George J. Ames '37:   Financier and   Philanthropist
Those Were the Days,   My Friend!


Roar, Lion Roar!

Nicole Marwell '90
Mignon Moore '92
Joshua Harris Prager   '94
Cristina Teuscher '00
Cover Story

Architecturally controversial when it opened in the fall of 1999, the campus's new student center is steadily becoming more appreciated and widely used ... clearly being transformed into a true center for Columbia students. [More]
Traveling on Unbeaten Paths
Edward Rice '40 was born on October 23, 1918, on the kitchen table of the Rice family home in Brooklyn, delivered by one Dr. Joseph McLaughlin, whose death in a shootout over a woman later made headlines. It's a good story. It may even be true. [More]


Plaza Glitters for John Jay Honorees
By all measures, the 2001 John Jay Awards dinner at the Plaza Hotel was one of the most successful events the College has seen. More than 650 people filled the ballroom to honor four alumni for distinguished professional achievement. [More]


George J. Ames '37: Financier and Philanthropist
For most New Yorkers, George J. Ames '37 was known for his long association with the investment firm of Lazard Frères & Company, where he worked for more than 60 years and for whom he engineered some of the most spectacular real estate deals in post-World War II New York. [More]




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