John Jay Dinner 2002
Student Spotlight:
  Peter Cincotti '05
Student Spotlight:
  Alisa Weilerstein '04
Columbia College Fund
  Turns 50


Roar Lion Roar

Cover Story

Hillary Clinton. Al Gore. John McCain. Bill Bradley. Ralph Nader. Such a set of political heavyweights can usually only be found power-lunching in a Washington, D.C., steakhouse (at separate tables, of course), or perhaps appearing on a particularly ambitious Meet the Press episode. [more]

John Jay Dinner 2002
On Wednesday, March 6, more than 600 alumni, friends, students and faculty filled the Grand Ballroom of the Plaza Hotel to honor four outstanding alumni — Derek Q. Johnson '81, Joel I. Klein '67, Conrad Lung '72 and William H. McDavid '68 — who received John Jay Awards for Distinguished Professional Achievement. [more]


Student Spotlight: Peter Cincotti '05, Alisa Weilerstein '04

“I wish everybody wore suits and hats like they did 50 years ago,” says Peter Cincotti ’05, speaking wistfully from the lobby of midtown Manhattan’s Algonquin Hotel, where he is surrounded by proud Victorian chairs and oak molding. [more]

Don’t call Alisa Weilerstein ’04 a prodigy. “Don’t ever use that word again!” she admonishes. “People say that all the time, and it drives me crazy. I just have a visceral aversion to that word.” She prefers ‘precocious.’ [more]


Columbia College Fund Turns 50
As Columbia University nears its 250th anniversary, another anniversary is being celebrated right here, right now. This year, the Columbia College Fund completes 50 years of helping students. [more]




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