The programs outlined in this report, the gifts received that make these programs possible, and the report itself would have been possible without the faculty, staff and administrators of Columbia College, as well as the administrators and staff of the University’s Office of Alumni and Development.

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Annual Report Staff

L. Alycen Ashburn SPS’16
Cindy del Rosario-Tapan
Jana Fritz
Elena G. Hecht BC’09, SOA’20
Amber R. Juarez
Eric P. Shea

Design and Production

Aaron Pinero
Gregory D. Lyle
Elizabeth Yalkut BC’11

Special Thanks

Jesse Adamo-Grimes
Melinda A. Aquino SPS’12
Robert S. Ast
Scott W. Carpenter
David Corbino
Jessica C. Cubas
Columbia University Photography Society
Courtney Como
Joshua W. Gaynor
Aaron T. Gomes
Toni Gunthrope-Hardee
Lisa Hollibaugh
Gibson Knott
Amy Kohn
Mike Kowalsky
Allie LaMarca
Ariella Lang
Kendra Lider-Johnson
Josh Lucas
Eric Meyer
Mike Miller
Lisa Palladino
Chia-Ying S. Pan
Michael B. Roberts
Laura P. Schiff
Albert Spuler SPS’17
Katherine M. Taflan
Bernice S. Tsai ’96
Josephine Watson
Chris Woods
Jodi A. Zaffino

Photo Credits


Michael Edmonson ’20

Our Community

“Learning to Let Her Voice Be Heard”: Amari Tankard ‘17

Special Concentration in Business Management: Eileen Barroso

2017 Leadership and Excellence Awards: Yemi Olorunwunmi CC'19

Valedictorian/Salutatorian: Michael Abolafia ‘17 and Hui Yu Wong ‘17

“Exploring the Core Curriculum through Theater”: Marina Chan ‘17

“Civic Engagement from Page to Place”: Courtesy Matthew Buck ‘17

“Discovering a Passion for Research”: Eileen Barroso

“Connecting with Cosmonauts”: Kate Seidel ‘17

“Science and Art in Archaeological Illustration”: Tim Wang ‘17

Gates Cambridge Scholarship 2017: Courtesy Sophie Wilkowske ‘17

Class Day Speaker: Eileen Barroso

John Jay Awards: Bruce Gilbert

Phi Beta Kappa (Spring): Michael DiVito

“Combining Theory and Practice”: Mark Jamias ‘17 (Marlee Pittman)

Patricia Kitcher: Jörg Meyer

“Reflections from the Desert”: Courtesy Katherine Hacthoun CC’19

Columbia Venture Competition’s Undergraduate Challenge: Brooke Slezak

Junior Phi Beta Kappa: Michael Edmonson ‘20

Viviana Prado-Núñez CC’20: Viviana Prado-Núñez CC’20

MacArthur Fellow: Photo: John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

“From College Walk to South Sudan and Back”: Courtesy Yonghak Roh CC’17

Trilling Van Doren Awards: Michael Edmonson ‘20

Alexander Hamilton Medal: David Dini SIPA'14

Santiago Tobar Potes ‘20: Courtesy Santiago Tobar Potes CC’20