Columbia College Student Council 2013–2014

The Columbia College Student Council is the elected undergraduate student government body representing the interests of all College students. CCSC comprises a five-person executive board, four standing committees and four class councils. The council’s primary goal is to address issues important to the campus community, plan events and programming for students, and serve as a liaison between students and University administration. CCSC is also responsible for the allocation of student-life fees to various Columbia governing boards and to student organizations through co-sponsorships.

Daphne L. Chen ’14, President
Briana L. Saddler ’14, Vice President of Campus Life
Bob Z. Sun ’14, Vice President of Policy
Peter M. Bailinson ’16, Vice President of Communications
Noah B. Swartz ’16, Vice President of Finance
Conan M. Cassidy ’14, CC’14 President
Joanna G. Kelly ’14, CC’14 Vice President
Ben Z. Xue ’14, CC’14 Class Representative
Zach Z. Vargas-Sullivan ’14, CC’14 Class Representative
Sarita P. Patankar ’14, CC’14 Class Representative
Michael J. Li ’15, CC’15 President
Uchechi E. Iteogu ’15, CC’15 Vice President
Liam J. Bland ’15, CC’15 Class Representative
Kareem D. Carryl ’15, CC’15 Class Representative
Jackson L. Tse ’15, CC’15 Class Representative
Ramis J. Wadood ’16, CC’16 President
Grayson E. Warrick ’16, CC’16 Vice President
Anne E. Scotti ’16, CC’16 Class Representative
Richin Kabra ’16, CC’16 Class Representative
Benjamin J. Kornick ’16, CC’16 Class Representative
Anuj Sharma ’17, CC’17 President
Chris C. Allison ’17, CC’17 Vice President
Abby M. Porter ’17, CC’17 Representative
Annettee E. Finnegan ’17, CC’17 Representative
Sheila D. Alexander ’17, CC’17 Representative
Mary J. Joseph ’15, Pre-Professional Representative
Loxley D. C. Bennett ’15, Student Services Representative
Chris L. Godshall ’15, Student Services Representative
Nora S. Habboosh ’14, Academic Affairs Representative
Daniel N. Liss ’16, Alumni Affairs Representative

Columbia College Representatives to the Columbia University Senate 2013–2014

The Senate is a University-wide legislature that represents faculty, students and other constituencies. It makes policy on a range of issues that affect the entire University or more than one school, including educational programs and priorities, the budget, academic freedom and tenure, the conduct of research, the libraries, information technology, Columbia’s external relations, student sexual misconduct, rules governing political demonstrations and the welfare of faculty, students and research officers.

Matthew Chou ’14
Marc W. Heinrich ’16
Jared H. Odessky ’15

Columbia College Student Ambassadors 2013–2014

Columbia College Student Ambassadors are liaisons between the Columbia College Alumni Association and current students and the campus community. As future alumni, current students are a vital part of the alumni community. CCSA was created in 2013 to better connect current students and alumni for greater dialogue, networking and planning around how to bring students and alumni together as a more deeply connected community. CCSA members develop relationships with alumni, cultivate leadership and communication skills, build career contacts and participate in alumni events. They also help to highlight College traditions to promote continuity and pride in the College for both current students and alumni.

Jackson L. Tse ’15
Vice President
Anirban Poddar ’14
Executive Committee
Gabriella Aitcheson ’14
Eyvana M. Bengochea ’16
Kareem D. Carryl ’15
Lillian Chen ’15
Emma Cheng ’16
Emily Dreibelbis ’14
Rohan N. Kirpekar ’15
Alyssa Menz ’15
Adrian J. Silver ’15
Anastasia Anazonwu ’14
Alexander Andresian ’14
Mihika Barua ’15
Angela B. Batuure ’17
Linda N. Blanken ’17
Jocelyn M. Bohn ’15
Lilia S. Cherchari ’15
Adriano H. Fernandes ’16
Zan H. Gilani ’15
Allison B. Kammert ’15
Douglas D. Kronaizl ’15
Alexys N. Leija ’16
Michael J. Li ’15
Amy Li ’16
Sharon Liao ’16
Lily Y. Liu-Krason ’16
Connie Long ’16
Tiffany Y. May ’17
Pria C. Narsiman ’15
Anirudh Nandam ’14
Nikhil R. Nayar ’16
Brian Sarfo ’17
Maxwell E. Schwartz ’16
Scarlett Tohme ’14
Ourania S. Yancopoulos ’16
Carl Yin ’17
Tyler L. Zimmet ’15

Academic Awards Committee 2013–2014

The Academic Awards Committee is part of the Columbia College Student Council and is responsible for selecting the winners of the Lionel Trilling Book Award and Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching.

Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching Chair
Sahng-Ah Yoo ’15
Lionel Trilling Book Award Chair
Aidan T. Mehigan ’16
Internal Communications Chair
Sarah E. Libowsky ’15
External Communications Chair
Lily Y. Liu-Krason ’16
Samantha Ayoub ’14
Gauri Bahuguna ’17
Luis Bochner ’16
Matthew J. Buck ’17
Caroline Chen ’17
Catherine Chen ’15
Catherine Jenkinson ’16
Tae Kyoung Lee ’16
Robert A. Lyman ’15
Diana Ruan ’17
Samara A. Trilling ’15

Columbia College Student Representatives to the Committee on the Core Curriculum 2013–2014

The Committee on the Core Curriculum is an academic committee that oversees the maintenance of the Core Curriculum, which includes approving changes, reviewing courses and recommending additions.

Raphaëlle F. Debenedetti ’14
Abdul R. Hanif ’14
Evan M. Munro ’14

Columbia College Student Representatives to the Committee on Instruction 2013–2014

The Committee on Instruction is responsible for approving proposals for majors and other academic programs, new courses and policy changes. The COI provides leadership on a range of academic matters, consulting with a faculty, students and administrators where relevant. The COI is a joint Columbia College and School of General Studies committee.

Rachel D. Bercovitz ’15
Rajan K. Gupta ’15

Columbia College Student Representative to the Educational Policy and Planning Committee 2013–2014

The Educational Policy and Planning Committee is responsible for coordinating the work of the major curriculum committees of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and for advising and making recommendations to PPC and the Executive Vice President for Arts and Sciences on matters of educational policy and planning.

Margaret J. Mattes ’15

Global Recruitment Committee 2013–2014

The Global Recruitment Committee plays a vital role in the recruitment, yield and retention of foreign and international citizens. The GRC supplements officer recruitment efforts by becoming the eyes and ears of those abroad and provides a realistic path to Columbia. GRC members, under the supervision of the Undergraduate Admissions Office, are representatives for Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and assist in reaching out to prospective applicants through letter writing, email and telephone communication and any recruitment activity initiated by the GRC. The following list includes only Columbia College members.

Noeleen Advani ’15
Tolulope O. Akinade ’15
Sundas Amer ’15
Sarah B. Andebrhan ’14
Leslie T. Ayuk-Takor ’16
Hyun Jae Bae ’15
Gauri Bahuguna ’17
Eun Se Baik ’15
Gelila Bekele ’16
Tanvi Bikhchandani ’15
Joyce R. Brief ’16
Shuting Cai ’16
Joy J. Chang ’17
Ying Chang ’16
Jack J. Chen ’17
Yilin Chen ’14
Eun Sik J. Cho ’15
Lilian L. Chow ’15
Erin W. Chuah ’15
Khamal A. Clayton ’15
Benjamin A. Coombs ’17
Onella N. Cooray ’14
Bryana A. Cunningham ’17
Rihana F. Diabo ’14
Johanna-Sophie D. Dikkers ’15
Yuan Fang ’16
Sebastian M. Ferreyros ’16
Samina D. Gagné ’16
Jonathan R. Goetz ’14
Lauren E. Greene ’16
Mariam G. Gulaid ’16
Seung Joon Ha ’14
Yubo Han ’17
Anika A. Havaldar ’15
Letian He ’16
Zhiyuan He ’16
Ji Ho Jeon ’14
Mengzhou Jiang ’17
Mariko Kanai ’17
Hamza A. Khan ’14
Azar C. Khosrowshahi ’16
Chang Yup Kim ’14
Grace Y. Kim ’16
Vikram Kumar ’15
Gayoung Lee ’16
Kyoung won Lee ’16
Curtis Y. Li ’16
Jing Liong ’16
Luisa Lizoain ’14
Ana H. De Olibeira Lobo ’15
Rukmini M. Mahurkar ’14
Rodrigo S. Manubens ’16
Marcos M. Martinez ’16
Mark L. Martinez ’14
Bruno R. Mendes ’14
Meghna Mukherjee ’15
Karim Nader ’17
Pria C. Narsiman ’15
Oluremi C. Onabanjo ’15
Panalee Phatraprasit ’14
Anirban P. Poddar ’14
Shen Qiu ’16
Alejandra Ramos ’14
Sonalee M. Rau ’14
Hanya K. Riedl ’15
Roko Rumora ’14
Andres E. Salazar ’16
Nicolas Sambor ’16
Jennifer M. Sekula ’14
Nicole Seleme ’16
Claire Y. Sheridan ’15
Hilary A. Udow ’14
Etsegenet B. Wakjira ’14
Jingyao Wang ’17
Xin Weng ’17
Wenxin Yan ’14
Miryung Yang ’15
Kun Yao ’14
Nada Zaher ’16
Alana M. Zelaya ’17
Stella Zhao ’15
Bingcong Zhu ’16
Lingzi Zhuang ’16

Multicultural Recruitment Committee 2013–2014

The Multicultural Recruitment Committee is a student-run group that works with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions in recruiting students from underrepresented populations. The MRC was formed in the 1960s by Columbia undergraduates to create a number of programs that addressed diversity and multiculturalism. Today, MRC members assist the admissions staff in identifying, recruiting and yielding students from historically underrepresented groups (students of color, first-generation college students and families from high-need backgrounds). The following list includes only Columbia College members.

Jacob Abaraoha ’17
Beulah Agbabiaka ’15
Jasmine Akuffo ’17
Rinu Alakiu ’17
Whitney Alam ’17
Anastasia Anazonwu ’15
Naomi Ayele ’16
Jacqueline Basulto ’17
Angela Batuure ’17
Sherri-Chanelle Brighthaupt ’16
Lillian Chen ’15
Lilia Cherchari ’15
Jill Chow ’17
Nia Colon ’16
Madalyn De Jesus ’16
Claudia de Lavalle ’17
Jean-Franco Diaz ’16
Nicolas Edwards ’17
Koryalys Edwards ’15
Amber Ferrell ’16
Annette Finnegan ’17
Destiny Franklin ’17
Jasline Garcia ’17
Carolina Garrigo ’15
Lorenzo Gibson ’16
Halima Gikandi ’16
Chelsea Griffin ’16
Melissa Kaufman-Gomez ’17
Paramjot Kaur ’16
Jackie Lawson ’17
Bre Leslie-Skye ’17
Kelly Luis ’15
Denisse Melgar ’16
Pablo Mendoza ’16
Morales-Miranda ’16
Jesus Mora-Valle ’17
Tiffany Ogundipe ’17
Brianna Olamiju ’15
Karleta Peterson ’16
Sofi Sinozich ’16
Farah Taslima ’17
Chanel Thomas ’16
Ligner Vazquez ’16
Silver Zhang ’17
Kristin Emodi ’14
Kalena Zimmerman ’14

Undergraduate Recruitment Committee 2013–2014

The Undergraduate Recruitment Committee supports the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Visitors Center in sharing the Columbia undergraduate experience with prospective students, families and visitors. URC members are primarily trained campus tour guides but also lead an assortment of recruitment initiatives intended to introduce and affirm the Columbia undergraduate experience. URC members are also important contributors to Days on Campus and to admitted student activities. The following list includes only Columbia College members.

Tareq N. Abuissa ’14
Ayesha A. Agarwal ’17
Beulah I. Agbabiaka ’15
Anastasia A. Anazonwu ’15
Sarah B. Andebrhan ’14
Sama Asali ’17
Karissa E. Austin ’16
Kristin N. Austin ’16
Anabel G. Bacon ’14
Anusha Balakrishnan ’15
Aram S. Balian ’16
Katherine A. Barrall ’14
Nathalie P. Barton ’14
Natan Belchikov ’15
Anushua Bhattacharya ’16
Justin M. Bleuel ’17
Hillary Bonuedie ’16
Alexandra L. Carieri ’15
Lauren B. Chadwick ’15
Joy J. Chang ’17
Helen M. Chen ’17
Hua H. Chen’14, SEAS’13
Jack J. Chen ’17
Lillian Chen ’15
Vivian Chen ’17
Richard C. Chiang ’17
Zachary A. Collazo ’16
Nia Colon ’16
Bintu N. Conteh ’14
Merritt E. Dailey ’14
Theodora E. Davis ’17
Julia M. Davis-Porada ’17
Raphaëlle F. Debenedetti ’14
Andrew J. Demas ’15
Johanna-Sophie D. Dikkers ’15
Jake C. Drobner ’17
Jessica A. Eaton ’14
Jeremy S. Feinberg ’17
Natalie A. Felsen ’16
Jacqlyn E. Fields ’14
Emma J. Finder ’16
Jordan B. Freisleben ’15
Daniel M. Friedman ’16
Carolina M. Garrigo ’15
Kellie N. Gergoudis ’14
Eli G. Geschwind ’16
Samantha L. Goldfarb ’14
Danielle Goldman ’16
Sophia B. Golec ’15
Kristen S. Gonzalez ’17
Jacie A. Goudy ’17
Lauren E. Greene ’16
Chelsea A. Griffin ’16
Sireesh K. Gururaja ’15
David S. Hamburger ’16
Andrea Hazday ’14
Zachary C. Heinemann ’17
Cole W. Hickman ’16
Zachary S. Ho ’17
Colin J. Howard ’17
Michael Huang ’15
Nathen Huang ’15
Kaitlin J. Huben ’15
Meaghan A. Hurr ’16
Katharyn-Alexis Huseby ’16
Anna K. Jessurun ’17
Katherine Jin ’16
Mary Joseph ’15
Hannah R. Josi ’16
Megan R. Kallstrom ’15
Kunal A. Kamath ’17
Carolyn L. Kegel ’17
Sarah R. Kellner ’16
Zachary A. Kent ’17
Douglas L. Kessel ’15
Azar C. Khosrowshahi ’16
Cameron R. Lemley ’16
Marissa A. Lepor ’16
Breanna R. Leslie-Skye ’17
Simon A. Levinson ’17
Gabriella A. Levy ’17
Amy Li ’15
Derek Z. Li ’17
Sarah E. Libowsky ’15
Lily Y. Liu-Krason ’16
Devin K. Lloyd ’15
Catherine-Mary D. Lopez ’15
Netana H. Markovitz ’17
Maria A. Mavrommatis ’17
William A. Maxfield ’14
Gabriel A. Mayers ’17
Alyssa M. Menz ’15
Isabel I. Michaelides ’16
Monica C. Molina ’14
Juliana R. Moraes Liu ’17
Anjelica L. Neslin ’16
Elena S. Nicolaou ’16
Daniel E. Ocampo ’17
Jennifer M. Olson ’17
Oluwaseun O. Omotunde ’16
Oluwatofunmi A.Oshodi ’16
Aramael A. Pena-Alcantara ’16
Karleta A. Peterson ’16
Katie E. Peyser ’14
Anusha Ponduri ’17
Michael J. Purcell ’16
Kethan T. Rao ’17
Thomas C. Reidy ’15
Alexander S. Reynolds ’17
Ryan J. Rivera ’15
Sarah E. Roth ’16
Isabel S. Rothberg ’17
Thomas K. Rutten ’17
Gabriela M. Safa ’15
Gretchen L. Schmid ’15
Kai N. Schultz ’14
Ari D. Schuman ’15
Madison A. Seely ’15
Jennifer M. Sekula ’14
Naomi L. Senbet ’14
Jacoby A. Shelton ’16
Claire Y.Sheridan ’15
Adrian J. Silver ’15
Nikita Sivakumaran ’16
Zenalenia A. Sockwell ’17
Tomer Solomon Mate ’17
Molly L. Stein ’16
Marek Svoboda ’14
Jessica D. Swanson ’17
Jiawen Tang ’15
Daniel A. Tejera Sindell ’15
Wallace K. Teska ’17
Bakhita A. Thordarson ’16
Scarlett Tohme ’14
Vikas S. Vavilala ’14
Finn B. Vigeland ’14
Alexandra E. Villarreal ’17
Shreyas Vissapragada ’17
Christina Vlahos ’14
Emmanuel Walton ’17
Christine J. Wang ’15
Daniel Wang ’16
Katie Wang ’17
Kylie L. Warner ’17
Matthew T. White ’15
Matthew A. Wickersham ’16
Alanna B. Williams ’16
Jordan N. Williams ’17
Noelle N. Wyman ’17
Susan T. Xiong ’15
Ourania S. Yancopoulos ’16
Jennifer J. Yu ’17
Kenneth D. Zauderer ’14
Sarah R. Zimmerman ’15
Tyler L. Zimmet ’15

Center for Student Advising Peer Advisers 2013–2014

Center for Student Advising Peer Advisers are outstanding juniors or seniors from Columbia College and The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science who work during New Student Orientation and throughout the academic year to supplement the services offered by CSA. Peer Advisers offer social, academic and emotional support and help students navigate and connect with resources at the College and Engineering. Peer advising enhances the student experience, builds community within the student body and creates opportunities for leadership.

Carlos A. Garcia Alayon ’14
Zhaoqi Li ’15
Amanda R. Suarez ’14
Jiawen Tang ’15
Rachel G. Wangler ’15

Global Programs and Fellowships Peer Advisors 2013–2014

Peer Advisors are Columbia students who have returned from a semester or year abroad and are interested in sharing their experience with prospective students. Peer Advisors have office hours at the Office of Global Programs, attend OGP events and create on-campus events where other students can learn about their experiences.

Abigail L. Bates ’14
Jeong Yun Chun ’14
Tabitha P. Cohen ’14
Gabrielle C. Dressler ’14
Zan Gilani ’15
Maria Cristina N. Gimenez de los Galanes Cavallo ’14
Austin Lowe ’14
Alexandra H. Miller ’14
Kening Zhu ’14

The Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board 2013–2014

The Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board is composed of a broad representation of Columbia undergraduates who work collectively toward continually enhancing the Office of Multicultural Affairs’ programs and services, evaluating the needs of Columbia’s diverse undergraduate student population, identifying relevant campus issues and promoting a campus environment of inclusion, self-awareness, intercultural engagement and social responsibility.

Megan A. Baker ’14
Amy J. Garvey ’15
Milo Inglehart ’14
Kai A. Johnson ’15
Rohan N. Kirpekar ’15
Lamar A. Richardson ’15
Elisse J. Roche ’14

New Student Orientation Program 2013-2014

The New Student Orientation Program is a required program for all new students. It begins the transition process for new students and for their families to the excitement, opportunities and rigor of campus life.

2013 Committee
Emma K. Chaves ’14
Lily Y. Liu-Krason ’16
Charles Sanky ’16
Demarttice B. Tunstall ’16

International Student Orientation Program 2013-2014

The International Student Orientation Program is designed to help international first-years transition into the Columbia community before the New Student Orientation Program. ISOP programs range from helping new students set up a phone or bank account to understanding the Columbia academic culture and getting to know New York City.

2013 Committee
Onella N. Cooray ’14
Lingzi Zhuang ’16

Why I Give Back

Having been born in Colombia, and having lived in the United States, Switzerland and now Brazil for the past 25 years, I can tell you that no matter where you live in the world, being a part of the Columbia community will always be rewarding. The education that I received at our alma mater and the Core both gave me a foundation for life. The Columbia community has been an important part of my life ever since, always central and key in my success.

Diana Moreinis Nasser ’87

My Columbia College education made me more uncomfortable about the course of world events on the one hand, and more self-reflective on the other. When students and former students embrace their College education, they join a community of lifelong learners. Members of this community share a Core and a commitment — to better know ourselves as individuals and to enlighten the course of civilization. This voyage challenges us like no other, but as Aeneas says in 1:239, ‘A joy it will be one day… to remember even this.’

Chuck Callan ’78

We support the College because it is the best thing that has ever happened to our son Ricardo ’16. He feels that everyone in this world should have the opportunity to experience the Core. We are so impressed by his knowledge, maturity and changes! We are confident that because of Columbia and the Core, he will be prepared to handle any situation. We are also so grateful for the brilliant professors who give him time and attention outside the classroom, so we want to help the College continue this amazing work.

Lucila and Alejandro Vollbrechthausen P: ’16

Attending Columbia was single-handedly one of the best decisions I've made. Columbia fostered my academic interests in science in ways unimaginable and afforded me the opportunity to work in the labs of several esteemed scientists, including Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Kandel [P: BUS88]. My first journal publication is from research I completed in a neuroscience lab as an undergraduate. ... As an alumna, I donate to the College and am a volunteer ... because it’s important for me to remain connected to this institution and ensure that students continue to have the same amazing experiences I had.

Brittany Dubose ’08

A person will face any number of challenges throughout his or her life — both personal and professional — but it is the thought process to solve those problems that is the key to success. Columbia gives students the tools to think critically and expand their worldview. It is a path we embarked on College Walk and continue on today.

Joanna Herman ’98 and Brooks Herman ’98

... I am constantly reminded that my time at Morningside Heights represented the starting place of my journey as an adult — a journey comprising infinite experiences — bound by nothing. ... Instilled by the Core and nurtured by interactions with classmates and friends, I departed from Columbia with one critical realization at the forefront of my mind: that the intellectual process is many times, if not most, more valuable than the answer. As I approach my ninth year as an alumnus, I strive earnestly each day to transform that realization into a reality — a challenge I find befitting of a Columbia College graduate.

Ganesh Betanabhatla ’05

... We are hopeful that by giving back we can influence the next generation of leaders who will continue the cycle of giving. The experiences [we’ve had] and people we’ve met because of Columbia have been invaluable to our careers and lives in general. We are both extremely grateful for the doors the College has opened for us and the friends we've made (and continue to make) through CU. Columbia holds a special place in our hearts, as we never would have met otherwise. We are engaged to be married in 2015.

Ralph DeBernardo ’09 (football) and Kaitlyn Busler ’10 (field hockey)

A freshman commuter, I learned to read ‘Homer’ while holding the handrail on the subway to Sheepshead Bay. A year later, with a scholarship, I was able to live on campus until graduation. We pre-meds were obsessed with excelling in our science courses, especially organic chemistry. ... I became a professor of anesthesiology at P&S. Some time ago, I was asked to anesthetize [an] esteemed professor of organic chem. ‘Any questions for me, sir?’ ‘Yes, I have one. What were your grades?’ ‘B+, B+, both terms.’ ‘Not bad, not bad.’ We shook hands and smiled. We knew we just shared a unique Columbia moment.

Allen Hyman ’55, P: ’85, ’88, PS’90

I spent four years at Columbia College as a student who learned so much from my professors, my classmates and the two deans of Columbia College. Dean Lawrence Chamberlain [GSAS’45] and Dean Nicholas McKnight [’21] were always concerned with having the best faculty in the country. They were brilliant and warm individuals. I found learning and warmth from faculty, and classmates provided me with good thoughts and good relations and I am very grateful. Graduating from Columbia inspired in me an urge to create and succeed.

Howard Falberg ’54

My Columbia experience has been truly enriched by my involvement in the Columbia College Student Council. ... In my current role as the Class of 2015 president, I’m always astounded by how the definition of this community evolves because of the diversity that exists in thought, experience, ethnicity, academic pursuits, concerns and more within the student body. For me, it creates a renewed sense of curiosity and I believe this is what truly makes Columbia unique — it’s a university where the diversity within our gates reflects that of New York City and the world.

Kareem D. Carryl ’15

It’s easy to forget that the Columbia experience isn’t over when you graduate and go beyond College Walk. Having worked and studied on three continents, I’ve found Columbia alums, current students and faculty all over the world. From seeing the unveiling of Greg Wyatt ’71’s statue of Macbeth in Stratford-upon-Avon, to welcoming the next generation of students in Beijing, Columbians are doing amazing things and creating communities everywhere.

Stephanie Lung ’04

Nearly a decade after graduation, as I follow my classmates’ extraordinary accomplishments in government, academia, medicine, law and the arts, and at their own start-ups, my respect and appreciation for the education we received at the College (and my desire to give back as an alum) continues to grow. My commitment to a career in public service was solidified by my undergraduate experience organizing Columbia Community Outreach, with support from the alumni community. 

Diana Benton Schecter ’05

Columbia’s commitment to the Core has provided my friends and me a breadth of knowledge just wide enough that it doesn’t sacrifice depth. Because the Core is built this way, each of us can take the bits and pieces that are meaningful to us to forge a unique relationship with Columbia that extends far beyond the gates of 116th and that somewhat fuzzy May of senior year.

Vesal Yazdi ’11