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Academic Awards and Prizes

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Dean James J. Valentini and Dean of Academic Affairs Lisa Hollibaugh were on hand to congratulate the students at the 2019 Academic Awards and Prizes Ceremony, held on May 21 in Faculty House. The following awards were announced at the ceremony. A number of other awards were not announced at the ceremony but were still given.

Special Achievements to be Noted

Presented by Dean of Academic Affairs Lisa Hollibaugh

Harry J. Carman Fellowship

  • Poorvi Bellur ’19

Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Fellowship

  • Sofia Nina-Bernardes Martins ’19

Henry Evans Travelling Fellowship

  • Kathryn Patz ’19
  • Zina Precht-Rodriguez ’19

Albert Asher Green Memorial Prize

  • Jaewook Ryu ’19

Euretta J. Kellett Fellowship

  • Luke DeCourcey Cregan ’19
  • Nicole-Ann Lobo ’19

David B. Truman Alumni Award

  • Aunoy Poddar ’19


  • Jessica Bai ’19


  • Sofia Nina-Bernardes Martins ’19

Prizes in the Core Curriculum

Presented by Emmanuelle M. Saada, professor of French and Romance philology, and the Carnoy Family Program Chair for Contemporary Civilization

Joshua A. Feigenbaum Prize in Literature Humanities

  • Anna Colette Sanford ’19

Wallace A. Gray Prize in Literature Humanities

  • Alex Siegal ’21

Dean Hawkes Memorial Prize in the Humanities

  • Gustaf Ahdritz ’20

James P. Shenton Memorial Prize in Contemporary Civilization

  • Zachary Richard Kahn ’20

Jonathan Throne Kopit Memorial Prize

  • Alejandra C. Quintana Arocho ’22

Prizes in the Creative and Performing Arts

Presented by Emmanuelle M. Saada, professor of French and Romance philology, and the Carnoy Family Program Chair for Contemporary Civilization

Seymour Brick Memorial Prize

  • Maddie Woda ’20

Karen Osney Brownstein Writing Prize

  • Parth Chhabra ’19

George William Curtis Prize in Oration

  • Informative
    Fahima Ali ’21
  • Persuasive
    Megan Rodriguez ’22

Austin E. Quigley Prize

  • Rūgūrū Karira ’19

The Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer Prize

  • Bernadette Bridges ’19

Prizes in Science and Mathematics

Presented by Frederik Paerels, professor of astronomy

Theodore R. Bashkow Award

  • Serina Y. Chang ’19
  • Robert Netzorg ’19

Richard Bersohn Prize

  • Jaewook Ryu ’19

Bridges and Sturtevant Prize in Biological Sciences

  • Waleed Ali ’19
  • Ananya Jain ’19
  • Sakila Nazia ’19

Jonathan L. Gross Award for Academic Excellence

  • Linnie Jiang ’19

Thomas J. Katz Prize

  • Khrystofor Khokhlov ’19

Alfred Moritz Michaelis Prize

  • Benjamin Mazel ’19

Professor Van Amringe Mathematical Prize

  • Quang Dao ’20
  • Myeonhu Kim ’20
  • Anda Tenie ’22

John Dash Van Buren Jr. Prize in Mathematics

  • Yujin Kim ’19

Prizes in the Social Sciences

Presented by Adam Reich, assistant professor of sociology

Charles A. Beard Prize in History

  • Emma Kolchin-Miller ’19

Charles A. Beard Prize in Political Science

  • Denis Tchaouchev ’19

Chanler Historical Prize

  • Andrea Charlotte Floersheimer ’19
  • Emily Anne Gruber ’19

Albert Marion Elsberg Prize

  • Mahir Rafi Riaz ’19
  • Sylvia Davidovicz Smith ’19

Myra Kraft Prize for Exceptional Practical Experience in Human Rights Advocacy

  • Meghana Bharadwaj ’20
  • Justin Holiman ’20

Myra Kraft Prize for Superior Academic Achievement in the Study of Human Rights

  • Tessa Silverman ’19

Lily Prize in History

  • Sias Merkling ’19

Sanford S. Parker Prize

  • Jessica Bai ’19

Romine Prize

  • Senior Seminar
    Orko Sarkar ’19

Taraknath Das Foundation Award

  • Sam Aldridge ’19
  • Liza R. Chowdhury ’19

Alan J. Willen Memorial Prize

  • Sophia Lynne Bock ’19

Prizes in the Humanities

Presented by Katja Vogt, professor of philosophy

Academy of American Poets Poetry Prize

  • Melissa Ho ’19

Charles Paterno Barratt-Brown Memorial Prize

  • Elinor Grace Hitt ’19

Bunner Prize

  • Denise Xu ’19

Douglas Gardner Caverly Prize

  • Lauren Nguyen ’19

Earle Prize in Classics

  • Andrew Edward Hauser ’19
  • William Garrison Steere ’20

Arthur E. Ford Poetry Prize

  • Daniela Rodriguez Saldarriaga ’19

James Gutmann Prize in Philosophy

  • Saikeerthi Rachavelpula ’19

John Vincent Hickey Prize

  • Ana Espinoza ’19

Adam Leroy Jones Prize in Logic

  • Samuel Deng ’19

Benjamin F. Romaine Prize

  • Peter Rachofsky ’20

Ernest Stadler Prize For Excellence in the Study of Classical Antiquity

Margaret Corn ’19

  • Hannah Loughlin ’19

Deutscher Verein Prize in German

  • Nicholas Andes ’19

Senior Thesis Prize in Art History and Archaeology

  • Aaron Smithson’19

Susan Huntington Vernon Prize

  • Fiona Kibblewhite ’19