Spring 1999



Brian Dennehy '60: Death of a Salesman, Birth of a Star
Now starring on Broadway, this versatile actor is finally receiving the attention he deserves and has fulfilled a mission of doing what he loves best.
By Shira J. Boss '93


Brian Dennehy '60


A Conversation with the Dean, Part 2
Austin Quigley answers questions about maintaining the College's traditional diversity, the perception of overcrowded classrooms, changes in the advising process, the allocation and enhancement of scarce resources, the evolution of financial aid policies and much more.

By Alex Sachare '71

Black Heritage Month
A photo essay by Timothy P. Cross and Joe Pineiro

60 Years Ago, Baker Field Made TV History
The second game of a doubleheader between Princeton and Columbia, which took place at Baker Field on May 17, 1939, was the first televised sports event in history.
By Leonard Koppett '44

Around the Quads
The National Council reaches out to Alumni
CERC part of multi-disciplinary growth
The Papyrus Project
Application beat goes on
Welly Yang '94 makes tracks
An Oscar for Bill Condon '76, five Grammys for Lauryn Hill '97

Roar Lion Roar
Winter sports roundup includes close losses for men's hoops, a Met title for men's track, more records for Cristina Teuscher '00 and an Ivy championship for women's fencing -- Ground broken for new rowing complex -- More silver anniversary awards -- Steinman honored -- Frank exhibition.

Columbia Forum
James Schapiro '77 on Shakespeare in Love
Max Frankel '52 on his years at Columbia
The inventive hand of Giovanni Battista Piranesi
Sean Wilentz '72 on impeachment and the rule of law Patricia Grieve on the value of storytelling.

In Every Issue
Letters to the Editor
Within the Family
Class Notes

Alumni Profiles:
Robert Schick '48
Richard Wald '52
Valencia Gayles '88
Doug Freed '91
Garrett Neubart '95

Alumni Corner:Communication isimproving within the Columbia community, and with the outside world.
By Phillip M. Satow '63

baseball 40s/75%

Baker Field, May 17, 1939.


Max Frankel '52