Columbia College Young Alumni Board of Directors

Columbia College Young Alumni is an active community of graduates from the last 10 classes. CCYA works to build a rich network of connections and advisers for young alumni and to provide interesting and dynamic opportunities for them to engage, lead and leave a mark on the College. The CCYA Board sets goals for CCYA at large, plans events and works with student groups. It is an extension of the Columbia College Alumni Association.

Alexander S. Rosen ’11
Past President
Gairy C. Hall Jr. ’11, BUS’16
Executive Committee
Aram S. Balian ’16
Jocelyn M. Bohn ’15
Nicole C. Cata ’11
Brian Chung ’16
Caitlin de Lisser-Ellen ’16
Lauren A. Dwyer ’11, BUS’16
Mable Jiang ’15
Adam Kuerbitz ’12, BUS’19
Brittney M. Nagle ’12
Laura D. Vigilante ’14
Tala T. Akhavan ’13
Matthew L. Amsterdam ’10, LAW’13
Alexander Birkel ’18
Jason Y. Feng ’14
Alexandra Jacunski ’11, GSAS’14, GSAS’16, GSAS’17
Simon G. Jerome ’13, SIPA’14
Gabriel A. Kerr ’12
Frankie W. Lam ’15
Isaac G. Lara ’11, LAW’17
Ashley C. Lherisson ’12, LAW’17
Randall W. Morton ’15
Jared H. Odessky ’15
Andrew W. Wood ’14
Kun Yao ’14
Carl Yin ’17
Kevin Zhang ’14
Bing Zhu ’16, SIPA’17
Shelly Zhu ’10