Maya Lugo ’19

a young woman with curly hair

CCT: What’s something interesting you learned this week?

Lugo: I took a workshop on NVivo, which is a coding software for interviews. When you do interviews and transcribe them, you can code them for themes and patterns and different things the subject says. It was really helpful because I have a research project to do.

CCT: What’s your favorite Core reading so far, and why?

Lugo: I have three favorites, but one of them is Song of Solomon. Toni Morrison takes you on a trip; the best way I can put it is that she creates this kaleidoscope of narrative. She’s following one central character, but brings up the stories and backgrounds of all these other characters who have an effect on his life. This whole tale is so pertinent to the black experience, and the way that she does it is so poetic, you can almost taste the words.

CCT: What do you like to do outside of class?

Lugo: I’ve been going to drum circles and learning how to play the djembe, and I’ve been free-styling from time to time, writing poetry, creating songs — I’m starting to sing more in public. And I absolutely love playing tennis. It’s my therapy!

Fast Facts

Major: Sustainable Development

From: Bronx-born, grew up in Yonkers, N.Y.

CCT: How do you like to take advantage of being in New York City?

Lugo: Last semester I went out with friends a lot more to spoken-word events and drum circles, and was just exploring different things that the artistic side of the city has to offer. I recently went to the Brooklyn Museum because it had the first Saturday of the month [free event], and it was an amazing experience! There were so many spoken-word poets, and there was a dance exhibit that turned into a dance party when they opened up the space for people to dance. It’s important to use this time to do adventurous things like that!