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Brian Greene Has the World On a String
Handsome and popular, this media savvy professor destroys the image of the disheveled scientist who is comfortable only in his laboratory. Greene, who
in the past few months has been seen on ABC's
Nightline, CNN and C-SPAN, is one of the leading proponents of String Theory, which for physicists could be the biggest breakthrough since Einstein's work. With the success of The Elegant Universe and his own appearances, he's brought physics to the masses..
By Shira J. Boss '93


Brian Grene


Class of '99: Commence!
A photo essay by Eileen Barroso

Columbia Knute?
It may sound far-fetched, but famed football coach Knute Rockne, the Gipper himself, almost left Notre Dame to become coach at Columbia. Really.

By Ray Robinson '41

A Visit With Robert Lax '38
The poet, who long ago left the New York glitterati for a simpler life on the Greek isle of Patmos, remains one of the great enigmas of American letters.
By James J. Uebbing '82

Reunion Weekend 1999
A photo essay by Nick Romanenko '82 and Steve Friedman

Around the Quads
Lerner Hall opens its doors to students
Eleanor Sanchez chosen to head Center for Career Services
Class Deans system refined
Alexander Hamilton, Great Teacher Award winners named

Roar Lion Roar
Ray Tellier, entering his second decade as Columbia's head football coach, reflects on the progress the program has made over the past 10 years, and the goals still to be achieved. Plus complete football and men's basketball schedules for 1999-2000.
By Jonathan Lemire '01

baseball 40s/75%

Knute Rockne


Robert Lax '38