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At the heart of any great College is great faculty. They influence our students’ personal and intellectual development, aspirations and career choices. At crucial moments, inside and outside the classroom, faculty-student interactions are a vital element of the student experience. A priority of Core to Commencement is to continue attracting the best faculty and involving them deeply in the lives of students, while also supporting their scholarly work.

At Columbia, teaching and learning feed into a cycle that tilts toward wisdom. Each day, faculty and students work together to create knowledge, from exchanging provocative ideas across seminar tables to solving complex problems in innovative laboratories. At Columbia, every Nobel Laureate, Pulitzer Prize winner and National Medal of Science recipient is also a dedicated teacher, exemplifying the symbiotic relationship between our College and the powerful research university in which it sits. By recognizing, rewarding and retaining the finest faculty, the College strives to provide the best possible foundation for student success, from Core to Commencement.

In every area, professors inspire our students to create change.


Attract and retain exceptional faculty by increasing the number of endowed professorships and by supporting scholarly work.


Expand College resources to accelerate faculty and curriculum development, and to reward faculty for mentoring and advising students.


Enhance human and technology support, and renew the classrooms, offices and laboratories where ideas are formed.



Your support matters. Gifts of any size to the Columbia College Fund allow the dean to strengthen the world-class faculty and to promote meaningful faculty-student interactions that influence students’ personal and intellectual development, aspirations and career choices.


Leadership Opportunities

Learn about ways we will attract the best faculty and involve them more deeply in the lives of students, as great teachers, mentors and advisors. Contact Corey Aronstam, Deputy Vice President of Development to learn more.

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Ensure Columbia’s tradition of excellence in teaching and research.
Student-Faculty Interaction Fund
Reward faculty for advising a greater number of undergraduate projects and support departments that provide pre-major declaration advising.
Classroom Enhancement
Transform a classroom through renovation and technology enhancement.
Curriculum Development Fund
Promote innovative course design through immediate funding for faculty, departments, centers or institutes.
Faculty and Department Offices
Modernize the spaces occupied by our distinguished faculty and the offices that support them.
Faculty Innovation Fund
Award funds to junior faculty to subsidize work critical to their success and tenure.

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