Our Donors

Thank you to all the Columbia College alumni, parents, friends and students who supported Columbia College during Fiscal Year 2016–2017. Gifts to the College, along with contributions to the Arts & Sciences, Columbia Athletics and Columbia Libraries, make possible the unparalleled undergraduate experience that is available to Columbia College students.

Many thanks as well to the 11,161 donors who contributed $19.87 million to the Columbia College Fund in Fiscal Year 2016–2017. The College Fund helps meet the immediate needs of the College and provides essential resources for financial aid, student life, the Core Curriculum, and internship and research stipends. Every gift of every size makes a difference.

Fiscal Year 2016–2017 also marked the introduction of the Young Alumni Scholarship. This crowdfunding initiative inspired nearly 650 alumni from the classes of 2007–2016 to make gifts to the College, which funded scholarships for two students.

The College also introduced the Alumnae Legacy Circle in Fiscal Year 2016–2017. This leadership giving society is dedicated to the collective power of female-driven philanthropy and its impact on Columbia College. With 42 members as of June 30, 2017, the Alumnae Legacy Circle is a growing network of dedicated alumnae who are leaders in their fields, in their communities and at Columbia.

The following sections detail the exceptional support of the Columbia College community in Fiscal Year 2016–2017. Thank you for supporting Columbia College students in every way.