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Those Were the Days,   My Friend!


Roar, Lion Roar!

Nicole Marwell '90
Mignon Moore '92
Joshua Harris Prager   '94
Cristina Teuscher '00

Those Were the Days, My Friend!

By Alex Sachare '71

If you're old enough to remember when you could eat a full meal on campus and still get change back for your buck, this 1941 Lions Den menu uncovered by Jack Williamson '44 should bring a smile to your face. Check out the prices below: The most expensive items on the menu, the Junior Club sandwich and the chicken salad with tomato slices, cost a whopping 40 cents, while a cheeseburger went for 15 cents and a hamburger deluxe could be had for 20 cents. A cup of coffee cost a nickel and ice cream was just a dime. For comparison, a chicken club sandwich in Café (212), one of the eateries in the new Lerner Hall, costs $4.49.

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