: ’15
Eunsoon and Juhan Kim P: ’15
Bruce J. Kowiak P: ’15
Karen V. Kowiak P: ’15
Eileen and James J. Krach P: ’15
Alejandro D. Kudisch P: ’15
Jeanna M. and Scott B. Kufferath P: ’15
Debika and Ajit Kumar BUS’71, P: ’15
Regan S. Lakritz P: ’15
Maura J. and Donald E. LaVay P: ’15
Wen-Hsing and Chia-Chang Lee P: ’15
Michael H. Chung and Diane H. Lee BC’87, P: ’15
Hye Sun and Seok Ho Lee BUS’88, P: ’15
Marsha S. and Larry J. Lemons P: ’15
Helena and Philip Y. Leung P: ’15
Susan K. Ullman LAW’88, P: ’15 and Arik M. Levinson GSAS’92, GSAS’92, GSAS’93, P: ’15
Xia Zhao and Baoguo Li P: ’15
Bulang Li P: ’15
Helen P. and Ming X. Li P: ’15
Jennifer and Warren Liao P: ’15
Stephen D. Libowsky P: ’15
Andrea R. and William P. Lindemann P: ’15
Jane M. Kamp and Thomas Lloyd P: ’15
Lori Ramirez and Ruben G. Lomeli P: ’15
Christine A. Dunleavy-Lopez and Andres Lopez P: ’15
Yingli Tian and Zuoxuan M. Lu P: ’15
Nancy J. Traversy and Martin A. Lueck P: ’15
Zhen Li and Xiaoyan Ma P: ’15
James A. MacKay P: ’15
Paul Mailman P: ’15
Deepika Bagga and Amit Maity P: ’15
Howard R. Silberthau and Susan J. Mandel PS’86, P: ’15
Anthony U. Mbionwu P: ’15
William F. Micheo P: ’15
Kiyohiro Mitsui SIPA’01, P: ’15
Badria A. Mohamed P: ’15
Timothy W. Moles P: ’15
Jerry G. Morris P: ’15
Aleva and Henry A. Murphy P: ’15
Diana P. and Douglas M. Murray P: ’15
Alison T. and Alexander B. Nalle P: ’15
Bronwen M. and Naresh Narsiman P: ’15
Douglas Ng and Mary Y. Nee SEAS’84, BUS’91, P: ’15
Joseph W. Nelligan P: ’15
Cathleen and John T. Nestor P: ’15
Lorie D. Newman P: ’15
Timothy R. Noah P: ’15
Denise O. and John N. Nwaezeapu P: ’15
Catherine K. and Jeffrey A. O’Connell LAW’82, P: ’15
Peggy A. O’Neill P: ’15
Pat Obi P: ’15
Fariba Sharifan and Jamal R. Oghaz P: ’15
Michel C. Oliva P: ’15
Jonathan B. Orens P: ’15
Sabine and Kenneth J. Osetkowski P: ’15
Hemalatha Chennapan and Chennapan Padmanaban P: ’15
Mihee and Steve W. Pak P: ’15
Linda W. Parish P: ’15
Abraham J. Park P: ’15
Debra A. Parker P: ’15
Judith M. Perlman P: ’15
Ursula Heron-Perry and John W. Perry P: ’15
Mary J. and Carmello J. Pugliese P: ’15
Elizabeth and John P. Purcell P: ’15
Julia T. and Thomas P. Quinn P: ’15
Karen B. Ragozzine P: ’15
Judy A. and Todd A. Raker P: ’15
Maricela Rascon P: ’15
Patricia and Arthur L. Raynes P: ’15
David E. Rhode P: ’15
Lisa M. Rhode P: ’15
Theresa L. Riley P: ’15
Jennifer L. and Eliezer Rivera P: ’15
Mario A. Rocha-Herrera P: ’15
Alexandra A. Roddy P: ’15
Diana Rodriguez P: ’15
Jesus R. Rodriguez P: ’15
Susan R. Levy and Alan L. Rosen P: ’11, ’15
Daniel D. Ryan P: ’15
Syeda Salma P: ’15
Jamshid A. Samareh P: ’15
Shari F. and Brion D. Sarachan P: ’15
Candace E. and Robert N. Savoie P: ’15
Deborah and Daniel R. Schnur P: ’15
Kathryn L. Schwartz P: ’15
John P. Sclafani P: ’15
Patrizia Callari and Marco Scuri P: ’15
Sally and Roger A. Serena P: ’15
Min Chen and Dongming Shen P: ’15
Kent G. and Lauren W. Sheng SEAS’76, P: ’15
Lixin Shi P: ’15
Kevin J. Shimoda P: ’15
Sally A. and Lawrence Shultz P: ’15
Lisa S. and Kevin G. Silverstein P: ’15
Mark J. Silvio P: ’15
Lorie and Richard F. Skudalski P: ’15
Mark R. Smith P: ’15
Jeannette and Neal S. Solomon P: ’15
Nancy Z. Wang and Xuejun Song P: ’15
Linda D. and David A. Sotnick P: ’15
Frank Spear P: ’10, ’15
Amy W. Stevens BC’82, PS’89, P: ’15
Sarah B. Stookey P: ’15
David E. Stucky P: ’15
Yonghong Zhou and Xiaoli Tang P: ’15
Claudette M. and Claude M. Thomas P: ’15
Daniel M. Thompson P: ’15
Joan Verdon and Christopher L. Thorn P: ’15
Diane and Daniel P. Tierney P: ’15
Mary P. Pardini and Thomas L. Tolan P: ’15
Diana L. and John A. Tomasulo P: ’15
Jianqin Tong P: ’15
Gail M. and Alton J. Tribble P: ’15
Jia Y. Kuang and Chin P. Tse P: ’13, ’15
Svetlana and Eduard L. Tsinis P: ’15
Xiao F. Ye and Yong Jun Tu P: ’15
Irene Y. Tong and William J. Tuddenham P: ’15
Kristin T. and Paul J. Tuzinkiewicz P: ’15
Ales Vancura P: ’15
Pamela and Dennis M. Vandercook P: ’15
David L. Vaughn P: ’15
Patty and William E. Veith P: ’15
Dianne J. Veling P: ’15
Yvonne and Kurt H. Vogt P: ’14, ’15
Annie X. and Tom Q. Wang P: ’15
Xiaohong Xu and Zhenyu Wang P: ’15
Ralph S. Wangler P: ’15
Rutlandra K. Hodges and Franklin D. Washington P: ’15
Rom P. Watson P: ’15
Lawrence P. Westlake P: ’15
Charles R. White P: ’15
Tracy and Todd L. Whitlock P: ’15
Jennifer H. and Douglas P. Wiley P: ’15
Brenda D. Williams P: ’15
Terri G. and Earl D. Williams P: ’15
Joanne M. Wilson P: ’15
Ana M. Wiswell P: ’15
Angella I. and Presley D. Witter P: ’15
Tsegereda Giorgis and Meheret Woldetsadik P: ’15
Yam K. Wong P: ’15
Jane J. Liu and Eric H. Xiong P: ’15
Michelle Zhang-Xu and Hongguo Xu P: ’15
Rui-Xun Zhao and Zhi-Xiang Xu P: ’15
Hui Liang and Xiaosong Yan P: ’15
Hongyuan Yang GSAS’97, GSAS’98, P: ’15
Laura Wang and Mingdong Yuan P: ’15
Jie Huang and Jian Zhang P: ’15
Hong Zhao P: ’15
Maria-Anna V. Zimmermann P: ’15
Class of 2014
Dean's Gold Circle $100,000 to $249,999
Stephen H. Sands P: ’14
Dean's Silver Circle $50,000-$99,999
Diane and Neil Exter P: ’14
Denise E. and Dean N. Vanech P: ’14
Dean's Circle $25,000-$49,999
Cynthia V. and William G. Roberts PS’83, P: ’14
Patron $10,000-$24,999
Elizabeth and Richard Hoffman P: ’14
Maria L. and Abdeslam Jaidi P: ’14, SEAS’10, SEAS’12
Yuphada and Praphan Phatraprasit P: ’14, SEAS’16, SEAS’17
Peter F. Poon and Mabel L. Poon BC’81, P: ’14
Mary J. and Robert T. Rumer P: ’14
Wendy Rabinov and Harry T. Whitehouse P: ’14
Sponsor $5,000-$9,999
Anthony DeLuise P: ’14
Senah E. Green and Michael S. Goetz P: ’14
Judith D. and Michael M. Goldberg BUS’85, P: ’14
Ann N. and Jeremy E. Korman P: ’14
Fellow $3,500-$4,999
Danuta and Cezary Klosinski P: ’14
Member $1,500-$3,499
Julie A. De Vito and Robert L. Adams P: ’14
Kwiwon Y. and Daniel C. Ahn P: ’14
Arthur H. Bertelsen P: ’10, ’14
Michael J. Bettinger P: ’14
Dianne E. Schechter and Raymond W. Fattell P: ’14
Julia and William D. Ingram P: ’14
Padmini and Monish Mahurkar P: ’14
Carol H. and Roger A. Maxfield P: ’99, ’11, ’14, JRN’00, SEAS’05
Stephen J. McKendrick P: ’14
Shellee E. and William D. Nolan P: ’14
Steven R. Perles P: ’14
Jane S. and David A. Preiser LAW’82, P: ’14
Violaine A. and A.J. Rice BUS’87, P: ’09, ’14
Josephine A. Yeong and Ngee Huat Seek P: ’11, ’14
Sunny D. Choi and Douglas C. Semonche P: ’14
Leslie and Neil Stone P: ’14
William and Judith H. Tanenbaum GS’84, P: ’14
Donor Up to $1,500
Agnes C. and Juan M. Abreu P: ’14
Rozanna J. and Donahue Aitcheson P: ’14
Lara and Dayo Ajayi P: ’14
Frida E. Shu and Isaiah Ambe P: ’14
Vahid Ardebili P: ’14
Constance and Ramy S. Ayoub P: ’14
Lucy C. and Keith R. Bailey P: ’14
Ann-Marie Barnett P: ’14
Carole D. and James D. Barrall P: ’14
Helda M. and Jose Becerra P: ’14
Ruth and Greg Berkman P: ’14
Renee G. and Dwayne P. Bradford P: ’14
Bruce Braffman P: ’14
Kathleen D. and Matthew Brennan P: ’14
Coranna C. and Edward S. Brokaw P: ’14
Elizabeth and Javier Buch P: ’14
Suzanne R. and Andrew D. Buchsbaum P: ’14
Belinda B. and Angelo Cacciatore P: ’14
Gilberte Georges and Eddy Cadet P: ’14
Bettie W. Caine P: ’14
Barbara A. and Mark Calafati P: ’14
Miriam and Jorge S. Campa P: ’14
Bonnie Campbell P: ’14
John B. Carollo P: ’14
Chae S. Cha P: ’14
Kung Y. Cheung and Siu W. Chan SEAS’80, P: ’14
Yumei and Chi Chen P: ’14
Jenny Zeng and George Q. Chen P: ’14
Peter Chen P: ’14
YuZhen Chen P: ’14
Kara and Ray C. Childress P: ’14
HaeKyeng and Bongho Cho P: ’14
Hye J. Hahn and William Ryoon Seock Choi P: ’14
Michelle and Rick Chou P: ’14
Jim C. Chow P: ’14
Janice and John P. Clarke P: ’14
Clarence D. Clay P: ’14
Lynn and Steven J. Composto P: ’14
Carroll and Bruce J. Cuscovitch P: ’14
Suzanne J. Davidson P: ’14
Maria R. DelGregg-Birriel P: ’14
Clifford R. Dickinson P: ’14
Darothy Durkac P: ’14
Matt Dyroff P: ’14
Michelle C. and Arthur F. Eddy P: ’14
Catherine S. and Garrett E. Ellison P: ’14
Byrd Evans P: ’14
Sherry L. Ewaskowitz P: ’14
Barry E. Field and Julie Farr GSAS’92, P: ’14
Andrew M. Fegan P: ’14
Mary C. and Eric C. Fischer P: ’14
Andrew Fishel P: ’14
Linda S. and Britt C. Fletcher P: ’14
Patricia E. and Glenn A. Fox P: ’14
Atsuko and Toru Fukaya P: ’14
Susan W. Furr P: ’14
Lucy H. Young and Henning A. Gaissert P: ’14
Carol A. and Robert T. Gamble P: ’14
Lisa S. Secular and John J. Gibson P: ’14
Judith and Mark J. Giuricich P: ’14
Jennifer H. and Robert N. Goldwasser P: ’14
Juan J. Grana P: ’14
Patty J. and Richard Griechen P: ’14
Xiuling Zhang and Yi Guo P: ’14
Sharon E. Hawthorne P: ’14
Fu Yuan and Zhengquan He P: ’14
Ann Hempen P: ’14
Staci E. Hinderson P: ’14
Zhuoning and Huddee J. Ho P: ’14
Pamela P. and Richard A. Hofman P: ’14
Yu Mei and Edward Hue P: ’14
Marita R. and Ronald F. Inglehart P: ’14
Ferda F. Isik P: ’14
Andrew L. Jagoda P: ’14
Sandra and Richard D. Jenkins P: ’14
Mi-Ryoung Kim and Young-Cheol D. Jeong LAW’84, LAW’86, P: ’14
Diane Adger-Johnson and Marion J. Johnson P: ’14
Cynthia Granata and Leonard A. Jokubaitis P: ’14
Virginia G. and James E. Kachline P: ’14
Charles F. Kahle P: ’14
Catherine O. and Anthony E. Kakpovbia P: ’14
Paul M. Kalms P: ’14, SIPA’12
Kevin M. and Patricia A. Kelly BUS’87, P: ’10, ’14
Kathryn and Florian Kluge P: ’14
Julia H. and Stephen S. Kudenholdt P: ’14
Rachel and Neal Last P: ’14
Monique and Laurent Levy P: ’14
Xiaoying Ma and Guohua Li P: ’14
Xueqing Zhang and Mingsheng Li P: ’14
Urbanie S. Lucero and Sal Lopez P: ’14
Joel Luma P: ’14
Jean E. Maby P: ’14
Nilgun Y. Tuna and James G. MacDonald P: ’14
Sathya and Durairaj Maheswaran P: ’07, ’14
Cathy G. and John L. Malone P: ’14
Mitchell L. Marder P: ’14
Sirkka and James T. McMenamin P: ’08, ’10, ’14
Julia and Norman F. Meade P: ’14
Hector F. Melo P: ’14
Susan J. and Arthur S. Meyers P: ’14
Lynda R. and Mark D. Miner P: ’14
Nicole and Paul A. Mones P: ’14
Roderick O. Moore P: ’14
Antoinette Murray P: ’14
Mary and Kenneth L. Nichols P: ’14
Michele and Robert S. Niedzwecki P: ’14
Elaine R. Cheng and Brian M. O’Leary P: ’14
Jose Ocampo P: ’14
Larry C. Offerdahl P: ’14
Carmen S. Usme and Carlos J. Parada P: ’14
Gerard Paret P: ’14
Gary Peng P: ’14
Laurie E. and Jay M. Pensler P: ’14
William E. Perkins P: ’14
Jeffrey S. Perry P: ’14
Ellen A. Pless P: ’14
Annamaria Powell P: ’14
Judy A. and Jeffrey J. Preefer P: ’14
Karen DeClue and Paul E. Prioleau P: ’14
Steven Quezada P: ’14
Christine D. Raimon and Joseph Raimondi P: ’14
Hansa V. and Pradeep A. Rau P: ’14
Thomas A. Rebling P: ’14
Laurie L. Soriano and Steven M. Rehaut P: ’14
Martha I. Miranda and Ralph Remis P: ’14
Carmit Z. and Robert M. Rinehart P: ’14
Marilyn D. and Melvin Rodriguez P: ’14
Alan L. Rosner P: ’14
Michael D. Roth P: ’14
Shelbra R. and Walter Saddler P: ’14
Johnnie J. Salazar II P: ’14
Margaret Trichet Sanon and Jean C. Sanon P: ’14
Diane and John A. Santucci P: ’14
Barbara Silverstein and Richard E. Schwartz P: ’14
Mary S. Sciutto P: ’14
Ann E. and Rev. Timothy J. Seitz-Brown P: ’14
Susanne and Christopher Sekula P: ’14
Sanford Selman P: ’14
Alice and John P. Senko P: ’14
Theresa L. and Robert Seybold P: ’14
Katsuto Shinohara P: ’14
Kimberly K. and Raymond F. Silbar P: ’14
Daniel P. Smith P: ’14
Stacey J. Smith P: ’14
Mary R. and Joseph T. Solowski P: ’14
Liming M. Song P: ’14
Lisa M. and Joseph J. Sorrento P: ’14
Linda M. and Eric W. Speer P: ’14
Richard D. Spener P: ’14
Douglas J. Stephenson P: ’14
Maria C. Suarez P: ’14
Ruth L. and Charles E. Swallow P: ’14
Stephen K. Takenaga P: ’14
Caroline E. Parker and Luis E. Tercero P: ’14
Eileen and Nilson Traslavina P: ’14
Lisa J. and Gerald S. Traub P: ’14
Yoko and Anju Uchima P: ’14
Hope K. Valbuena P: ’14
Susan and Dirk W. van de Bunt P: ’14
Madeline Burke-Vigeland and Nils A. Vigeland P: ’14
Nancy D. and Frank L. Vigilante P: ’14
Sarah Chen and Liya Wang P: ’14
Xiaoying Wang P: ’14
Marsha and James A. Weidman P: ’09, ’14
Kip Weissman P: ’14
Bruce E. Williams P: ’14
Dale R. Williams P: ’14
Paul V. Willis P: ’14
Marguerite H. and David L. Wilson P: ’14
Laura and James M. Winford P: ’14
Carolyn W. and William C. Wood P: ’14
Robert Wright P: ’14
Annie Y. Xu P: ’14
Silvia M. Yueh P: ’14
James J. Yukevich P: ’14
Sharon L. Yukevich P: ’14
Fuh-Maan and Harvey Zeller P: ’14
Xia Chen and Shehui Zhang P: ’14
Lijun Dai and Sijian Zhang P: ’14
Yutong Zhang P: ’14
Xiaohong Wang and Yi Zhao P: ’14
Jia Lin and Dingqiang Zhong P: ’14
Class of 2013 and Earlier
Dean's Platinum Circle $250,000 or more
Roberta B. and Steven A. Denning P: ’06
Debra and Richard G. Robb P: ’11
Dean's Gold Circle $100,000 to $249,999
Daniele D. Bodini BUS’72, P: ’06, BUS’09
Suning and Fenglei Fang P: ’04
Meridee Moore and Kevin King P: ’13
Gabriele Quandt P: ’12
Elizabeth S. and Stephen I. Silverman P: ’10
Dean's Silver Circle $50,000-$99,999
Kathie P. Simmons BC’73, P: ’12
Dean's Circle $25,000-$49,999
Ann Y. and Kenneth C. Kung P: ’11
Falguni and Sanjay Nayar P: ’12
Ann and Francis Neczypor P: ’08
Natalie K. and Howard W. Shawn P: ’03
Linda and Kenneth K. Yim SEAS’73, BUS’75, P: ’11, SEAS’10
Patron $10,000-$24,999
Clifford R. Fischer P: ’13
Beatrice C. Goldschmidt TC’41, P: ’64, LAW’67
Karen B. and Alan E. Hart BUS’83, P: ’12
Sponsor $5,000-$9,999
David K. Rosner and Kathlyn M. Conway SW’79, P: ’04
Diane and Irving K. Epstein P: ’07
Maria and Lee N. Friedlander P: ’82
Rosemarie C. and Jeffrey A. Lieberman P: ’08
John H. MacBain P: ’12
Monita T. and Kevin J. Martin P: ’13
Haerim Kim and Sungrok Moon P: ’11
Liyung Sit and Po Y. Sit LAW’88, P: ’13
Sandra M. and Edward Soto LAW’78, P: ’11, LAW’10, LAW’11
Fellow $3,500-$4,999
Mayling Chin-Chu and Steven K. Chu P: ’12
Joanne and Thomas C. Murphy P: ’13
Andrea L. Hong and James S. Parsons P: ’13
Phyllis S. and Donald E. Sharp GSAS’59, P: ’79, GSAS’80, GSAS’82
Eleanor M. Thompson P: ’80
Diane and Victor Ugolyn P: ’01
Member $1,500-$3,499
Patricia E. and William T. Anderson P: ’07
Corinne F. and Jeffrey A. Ascherman PS’88, P: ’13
June and Jushan Bai P: ’13
Gail and Joseph Barry P: ’87, ’89
Karen M. Ignagni and Lawrence Bartlett P: ’10
Stefany D. and Simon Bergson P: ’05
Mary W. and William B. Bliss P: ’05, ’07, ’13
Maria Lopez and Michael Bresnahan P: ’10
Stephen R. Brown and June B. Brown SIPA’72, P: ’13
Constance Childs Rosengarten P: ’12
Leslie K. and Bill R. Davidson P: ’09
Andrea and Robert W. Decker P: ’09
Marguerite and Paul F. Duby SEAS’62, P: ’90, SEAS’89, SEAS’90, SEAS’92, SEAS’96, SEAS’98
Nancy H. Ferguson GSAS’78, GSAPP’85, P: ’11
Roberta L. Frank P: ’95, ’97, BUS’99
Diana T. and Ricardo Garcia P: ’08, LAW’06
Claude P. Ghez P: ’03
Sachiko Hakeda P: ’81
John D. Hite P: ’83
Jane B. and Christopher Johnson P: ’13
Annette S. Wheeler and Daniel G. Kelly LAW’76, P: ’07
Kyoung R. and Kun S. Kim P: ’02
Laurin B. and Norman Kleiman P: ’08
Julie S. and Andrew D. Klingenstein P: ’09
Margaret D. and Peter W. Lavigne P: ’03, ’05
Karen Sulzberger and Eric Lax P: ’09
Donna W. and Marcus H. Loo P: ’11
Sumana and Gopinath Mallya P: ’12
Lois P. and Richard Miller P: ’78
Kathy Okun P: ’07
Susan Remmer Ryzewic and John M. Ryzewic P: ’06, SEAS’07
Joan A. and David S. Schulman P: ’99
Jeannette J. and Harold B. Segel P: ’10
Bennie Seybold P: ’89
Elinor B. Siklossy P: ’91
Patricia B. and Ronald Sloan P: ’01
Kathy J. and Richard A. Stachon P: ’10, BC’15
Joanne and Frank G. Vitrano P: ’12
Lisa K. and Matthew A. Winkler P: ’11, SEAS’11
Soonae and Shengping Zou P: ’13
Donor Up to $1,500
Judith A. Ackerman P: ’87
Rolando Acosta P: ’79, LAW’82
Gordana and Radoslav Adzic P: ’02, SEAS’06
Lupe M. Aguinaga P: ’09
Nazish Suhail and Suhail Ahmed P: ’12
Joycelyn Ainsworth P: ’11
Alison and Adnan Akant P: ’12
Marcy and David A. Albert PH’87, P: ’11, ’13, SEAS’11
Fritz Alexandre P: ’00, SEAS’11
Halina K. and Alan Alter P: ’07
Robert Ambaras P: ’84
Eugenia A. and David Ames P: ’99
Deborah S. and Kofi Ampim P: ’11
Leonard Anderson P: ’07
Ruby S. Anderson P: ’12
Jane D. and Charles Andreae P: ’11
Blake G. Andrews P: ’04
Haydee Andujo P: ’05
Celeste and Mark Angelo P: ’11
Marilyn A. Lavin GSAS’66, GSAS’77, P: ’93, ’96, GSAS’98, PS’01 and Thomas J. Archdeacon GSAS’65, GSAS’71, P: ’93, ’96, GSAS’98, PS’01
Lisette and Pablo J. Arias P: ’12
Elizabeth Arledge P: ’12
Arnold P. Aronson P: ’02
Deborah S. Ashe P: ’13
Rebecca Atwater P: ’13
Ziona and Dan Austrian P: ’02
Mary C. and Victor C. Auth DM’60, P: ’90, ’93, GSAS’03
Rosalina Ayala P: ’07
Mahadevan Sundaresan and Rajeswari Ayer BUS’84, P: ’11
Barbara A. Babb P: ’10
Cheryl and John Banker P: ’09
Bin Bao P: ’13
Carmen Vega-Barachowitz and Burt Barachowitz P: ’10
Charlotte L. and Jean T. Barbey P: ’09
Susan B. and David P. Barillari P: ’09
Colleen A. and Farnado Barrett P: ’10
Anna M. Nissen and Timothy M. Barrett P: ’11
Dan Barron P: ’10
Ann P. Bartel GSAS’73, GSAS’74, P: ’99, ’04, PH’06 and Charles H. Bartel LAW’72, P: ’99, ’04, PH’06
Shelley B. Weinstock and Paul V. Bartick TC’88, P: ’13
Mary E. Buchanan and Curt C. Barwick P: ’12
Judith E. Robinson and Michael Barza P: ’08
Deborah A. Baseil P: ’08
Susan and Edward M. Basile P: ’08
Louise A. and Rev. Joseph Bassett P: ’88
Mark J. Kesselman and Amrita Basu GSAS’77, GSAS’78, GSAS’85, P: ’11
Mary H. and John F. Baumann BUS’85, P: ’08
Muriel Bayroff P: ’83
Diana and Dashnor Begaj P: ’13
Yewoineshet Tadele and Zewdu Belai P: ’09
Bani B. and Paul Belica P: ’00
Ngozi and Dwane Bell P: ’13
Michele G. and Richard C. Bell P: ’13
Lisa A. and Greg N. Benedict P: ’13
Elizabeth and Laurence Bergreen P: ’07
Ira Berkower P: ’06
Mary P. Berlin P: ’10
Beth L. and Samuel H. Bernstein P: ’11
Sara and Rick Bettini P: ’07
Bertha R. Betts P: ’93, ’95, SIPA’89
Loralee and Seymour Beubis P: ’91
Nancy L. and Srinivas Bhupathi P: ’04
Yueying Li and Yongyi Bi P: ’10
Robyn L. and Joseph N. Bier P: ’13
Jill and Mark Blank P: ’09
Thomas Blatz P: ’08
Clifford F. Blaze P: ’92
Marian C. and John R. Bleeke P: ’13
Edlyn and Avrum Blitzer P: ’07
Colette E. Blount P: ’13
Kwadwo and Cynthia G. Boakye PH’94, P: ’01, ’10, BUS’11
Eileen R. Bocci P: ’13
Judith Yanof and Leslie Boden P: ’02
Kathlyne A. and Lynn E. Boeding P: ’03
Judith Gibel and Jeffrey Bolts P: ’10
Lars Boman P: ’09, ’11
Michael A. Borghi P: ’13
Maureen M. and Elias F. Boujaoude P: ’13
Olga and Alexander A. Boutov P: ’02, ’05
Leanne E. and Joseph Boyer P: ’13
Daryl Boylan P: ’87
Denise M. and Mark J. Bozyk P: ’04
James Bracey P: ’11
Susanne B. Braham GS’69, P: ’02, ’08
Joanna D. and Harry A. Brandt P: ’06
Ann and Thomas Braunagel P: ’13
Thomas Brennan P: ’03, SIPA’06
Sabina Lucke-Briese and Thomas Briese P: ’09
Shelley and Alan B. Brill P: ’03, ’07
Brian D. Briscoe P: ’93
Helen B. Brooks GSAS’68, P: ’92 and David W. Brooks GSAS’65, P: ’92
Adela Gondek and Lawrence D. Brown P: ’08, ’11
Vennita L. Browning P: ’12
Julia Cotter and John D. Bryant P: ’05
Pauline Costanzo and Harley Bubar P: ’12
Roger D. Bucien P: ’08
Alexandra V. and Peter C. Bulkley P: ’10
Brenda R. Brink and Curtis E. Burger P: ’13
Jayne A. and Michael D. Burke P: ’03
Margaret R. and William L. Burton P: ’09
Neil Busis P: ’10
Deborah A. Martinsen SIPA’82, GSAS’83, GSAS’90, P: ’13 and Randall M. Butler GSAS’00, GSAS’04, GSAS’05, P: ’13
Graciela J. DeByrne and Armando M. Byrne P: ’88, TC’03
John J. Cairo P: ’04
Heather Howard and Roderick A. Cameron P: ’09
Teresa A. and Ian A. Canino P: ’97, ’02, BUS’85, SIPA’98
Gilda V. Capellan P: ’09
Miriam Carlisle P: ’97
Holly C. and Albert G. Carlson P: ’01, ’04
Donna L. Gold and William M. Carpenter P: ’12
Lynn K. Carroll P: ’99
Elizabeth C. and Roy L. Carter P: ’99
Susan Mitchell and Irvin Casanova P: ’11
Rhona and Richard Case P: ’07
Lorna and Teodoro Castellanos P: ’13
Sim Y. Chan and Richard C. Chan SEAS’78, SEAS’82, P: ’09
Wai Man R. Chan P: ’10
Theresa and Glenn Chang P: ’02
Sharon Chard-Yaron P: ’06
Pauline H. and Clivel G. Charlton P: ’12
Karen and Raul J. Chavez P: ’07
Linda Chen and Michael Che P: ’07
Cecilia S. Cheng P: ’96
Daniel H. Cheng P: ’13
Herbert C. Cheung P: ’95
Elena Chan and Nelson Cheung P: ’13
Qwie T. Chew P: ’91
Marianna and Alexander M. Chirkov P: ’11
Hyunjoo and Seok-Ki Choi GSAS’93, GSAS’94, P: ’12
Ping-Wai Chow P: ’97
Rose and To Yei Choy P: ’07, ’09
Fen-Dow Chu and Petra T. Chu GSAS’72, P: ’96, GSAS’97
Mary A. and Thomas A. Ciccarone P: ’05
Robbye N. and James M. Clements P: ’04
Kevin M. Coates P: ’10
Carol M. and David Coffin P: ’98
Cynthia J. and H. Theodore Cohen P: ’08
Beth and Mark Cohen P: ’09
Valerie N. Coleman P: ’02
Harold A. Comerer P: ’05
Kathleen M. and Bernard Compagnon P: ’09, ’10, ’12
Perdita Connolly P: ’92
Beatrice and Addison P. Cook P: ’81
Ann M. Labriola and Bruce E. Coolidge P: ’13
Lynne R. and Mark W. Cooper P: ’08
Lynn and Michael P. Cordova P: ’07
Louis G. Cornacchia P: ’82, ’85
Micaela and Marcel Cornis-Pop P: ’00, ’03
Sharon N. and Stanley Cortell PH’94, P: ’94, SIPA’88, GSAS’93, GSAS’94, SIPA’96
Nhora Cortes-Comerer P: ’05
Peter Cosel P: ’99
Elizabeth and Peter L. Coufos P: ’03, TC’06, BUS’11
Lidia M. Couzo P: ’10
Janet M. and John E. Cox P: ’09
Kristin P. Cox P: ’11
Lisa Craig P: ’13
Rebecca L. and Owen C. Cramer P: ’95
Nancy A. and Thomas L. Crowe P: ’13
Nancy M. and Terence M. Culleton P: ’12
Duane L. Cummins P: ’09
Wendy and Erwin Curry P: ’13
Carol and Allan M. Cytryn SEAS’72, GSAPP’75, SEAS’79, P: ’06
Daphane and Michael D’Egidio P: ’13
Emily and Robert J. D’Onfro P: ’06
Anne K. Fishel and Christopher B. Daly P: ’12
Dorothy and Mark E. Dance P: ’02
Jayati D. Mitra and Gautam Datta GSAS’75, P: ’03
Cheryl and Edward J. Dauber P: ’00
Yolanda T. and Arthur T. Davidson P: ’10, ’12
Flora S. Davidson GSAS’74, GSAS’79, P: ’99 and Aryeh Davidson GS’69, TC’72, TC’76, TC’81, P: ’99
Forbes Davidson P: ’92
Sarah E. Day P: ’07
Rosamond A. Dean P: ’74
Rhotland I. Dehaney P: ’13
Julia M. and Luciano Del Guzzo P: ’06
Carole S. and Ronald R. DeLaite P: ’01
Joseph Delfino P: ’00
George Demitrack SEAS’49, P: ’79
Ellwood Derricks P: ’07
Barbara Cassidy and Anthony P. DeSabato P: ’13
Ann and Peter A. DeSandis P: ’13, ’13
Sukie K. and Andre P. Desire P: ’11
Clara and Gershon L. Deutsch P: ’76
Maria V. DeVita P: ’13
Normanella and Jim DeWille P: ’10
Christine and Franco Di Gangi P: ’88
Mariame Ly and Souleymane B. Diagne P: ’12
Betsy and Raymond DiCarlo P: ’07
Anna and Nick DiCrescenzo P: ’05
Susan R. and Richard D. Dinkin P: ’06
Deborah J. Kohrman and Paul G. Dion P: ’12
Micheline and Jacques Dole P: ’02, ’06, ’11
Beilei Chen and Zhijing Dong P: ’07
Karen and Mark Dost P: ’03
Judy and James S. Dougherty P: ’97
Janet Douglas P: ’09
Donna E. and James W. Down SEAS’73, P: ’05
Mary P. Crawford and Brian T. Downie P: ’10
Diana P. and James M. Doyle P: ’12
Maria and John G. Doyle P: ’07
John D. Dresser P: ’06
Gideon Dreyfuss P: ’08
Jinfan Duan P: ’13
Yan Fu and San Duanmu P: ’08
Alisa Dubose P: ’08
Ann Comer and Quan-Yang Duh P: ’12
Katharine B. and Lawrence A. Dwyer P: ’11
Kenneth M. Dychtwald P: ’12
Marianna G. and James H. Dyson P: ’06
Carolyn and Allen Eckhardt P: ’10
Katherine M. Edmondson P: ’08
Paula A. Randolph PS’83, P: ’10 and Robert V. Edney BUS’78, JRN’78, P: ’10
Raymond J. Ehlers P: ’13
Jonathan R. Eiseman and Robin J. Eiseman BC’82, P: ’13
Karen and Peter Eller P: ’03
Crawford Ellerbe P: ’94
Kameswari S. and V. Rao Emany P: ’05
Patricia and Robert Emrich P: ’08
Ellen R. and David Epstein P: ’01, TC’05
Gary and Rose Eugene NRS’91, NRS’96, P: ’06
James Evans P: ’08
Connie S. Fishman and Jeffrey A. Fagan P: ’09
Julie L. Farrar P: ’13
Christine Grady and Anthony S. Fauci P: ’12
Karen L. Menge and Matthew F. Feick P: ’11
Patricia A. Jempty and Martin S. Feigen P: ’13
Rella L. Feldman P: ’01, ’05, ’09
Russett P. and Samuel Feldman P: ’02
Stanley S. Feldman P: ’89
Arlene G. Feldmeier SOA’71, P: ’09 and Harvey Feldmeier GS’70, P: ’09
Reven Uihlein-Fellars and Reed Fellars P: ’06
Bette-Burr and Greene Fenley P: ’73
Gail L. and Richard Fernandez P: ’06
Beverly F. Blatt and David H. Filipek GS’67, P: ’01
Leonard Fine P: ’90
Lori and Jeffrey R. Fineman P: ’13
Heidi N. Fink BC’71, P: ’12 and Robert E. Fink SEAS’71, P: ’12
Pamela and Roy Finkelman SEAS’71, P: ’02
Abbie C. Wilson and John Fishback P: ’10
Jane Vogan Flax and Michael G. Flax P: ’03
Miriam I. Flores P: ’08, ’11
Rosaleen and Culum Flynn P: ’08
Leslie K. and Jens B. Fog P: ’08
Kevin P. Foley P: ’10
Beth A. Nagourney and Blair Ford P: ’13
Charmaine M. Foster P: ’12
Marcia R. Fox P: ’99, LAW’02
Nicole and Brett Foxman P: ’11
Randi C. and Bruce H. Fraley P: ’09
Robert Kliment and Frances Halsband GSAPP’68, P: ’01
Carmen Franco P: ’08
Barbara J. Franz P: ’08
Sarah E. Freese P: ’13
Elaine M. Freinberg P: ’73, ’78, BUS’77, BUS’82
Myra and Sheldon D. Freisinger P: ’08
Louise W. Freymann P: ’11
Anne M. Fried P: ’86
Kathe A. and Cory E. Friedman P: ’08, ’10
Nancy Friedman P: ’07
Elizabeth S. and Richard E. Fujas P: ’03
Aileen A. Furukawa P: ’87
Judith M. Gabor TC’72, P: ’06 and Stephen A. Gabor GS’67, P: ’06
Kusum and Girish Gada P: ’07
Antoinette and Joseph Gaier P: ’04
Regina and Steven E. Gallotta P: ’09
Margery B. and Donatello Galluzzi P: ’94
Grete P. and Kwame N. Garcia P: ’11, SEAS’06
Leatha H. and Hilliard E. Gardner P: ’91
Shubhra and Prabhat Garg P: ’11
Ann C. and Joseph Gaubinger P: ’06
Krista K. and Peter Gaughn P: ’13
Heather C. and Peter U. Georgakis P: ’13
Roben I. and Fred M. Gerson P: ’00
Bernard Gerstman P: ’08
Norma and Robert L. Gessner P: ’83
Nomi Ghez P: ’03
Bruce Mintz and Barbara A. Girz PH’94, P: ’09
Yim Chan and Gordon R. Glasheen P: ’12
Deborah M. and Daniel S. Glass P: ’09
Cynthia L. Butler and James F. Gleason P: ’07
Diane F. Glenn P: ’00
Harvey R. Glick and Susan Scharf-Glick JRN’77, P: ’04
Marie-Helen Gold P: ’03
Michele Hamilton and Joshua I. Goldhaber P: ’12
Alice Lichtenstein and Barry Goldin P: ’07, LAW’12
Diane Goldkopf P: ’10
Yolanda Gonzalez P: ’09
Susan B. and Martin R. Goodhart P: ’12
Susan and Sam Goodman P: ’02
Jeanne and Marvin L. Gordon P: ’13
Susan C. and Bruce G. Goren P: ’12
Ivan and Radmila Gorup GSAS’77, GSAS’81, GSAS’86, P: ’88
Rosalie J. Mehl and Kenneth Gorvy P: ’08, ’11
Bidyut K. Goswami P: ’09
Stephen K. Gozo P: ’11
Katherine K. and Nelson H. Graburn P: ’92
Virginia M. and James A. Grandoni P: ’11
Susan E. and Richard L. Grant P: ’03
Kay F. and Robert C. Grant P: ’92
Elizabeth Tam and Mark Grattan P: ’08
Jessica C. and Turner C. Graybill P: ’10
Caroline A. Grossman and Andrew G. Greene P: ’08, ’12
Natalie and Richard P. Greene P: ’05, ’06, SEAS’16
Dianne B. Stillman and Robert I. Greene P: ’02
Marcia S. and Joseph A. Gresko P: ’05
Marc D. Grodman PS’77, P: ’10
Mary E. Leary and Howard M. Gross P: ’11
Maxine Z. and Frank D. Grosshans P: ’00
Ellen C. and David R. Grossman P: ’09
Mary and George Guida P: ’89
Marie-Jeanne and Bernard M. Gwertzman P: ’97
Rachana A. and Ajit M. Habbu P: ’13
Jacqueline M. Haber P: ’02
Brigid F. Haeckel SIPA’90, P: ’99, ’06
Judy H. Cho and George K. Haines P: ’12
Wendy and James W. Hall P: ’92
Ann and James Hambleton P: ’07
Frances B. and William E. Hamilton P: ’04
Xu Min and Xumin Han P: ’08
Gerald A. Taylor and Susan Hands Taylor JRN’75, P: ’09
Joan and Arnold M. Handwerger P: ’03
Debra J. and Evan M. Hansen P: ’08
Richard E. Hansen P: ’77
Elaine T. and Stanley Hansen P: ’10
Diane V. Hansson P: ’07
Suzanne P. and Eric C. Hard JRN’87, P: ’12
Barbara Hardin P: ’06
Alisa and Jeffrey Hare P: ’13
Matrid T. Harper P: ’09
Andrea S. Kramer and Alton B. Harris P: ’13
Eileen and Joe Harris P: ’13
Merle T. and Reginald Harris P: ’88
Juliana M. and Lemuel E. Harrison P: ’11
Carey Brandfield-Harvey and Gregory P. Harvey P: ’12
Stephen B. Hathaway P: ’10
Frederick C. Havemeyer P: ’13
Michael Hehir P: ’13
Richard and Amy V. Heinrich GSAS’76, GSAS’77, GSAS’80, P: ’99
Constance and Richard M. Heitmeyer P: ’98, ’02
Marjorie O. and Harold Hemmings P: ’08
Katherine J. Stewart SW’76, P: , PS’03 and David K. Hepinstall GSAS’73, P: ’99, PS’03
Seymour Hepner P: ’09
Judith S. and Eric Herbst P: ’03
Karina E. Herrera P: ’07
Marion and Robert B. Herrmann P: ’05
Patrice Talisman and Richard Hersch P: ’09
Miriam and Walter J. Herzberg P: ’85
Werner Hetzner P: ’95
Ann G. Hill NRS’52, P: ’83
Deborah and Jonathan Himmelfarb P: ’08
Catherine A. and Mark F. Hinman P: ’02, ’07
Marie M. Hinzman and John J. Hinzmann P: ’77
Ping Jian and Christian Ho P: ’07
Laurie S. and Robert J. Hodrick P: ’13
Bob Hogue P: ’07
Sheila M. Hollander NRS’59, P: ’86
Janis Holody P: ’08
Joanne F. and John C. Holsten P: ’10
Joan S. Homkow GS’80, P: ’02 and Jack D. Homkow PH’76, P: ’02
Peggy West and Charles Honart P: ’07
Ha Ryun Hong P: ’91, ’93
Julia V. and Charles Hora P: ’99
Sherri and Randy Horenstein P: ’13
Victoria J. and Donald Horneck P: ’07
Diane L. Horowitz GS’92, P: ’92
Robert Horowitz P: ’10
Anne L. and John B. Hostage P: ’74
Eric T. Houghton P: ’13
Rebecca and John Hsu P: ’06
Ingrid and Weichung Huang P: ’12
Constance S. Pond and Robert G. Hubbard P: ’13
Helene M. Sullas-Huggins and Christopher A. Huggins P: ’12
Merri Rosenberg BC’78, GSAS’79, JRN’83, P: ’05 and Kenneth H. Hupart SEAS’77, P: ’05
Clare M. and Stephen Hurst P: ’12
Li Zhang and Ha Huynh P: ’11
Eve and David R. Ignatius P: ’07, ’10
Abimbola and Menfo A. Imoisili P: ’10
Sandra L. and Gregory D. Ingram P: ’04
Santa Irizarry P: ’11
Judith E. and Joseph W. Irwin P: ’11
Wanda and Mark Irwin P: ’06
Wendy and Barry Isanuk P: ’07
Rosemary Hart and Craig S. Iscoe P: ’09
Claudia R. and A. Woodson Isom P: ’98
Raji K. and Mani K. Iyer P: ’07
Marcia S. Izaguirre P: ’13
Jill and Gary S. Jacobs P: ’13
Thomas H. Jacobs P: ’05
Deborah W. and Jay B. James P: ’08
Margaret A. and James H. Jansen P: ’91
Tatrina S. Hofler-Jenkins and Gary K. Jenkins P: ’10
Lajwanti and Ramesh Jhaveri P: ’94
Janice Mooney and Stephen M. Johns P: ’09
Charles B. and Marjorie H. Johnson GSAPP’73, P: ’89, ’06, SIPA’99
Peggy and Dennis B. Johnson P: ’08
Teresa and Patrick J. Johnson P: ’11
Baoyan W. Jones P: ’10
Christopher T. Kager P: ’11
Jana and David E. Kahn P: ’13
Claire M. and John D. Kapusta P: ’12
Miriam E. Katowitz P: ’90
Marina Kats P: ’13
Judith W. Katz-Leavy P: ’90, ’02
Andrew D. Luster and Minta E. Kay BC’83, LAW’86, P: ’13
M. Antonia Keane P: ’82
Emmet M. Kenney P: ’13
Susan E. and Lawrence A. Kenney P: ’13
Donald W. Kiehn P: ’10
Byeong Y. Kim P: ’13
Elliot H. Kimmel P: ’01, ’06
Marjorie and Jonathan P. King P: ’06
Linda A. and Amir A. Kinkhabwala P: ’98, ’01, ’04, GSAS’03
Thomas Kircher P: ’13
John M. Kirrane P: ’12
Karen S. and Harry R. Kissileff P: ’89
Joyce and Jeffrey G. Klapheke P: ’12
Patricia R. and Tonci D. Klaric P: ’13
Kathy and Fred Klatsky P: ’09
Janet K. Kliegl P: ’98
Sarah Ahmann and Doug Kligman P: ’11
Mikhail Kliot P: ’06
Bonnie L. and Stephen R. Knox P: ’06
Frederick L. Kobb P: ’10
Eleni and Alexander Kofinas P: ’05
Peter R. Kolker P: ’98
George E. and Henriette Kolombatovich GS’98, P: ’95, LAW’98
Scott Koonin P: ’02
Marion McCreedy and Gerald Kopecky P: ’13
Celia S. Kornfeld P: ’79, GSAPP’85
Andrea Green and Andrew Kosloff P: ’07
Joan P. Kosove P: ’95
Helena and John Koytcheff P: ’07, SEAS’05
Steven J. Kramer P: ’08
Christine and Michael Krisman P: ’07, ’07
Mary Olsen-Kromolowski and Jerzy J. Kromolowski P: ’10
Donald Krott P: ’87
Audur V. Kugajevsky P: ’01
Thomas A. Kuhn P: ’98
Naomi I. and Darin Kuklis P: ’12
Harold L. Kulman P: ’98
Lie-Fern Hsu and Shyanjaw Kuo P: ’13
Mary and George Kurian P: ’06
James H. Kuzava P: ’12
Klaus S. Lackner P: ’07, ’13
Iva J. and Francis C. Laidlaw P: ’11
Florence and Ephraim Laifer P: ’89
Virginia C. and Edward S. Lam P: ’13
Diane Lander-Simon P: ’06
Maureen A. Landers P: ’06, ’13
Elisabeth M. and John T. Landry P: ’06
Robert G. Lang P: ’12
Mary A. and Frank B. Lauckner P: ’08
Monique M. and John H. Leahy P: ’12
Vivian N. and Mark J. Leber P: ’04
Yvonne P. and Allen Lee P: ’07
Ariel and John Lee P: ’07
Melinda D. and Kihan F. Lee P: ’11
Patricia A. Lefevere P: ’99
Denise Lehenbauer P: ’06
Kenneth E. Lehman P: ’01
Patricia C. and Donald F. Leistman P: ’10
Keith Leland P: ’08
Barbara H. and Michael A. Levine P: ’05
Jan Levinson P: ’09
Sonia Lewin P: ’13
Carol F. Lewine GSAS’70, P: ’89, JRN’95
Karen J. and Leslie Lewis P: ’99
Sharon D. Lewis P: ’07
Karen Li P: ’08
Lieh Y. and Francis S. Lin P: ’97
Hong-Chuan Lin P: ’07
Ringo Ling P: ’08
Cynthia O. and Judson C. Linville P: ’10
Elinor Lipman P: ’04, BUS’12
Harriet S. and Theodore E. Lisnow P: ’75, BUS’79, LAW’79
Shenqi Liu P: ’05
Shoori S. and Faz Loghmanee P: ’98
Patricia and Michael E. Lombard P: ’07
Mary G. and Robert S. Loveland P: ’06
Eileen C. and Clifford M. LoVerme P: ’09
Doris B. and Albert B. Lowenfels P: ’81
Changwen Lu P: ’10
Feng Q. Zhang and Xiangjun Lu P: ’12
Vivien S. and Francis X. Lukas P: ’09
Theresa and Layne Luke P: ’09
Sandra Luna-Fineman P: ’13
Catherine R. Luse P: ’94
Christine Lynch P: ’01
Claire G. and Joseph M. Lynch P: ’10
Rosemary D. and John W. Lyon P: ’96, JRN’01
Maria d. Cardoso and Jose M. Machado P: ’11
Muriel B. and Tomas M. Machin P: ’13
Susan R. and Andrew R. Magdanz P: ’10
Judith Simmons and Arthur M. Magun P: ’12
Mary and Helmut K. Maier P: ’01, SIPA’08, LAW’08
Margaret D. and G. Bruce Mainland P: ’01
Zola Makrauer P: ’00
Andrew Maloney P: ’13
Bertram A. Maltz P: ’07
Anna B. Mannino NRS’79, P: ’03, ’06
Susan E. Radmer GSAPP’80, P: ’12 and Richard D. Manson GSAPP’80, P: ’12
Rose Marconi P: ’93
Etella Marcovici P: ’07
Ellen and Gabriel W. Margolis P: ’85
Louis G. Markatos BUS’68, P: ’89
Michelle A. and Stephen E. Marshall PH’89, P: ’13
Andrea M. Alonso and Glenn J. Martin P: ’11
Rebecca Martin-Richardson P: ’08
Janet and Jesse Martinez P: ’13
Nely and Jose E. Martinez P: ’02
Bertha M. and Oscar Martinez P: ’07
Stephen A. Martinez P: ’13
Louise A. and Joseph J. Master P: ’01
Victor L. Schuster and Sandra K. Masur GSAS’63, GSAS’67, P: ’90
Rosa and Willy Matos P: ’13
Naomi and Toyokazu Matsumoto P: ’11
Mary A. and Thomas Matteini P: ’01, ’07
Mary A. and Frank C. Mazzarella P: ’01
Geri L. McCarthy P: ’10
Annmarie and Sean J. McCarthy P: ’13
Susan B. and Ralph L. McCaughan P: ’90
Nancy L. and Andrew B. McConnell P: ’07
Michele P. and James A. McCue P: ’07
Mark K. McDonough P: ’05
Nikoo and James McGoldrick P: ’11
Carol and Tom McGrain P: ’85
Joan B. and Michael H. McGrath P: ’05
Donald F. McHenry P: ’87
Susan S. and Charles R. McMillan P: ’08
Janice E. and Larry Meadlin P: ’00
Jennifer Meeker P: ’13
Karen Q. and William C. Meili P: ’13
Martin Meisel P: ’83, ’87, GSAS’86, SIPA’87, GSAS’91, GSAS’92, GSAS’93, GSAS’98, GSAS’99
Robert Meister P: ’09
Torbjoern G. Nygaard and Lisa A. Mellman PS’91, P: ’09
Ruth and Irwin R. Merkatz P: ’84, PS’88
Sayra W. and Neil A. Meyerhoff P: ’06
Robert J. Meyers P: ’07
James Miara P: ’00
Margaret and Thomas Micchelli P: ’13
Janet R. Sparrow and Alan Miller P: ’06
W. Robert Reum and Sherry Milliken Reum BUS’72, P: ’01, ’03, ’06
Mark V. Mingrone P: ’13
Benjamin W. Mintz LAW’52, P: ’93
David Mitchell P: ’07
James P. Mitchell P: ’03
Kajori and Saby Mitra P: ’13
Ida and Rocco Mollano P: ’96
Nancy L. McCormick and Paul R. Monfredo P: ’11
Mary N. Moore P: ’11
Ellen B. Corenswet and John W. Morgan P: ’12
Rose M. and Peter T. Mulaikal P: ’02, ’04
Kathleen and Dennis R. Mullins P: ’11
Patricia A. and Kevin J. Munnelly P: ’90, ’91, ’97, ’00, ’02
Alphonsine Wibabara and Augustin Munyemana P: ’11
Susan B. Murphy and John E. Murphy GS’72, PH’74, P: ’06
Nancy M. Riley and Blake M. Murray P: ’06
Marita K. Murrman P: ’09, SEAS’08
Mary E. and Theodore H. Myer P: ’86
Theresa Mysak P: ’79
Patricia W. and Charles W. Nagel P: ’12
Joseph L. Nagy P: ’10
Koji Nakanishi P: ’79
Daniel L. Natkie P: ’13
Beth and Behrooz Nazer P: ’09
Charles T. Nelson P: ’95
Susan and Harry Neuwirth P: ’06
Margie and Anthony S. Ng P: ’11
John Ngai and Lisa J. Brunet GSAS’80, GSAS’83, GSAS’85, P: ’12
Patty and Robert Nizlek P: ’07
Mary E. and Shiro Noguchi P: ’10
Colleen M. and Loren R. Northup P: ’09
Renee J. Nossel P: ’98, PS’04
John E. O’Breza P: ’04
Mary C. and John T. O’Donnell P: ’93
Gerald J. O’Hara P: ’13
Margaret R. O’Leary P: ’13
Rosemary V. and Thomas M. O’Mara P: ’13
Ann L. and Daniel T. O’Sullivan P: ’11
Joan D. and J. Denis O’Toole P: ’05
Claudia Oberweger P: ’92, BUS’01
David W. Olson P: ’07
Kristin A. and Mark S. Olson P: ’13
Mary Nallin Omstead and Daniel R. Omstead SEAS’81, SEAS’81, P: ’10
Gladys George and Stuart Orsher P: ’06
Robin Robie and Ambrogio Ossola P: ’10
Janet L. and James L. Otis P: ’05
Elzbieta and Tadeusz Otlowski P: ’13
Anne B. and Daniel Ovadia P: ’09
Michael L. Page P: ’13
Arthur G. Palmer P: ’13
Patricia R. and Gary J. Papes P: ’12
Scott E. Parker P: ’13
Richard Parmett P: ’90
Stanley Peck P: ’07
Nancy and Stephen C. Pendergast P: ’12
Shirley S. and John Y.K. Peng P: ’90, BUS’96
Abbe S. and Robert J. Pensack P: ’11, ’13
Hector Perez P: ’13
Cathryn B. and David E. Perotti P: ’02
Ilyse S. and Richard M. Peters P: ’11
Walter L. Pett P: ’05, ’08
Amy L. and Bruce N. Pfau P: ’12
Dorothy H. and Robert Philipson P: ’87
Morton A. Pierce P: ’03, ’13, GS’07
Claudia and Robert A. Plafsky P: ’12
Margaret and Thomas Poellot P: ’05
Susan J. Pohanka P: ’13
Mary F. and Robert A. Polito P: ’07
Rebecca Bien and David Poll P: ’11
Penny K. and Stephen Pomeranz P: ’04, GS’06
Maureen and John F. Powers P: ’13
Elizabeth H. and Robert P. Pressman LAW’65, P: ’88
Anne and Gregory Prial P: ’11
Helen B. and John B. Price P: ’81
Cecilia C. and Elidoro P. Primero GSAS’89, P: ’13
Lila J. Prounis GSAS’50, P: ’83, LAW’86, SIPA’87
Carol and Gabriel Pupo P: ’09, ’13
Hui Quan GSAS’90, GSAS’90, P: ’13
Catharine C. and Kevin Quirk P: ’11
Christine P. Rales P: ’12, SOA’18
Michele R. and Michael J. Ramadei P: ’13
Evelyn and Robert A. Ramirez P: ’12
Richard Raskin P: ’08
Paula J. Rawls P: ’13
Robert Redmerski P: ’09
Bok J. and Franklin D. Reid P: ’93
Mitra Behroozi and Christopher Renaud P: ’12
Karin U. Reynolds P: ’92
Ines and Jose Richards P: ’12
Sandy V. Richardson P: ’10
Jack Ripps P: ’82
Richard D. Rivers P: ’78
Lois and Mark A. Robbin P: ’06
Helen M. and Fred S. Roberts P: ’99
Kathleen and James Roberts P: ’11
Ana and Daniel Rodriguez P: ’12
Maureen E. Gevlin and Charles E. Roh P: ’00, ’06
Rita and Paul C. Rohr P: ’89
Jan W. Benzel and Stuart Rohrer P: ’12
Ellen Rosand P: ’88, LAW’94, PS’94
Sholom Rosen and Jane E. Rosen TC’93, P: ’97
Deborah B. Gordon and Daniel Rosenberg P: ’11
Katherine Brewster and Donald Rosenberg P: ’09
William H. Rosenberg P: ’08
Janet K. and W. Mark Rosenbury P: ’93
Janelle McCammon and Raymond A. Rosenfeld P: ’06
Beverly B. Rosenstein P: ’71, ’75, ’78, ’81
Julia and Frank Roskot P: ’04
Daniel A. Rosner GSAS’80, P: ’09
Ikuko Y. and Richard L. Roth P: ’86
Deborah and Rabbi Joseph M. Rothberger P: ’08
Dene and Alan B. Rowatt P: ’09
Benjamin M. and Julia H. Rowland TC’82, TC’84, P: ’04
Sheila S. Rubin GSAS’74, GSAS’76, P: ’11
John Ruddy P: ’09
Richard Rudnicki P: ’13, SEAS’10
Helen H. Rutan P: ’70
Julie S. Glickstein and Frederick J. Ruvkun P: ’13
Caroline G. and Thomas G. Ryan P: ’05
Walter Ryzowy P: ’07
Ellin U. and Craig N. Sadur P: ’10
Catharine B. Saelinger P: ’00
Gerardo R. Salinas P: ’12
Lois and Steven E. Saltman P: ’91
Sui B. and David Samols P: ’04
Libia and Arturo Samora P: ’08
Gladys M. Sanchez P: ’03
Aurelio Santos P: ’13
Nancy and Peter Saretsky P: ’99
Suparna and Debabrata Sarkar P: ’04
Panit Satyasai-Crimmin P: ’91
Irving Schachter and Hindy L. Schachter TC’78, P: ’93
Diane E. and Gary Schaffel P: ’10
Cathy Z. and Marc J. Scheineson P: ’09
Janice K. and Jacob Scherer SEAS’72, SEAS’73, P: ’03, ’06
Irma S. Scherz P: ’84
Margaret Hayman and Jonathan Schneer GSAS’75, GSAS’78, P: ’05
Ellen Meltzer and Eric C. Schneider GS’86, P: ’10
Liliane and Andrei L. Schor SEAS’72, P: ’07
Ismar Schorsch GSAS’61, GSAS’69, P: ’87
Beatrice Schriever P: ’07
Jacqueline M. and David K. Schumacher P: ’13
Susan C. and Kurt N. Schwartz P: ’12
Arlee and Barry Scott P: ’10
Sylvia and Hugh C. Scott P: ’08
Karen M. and Cary M. Seidman P: ’04
June B. and John G. Seiler P: ’10
Katherine Seligmann P: ’07
Mary H. and Shafi Shafaieh P: ’13
Mona E. Sharaan and Nayel Shafei P: ’10, ’12
David Shaffer P: ’09
Kanaklata A. and Ajit M. Shah P: ’99
Tanveer Y. and Mushir A. A. Shamsi P: ’99
Jeanne O. Shapira P: ’03
Beatrice H. Hahn and George M. Shaw P: ’13
Ekaterini and Robert G. Shaw P: ’09, ’11
Steven Sherman P: ’08, ’11
Elizabeth and John Shirley P: ’13
Vimla L. Patel and Edward H. Shortliffe P: ’04
Trudy A. and Thomas M. Siak P: ’05
Lynnette N. Mende and Peter A. Siedlecki P: ’07
Jeannie and Louis J. Siegel P: ’13
Cynthia G. and Jeffrey L. Silber P: ’13
Joan Binstock and David N. Silvers P: ’08
Phoebe E. Simmons P: ’13
Sharon Simpson P: ’13
Yong O. Kim and Thiruvikraman Singanallore P: ’13
Eileen R. Singer P: ’13
Bernadette M. and Francis M. Skalak P: ’11
Ellen and Gary I. Slater SEAS’64, P: ’00
Diane M. and Dennis A. Smith P: ’04
Marice Z. and Jervy W. Smith P: ’07
Lois M. and Mark W. Smith P: ’10
Maria and Michael Smith P: ’08
Talia Z. Smith P: ’13
Craig A. Snider P: ’13
Lisa P. and David Snyder P: ’10
Jack L. Snyder SIPA’77, GSAS’78, SIPA’78, GSAS’81, P: ’05, ’11
Donya and Gregory Sokolovskiy P: ’99
Vivian and Donald E. Sonnenborn LAW’69, BUS’70, P: ’06
Sharon A. and James Y. Soong P: ’06
Janice H. Sorabella SW’68, P: ’06, GSAS’96, GSAS’97, GSAS’00
Patricia E. Miller and Noel C. Spencer P: ’13
Deborah and Bruce C. Spitzer P: ’08
Allen Staley P: ’93
Cynthia A. Star P: ’12
Gwen W. and Richard C. Steege P: ’00
Rhanda J. Steele P: ’95
Diane and Adrianus P. Steijlen P: ’07
Suzanne C. and Craig H. Stephan P: ’98
Karen Stern P: ’01, GSAS’02
Marilyn and Robert Stern P: ’07
Joan L. and Philip Stevenson P: ’06
Joyce Ulrich and Gilbert H. Stewart P: ’11
Jackie M. and Peter B. Stewart P: ’09
Anna C. and W. A. Blount Stewart P: ’11
Jeannie A. and David A. Stockton P: ’03
GeorgeAnne C. and John Stokes P: ’08
Martina and Peter N. Stoll P: ’10
Luanne and Robert S. Stone P: ’93
Jean M. Elderwind and Douglas R. Stowe P: ’11
Jacqueline Stowell P: ’04
Nina Streitfeld GSAS’57, P: ’89
Nancy B. and Thomas L. Strickland P: ’13
John E. Strongman P: ’11
Patricia and Eugenio Suarez P: ’11
Diane E. and Adam W. Sulimirski P: ’13
Barbara J. and Stephen J. Sullivan P: ’11
Janet and Myron Susin P: ’90
Donald Sweeney P: ’95
Eileen F. and Ronald Sylvester P: ’91
Jen Lung Tan P: ’13
Sophia H. and Keith E. Tao P: ’11
Marc Tarras P: ’09
Lindsay Taylor P: ’02
Lynne and Martin L. Taylor P: ’02
Barbara and James Teatom P: ’08
Bridget C. and Nicholas A. Telesca P: ’87, ’96, SW’93, BUS’01
Nancy Hingston and Jovi Tenev P: ’08
Patricia E. Acosta and Fernando R. Terrazas P: ’13
Mary E. Thurston GSAS’51, P: ’81, BUS’92
Adrienne T. and Paul H. Tietz P: ’08
Svinder S. Toor P: ’08
Robin L. and Clifford M. Topol P: ’10
Kenneth W. Torrey P: ’01
Pegi and Michael Touff P: ’04
Cara S. and Michael I. Trager P: ’08
Diane P. and Gerald J. Trepanier P: ’09
Yanina Gabinskaya and Alex Trofimenko P: ’05
La Thi and Cuong V. Truong P: ’10
Susan C. and James N. Tryforos SEAS’76, P: ’04, SEAS’08
Tina M. and Joseph A. Tunnell P: ’12
Jody B. and Christian D. Tvetenstrand SEAS’79, P: ’08
Booker Tyrone P: ’03
Marisa and Luis E. Uranga P: ’10
C. Elizabeth Van Dyk P: ’87
William F. Verigan P: ’06
John Vernon P: ’09
Barbara L. and Stephen M. Vine P: ’06
Filippo Vita P: ’87
Abdiel M. Vivancos P: ’13
Christine C. Vorkas P: ’02
Amy L. Haury and Mark A. Wagner P: ’13
Gail J. and Jeffrey C. Wakefield P: ’09
Marcia L. Walmsley P: ’05
Rosaleen Walsh P: ’86, ’89, ’93, ’00
Donquin Yang and Yinsheng Wan P: ’11
Zhimin Huang and Haiyang Wang P: ’12
Haiou Tao and Xiaobo Wang P: ’13
Xiaoju Yan and Xuefeng Wang P: ’12
Nola A. and Harold J. Warren P: ’98, BUS’05
Charles I. Wasserman P: ’07
Precious L. and Gregory D. Weber P: ’06
Karl Weber and Mary-Jo D. Weber NRS’76, P: ’00, ’04
Caryn W. and Steven A. Wechsler P: ’10
Raymond O. Weems P: ’00
Alice E. Manning GSAS’75, P: ’00 and Paul B. Wehn GSAS’68, P: ’00
Lisa B. and Mark Weidenbaum PS’81, P: ’08
Susan and William Weintraub P: ’02
Stephen M. Weldon P: ’08
Fern Werner P: ’09
Cynthia L. and Geoffrey Whitaker P: ’11
Isabel Guy and Duffield White P: ’10
Andrea and John A. White P: ’09
Gemma F. and John P. White SEAS’68, GSAS’71, P: ’04
Sara B. and Charles P. Whitin P: ’13
Dorothea W. Wilfong P: ’85
Vicki and Robert Wilkins P: ’07
Lisa M. Ford and Thomas W. Williams P: ’11
Shelley Hack and Harry Winer P: ’13
Edith Walker and Leonard Winkler P: ’84
Margaret B. Winter P: ’04
George Wittemyer P: ’96
Heywat Wolde-Yesus and Getachew Woldemichael P: ’07
Marianne Wolff PS’52, P: ’80, ’83, LAW’85, PS’87
Sandra R. and Eric Wolman P: ’87
Yvonne Q. and George Wong P: ’01
Sue and Ted K. Wong P: ’82
Marlene and Richard S. Wortman P: ’89
Mary A. and Peter C. Wright P: ’05
Li Wang and Jimin Wu P: ’13
Maoxin Wu P: ’10
Ming Zhu and Xing H. Xue GSAS’85, GSAS’87, GSAS’89, P: ’06
Robert S. Yablon P: ’04
Craig S. Yagi P: ’11
Denise H. and Nicholas D. Yatrakis P: ’00, ’02, GSAPP’05
Kathryn G. and Howard R. Yeaton P: ’13
Mildred and Felix Yip P: ’12
Grant E. Yoshikami P: ’98
Virignia M. Lum and Robert S. Young P: ’13
Anna S. and John K. Yu P: ’13
Chih-Yu C. and Ming-Tsung Yu P: ’90
Ellie and Ignatios Zairis P: ’08
Irina N. and Vladimir Zaitseva P: ’10
Zhengwen Zeng P: ’13
Peili Zhang P: ’11
Ling Wang and X. Zhou P: ’10
Laurie F. and Mark Zimering P: ’08
Margot L. and M. Paul Zimmerman P: ’83
Georgette P. and Csaba K. Zoltani P: ’06
Renee M. and Alain S. Zutter P: ’13
Stanley Zwanger P: ’97

Why I Give Back

Having been born in Colombia, and having lived in the United States, Switzerland and now Brazil for the past 25 years, I can tell you that no matter where you live in the world, being a part of the Columbia community will always be rewarding. The education that I received at our alma mater and the Core both gave me a foundation for life. The Columbia community has been an important part of my life ever since, always central and key in my success.

Diana Moreinis Nasser ’87

Columbia’s commitment to the Core has provided my friends and me a breadth of knowledge just wide enough that it doesn’t sacrifice depth. Because the Core is built this way, each of us can take the bits and pieces that are meaningful to us to forge a unique relationship with Columbia that extends far beyond the gates of 116th and that somewhat fuzzy May of senior year.

Vesal Yazdi ’11

... We are hopeful that by giving back we can influence the next generation of leaders who will continue the cycle of giving. The experiences [we’ve had] and people we’ve met because of Columbia have been invaluable to our careers and lives in general. We are both extremely grateful for the doors the College has opened for us and the friends we've made (and continue to make) through CU. Columbia holds a special place in our hearts, as we never would have met otherwise. We are engaged to be married in 2015.

Ralph DeBernardo ’09 (football) and Kaitlyn Busler ’10 (field hockey)

My Columbia experience has been truly enriched by my involvement in the Columbia College Student Council. ... In my current role as the Class of 2015 president, I’m always astounded by how the definition of this community evolves because of the diversity that exists in thought, experience, ethnicity, academic pursuits, concerns and more within the student body. For me, it creates a renewed sense of curiosity and I believe this is what truly makes Columbia unique — it’s a university where the diversity within our gates reflects that of New York City and the world.

Kareem D. Carryl ’15

Attending Columbia was single-handedly one of the best decisions I've made. Columbia fostered my academic interests in science in ways unimaginable and afforded me the opportunity to work in the labs of several esteemed scientists, including Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Kandel [P: BUS88]. My first journal publication is from research I completed in a neuroscience lab as an undergraduate. ... As an alumna, I donate to the College and am a volunteer ... because it’s important for me to remain connected to this institution and ensure that students continue to have the same amazing experiences I had.

Brittany Dubose ’08

A person will face any number of challenges throughout his or her life — both personal and professional — but it is the thought process to solve those problems that is the key to success. Columbia gives students the tools to think critically and expand their worldview. It is a path we embarked on College Walk and continue on today.

Joanna Herman ’98 and Brooks Herman ’98

We support the College because it is the best thing that has ever happened to our son Ricardo ’16. He feels that everyone in this world should have the opportunity to experience the Core. We are so impressed by his knowledge, maturity and changes! We are confident that because of Columbia and the Core, he will be prepared to handle any situation. We are also so grateful for the brilliant professors who give him time and attention outside the classroom, so we want to help the College continue this amazing work.

Lucila and Alejandro Vollbrechthausen P: ’16

A freshman commuter, I learned to read ‘Homer’ while holding the handrail on the subway to Sheepshead Bay. A year later, with a scholarship, I was able to live on campus until graduation. We pre-meds were obsessed with excelling in our science courses, especially organic chemistry. ... I became a professor of anesthesiology at P&S. Some time ago, I was asked to anesthetize [an] esteemed professor of organic chem. ‘Any questions for me, sir?’ ‘Yes, I have one. What were your grades?’ ‘B+, B+, both terms.’ ‘Not bad, not bad.’ We shook hands and smiled. We knew we just shared a unique Columbia moment.

Allen Hyman ’55, P: ’85, ’88, PS’90

It’s easy to forget that the Columbia experience isn’t over when you graduate and go beyond College Walk. Having worked and studied on three continents, I’ve found Columbia alums, current students and faculty all over the world. From seeing the unveiling of Greg Wyatt ’71’s statue of Macbeth in Stratford-upon-Avon, to welcoming the next generation of students in Beijing, Columbians are doing amazing things and creating communities everywhere.

Stephanie Lung ’04

I spent four years at Columbia College as a student who learned so much from my professors, my classmates and the two deans of Columbia College. Dean Lawrence Chamberlain [GSAS’45] and Dean Nicholas McKnight [’21] were always concerned with having the best faculty in the country. They were brilliant and warm individuals. I found learning and warmth from faculty, and classmates provided me with good thoughts and good relations and I am very grateful. Graduating from Columbia inspired in me an urge to create and succeed.

Howard Falberg ’54

... I am constantly reminded that my time at Morningside Heights represented the starting place of my journey as an adult — a journey comprising infinite experiences — bound by nothing. ... Instilled by the Core and nurtured by interactions with classmates and friends, I departed from Columbia with one critical realization at the forefront of my mind: that the intellectual process is many times, if not most, more valuable than the answer. As I approach my ninth year as an alumnus, I strive earnestly each day to transform that realization into a reality — a challenge I find befitting of a Columbia College graduate.

Ganesh Betanabhatla ’05

Nearly a decade after graduation, as I follow my classmates’ extraordinary accomplishments in government, academia, medicine, law and the arts, and at their own start-ups, my respect and appreciation for the education we received at the College (and my desire to give back as an alum) continues to grow. My commitment to a career in public service was solidified by my undergraduate experience organizing Columbia Community Outreach, with support from the alumni community. 

Diana Benton Schecter ’05

My Columbia College education made me more uncomfortable about the course of world events on the one hand, and more self-reflective on the other. When students and former students embrace their College education, they join a community of lifelong learners. Members of this community share a Core and a commitment — to better know ourselves as individuals and to enlighten the course of civilization. This voyage challenges us like no other, but as Aeneas says in 1:239, ‘A joy it will be one day… to remember even this.’

Chuck Callan ’78