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The strength of an institution is measured by the loyalty, passion and vitality of its people.  Our community of students, faculty, alumni and parents is rich with history, distinct in character and tremendously active.  

Change happens when people band together to donate not only resources, but time, expertise and intellectual capital.  Core to Commencement is an opportunity to create a more tightly-knit family of volunteers and leaders who will help guide our students to greatness.  You are crucial to this effort.  Whether you have an hour each week or one every month, be a part of creating our future.



Interviewers for Prospective Students


Class Agents




Internships Offered by Alumni

Ways to Volunteer

With Students

Mentor and hire current students, interview prospective students and participate in talks or programs that enhance a student’s experience at the College.

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With Alumni

Engage with classmates and fellow alumni to strengthen our network and community, while simultaneously generating support for the College. 

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As Leaders

Demonstrate an elevated volunteer commitment through leadership roles that will inspire fellow alumni and students, while influencing our future. 

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As Parents

Join other College Parents who are committed to supporting academic excellence and enhanced undergraduate experience.

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Ways to Connect
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