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The artwork of Burton Silverman

Burton Silverman '49: A Compelling Concern for Human Behavior

Self-portrait (1996), 14 x 12", oil on canvas

Although he says his persistent embrace of realist painting "marks me as either a fool or a radical visionary" for many, New York-based Burton Silverman '49 insists he is neither. Rather, he aims for a "compelling concern for human behavior" in his paintings, here represented by Quilted Couch (1990) and Self Portrait (1996). A teacher and longtime illustrator for The New Yorker, Silverman has a new exhibition of 50 paintings and an accompanying volume culled from his last 20 years' work that demonstrate not

only his celebrated technical mastery but his contributions to twentieth-century Americanrealist art. "Burton Silverman; A Retrospective" will be on display at the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio, January 10-March 14, and at The Brigham Young Museum of Art in Provo, Utah, May 4-September 18.

Quilted Couch (1990), 22 x 28", watercolor