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The Core Curriculum presents all College students with a unique academic experience that focuses not on the rapid accumulation of specialized knowledge, but rather on the perennial examination of philosophical questions that have shaped civilization for millennia: What is democracy? What is morality? What is the good life? The Core cultivates a deliberate consciousness and willingness to productively engage with others, over ideas, values and beliefs. In an educational landscape that increasingly favors “career-ready” skills, the Core attends to the whole student, offering transcendental lessons that nourish personal evolution and social responsibility.

The Core requires continual resources to ensure its potency in the midst of societal change. Endowing the Core will invigorate faculty commitment to this singular academic enterprise, enrich ways students interpret its lessons to be relevant and meaningful, and position Columbia as a thought leader with regards to the prevailing question of what it means to be a thinking, feeling and active human being in today’s society.

“For nearly 100 years, the Core has given College students more than an education — it has given them a foundation in ethics, morals and citizenship. That has not, and will not, change.” Dean James J. Valentini


Enhance and expand the intellectual community committed to the Core, while creating opportunities for faculty scholarship within the liberal arts.


Develop enriched programming for students and faculty, as well as establish the Center for the Core Curriculum as a leading think tank for liberal arts education.


Use new technologies to expand the Core experience beyond the classroom, across generations and in new experiential ways.


Your support matters. Gifts of any size to the Columbia College Fund ensure the vitality of the one experience shared by all College students and alumni, expand that experience and replenish the academic departments that make it all possible.

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Leadership Opportunities

Support us as we propel the Core beyond its 100th Anniversary in 2019. Read more about our plans to enhance this fundamental aspect of the Columbia College experience and contact Corey S. Aronstam, Deputy Vice President of Development with questions or to learn more.

 212-851-7458  |   ca2433@columbia.edu


Endowment for the Columbia College Core Curriculum
Strengthen the Center for the Core Curriculum as a think tank for the future of higher education, through increased programming and scholarly research that will be visible in the public eye.
Core Experience Fund

Expand the reach of the Core Curriculum through field trips to the great museums, monuments and cultural institutions of New York City, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, the Metropolitan Opera House and more.

Keynote Lecture Liberal Arts Education
Bring a noted scholar or public intellectual to campus each year for a distinguished keynote lecture in liberal arts education, further establishing Columbia’s leadership in the field of philosophical and critical inquiry.
Core Postdoctoral Fellowship in Civil and Political Rights
Cultivate Core scholars by providing recent Columbia PhD’s with Fellowships in order to develop and teach courses that link the Core to the study of contemporary civil rights and policy issues, of even greater relevance today.
Core Summer Internships

Provide funding for students to engage in summer projects or internships at Columbia or in New York that expand their Core experience and understanding.

Second Century Fund

Invest in new technology for the future of the Core, to allow its rich intellectual content to be shared by students and alumni in innovative and modern ways. This includes media opportunities that distribute Core content virtually to our alumni, online book forums with annotations and guides for self-guided study, and more.


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