2018 Academic Awards and Prizes

Ceremony Photos

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Dean James J. Valentini and Dean of Academic Planning and Administration Lisa Hollibaugh were on hand to congratulate the students at the 2018 Academic Awards and Prizes Ceremony, held on May 15 in Faculty House. The following awards were announced at the ceremony. A number of other awards were not announced at the ceremony but were still given.

Special Achievements to be Noted

Presented by Dean of Academic Planning and Administration Lisa Hollibaugh

Harry J. Carman Fellowship

  • Smriti Kanangat ’18

Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Fellowship

  • Rachel Sommers ’18

Henry Evans Travelling Fellowship

  • Thomas Nielsen ’18
  • Jesse Thorson ’18

Albert Asher Green Memorial Prize

  • Jia Wan ’18

Euretta J. Kellett Fellowship

  • Nathan Katkin ’18
  • Angela Vettikkal ’18

David B. Truman Alumni Award

  • Adam Joseph Elkhadem ’18


  • Hannah Bender ’18


  • Sam Goldberg ’18

Prizes in the Core Curriculum

Presented by Julie A. Crawford, the Mark Van Doren Professor of Humanities, and the Paul Brooke Program Chair for Literature and Humanities

Joshua A. Feigenbaum Prize in Literature Humanities

  • Matthew Petti ’19

Wallace A. Gray Prize in Literature Humanities

  • Elsie Platzer ’19

Dean Hawkes Memorial Prize in the Humanities

  • Kurt Moskovitz ’19

James P. Shenton Memorial Prize in Contemporary Civilization

  • Mercedes Fissore-O’Leary ’19

Jonathan Throne Kopit Memorial Prize

  • Sama Sarraj ’20

Prizes in the Creative and Performing Arts

Presented by Julie A. Crawford, the Mark Van Doren Professor of Humanities, and the Paul Brooke Program Chair for Literature and Humanities

Seymour Brick Memorial Prize

  • Eliana Pipes ’18

Karen Osney Brownstein Writing Prize

  • Alessandra Stearns ’18

George William Curtis Prize in Oration

  • Informative
    Danny Amir Haidar ’18
  • Persuasive
    Jason Bowen ’21

Austin E. Quigley Prize

  • Antonia Georgieva ’18
  • Lexi Yue Wang ’18

The Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts

  • Tiffany Troy ’18

The Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer Prize

  • David Ehmcke ’20

George Edward Woodberry Prize

  • Catherine Valdez ’19

Prizes in Science and Mathematics

Presented by Frederik Paerels, Professor of Astronomy

Richard Bersohn Prize

  • Shawnee Traylor ’18

Computer Science Department Award

  • Bryan Kim ’18
  • Michele Lin ’18
  • Jill Shah ’18

Thomas J. Katz Prize

  • Isaac Jacob Knudson ’18

Alfred Moritz Michaelis Prize

  • Noah Miller ’18

Professor Van Amringe Mathematical Prize

  • Quang Dao ’20
  • Myeonhu Kim ’20
  • Matthew Lerner-Brecher ’20

John Dash Van Buren Jr. Prize in Mathematics

  • Nguyen Chi Dung ’18

Bridges and Sturtevant Prize in Biological Sciences

  • Felix Rozenberg ’18
  • Alexandra Tabachnikova ’18
  • Luis Valencia ’18

Prizes in the Social Sciences

Presented by Adam Reich, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Charles A. Beard Prize in History

  • Julien Saint Reiman ’18

Charles A. Beard Prize in Political Science

  • Peter Kalicki ’18

Carl B. Boyer Memorial Prize

  • Xavier Pladevall ’18

Chanler Historical Prize

  • Elizabeth Kandel ’18

Albert Marion Elsberg Prize

  • Samuel Henick ’18
  • Edward Crouse ’18

Garrett Mattingly Prize

  • James Woodall ’18

Lily Prize in History

  • Arielle Alterwaite ’18

Sanford S. Parker Prize

  • Guillermo Carranza Jordan ’18

Romine Prize

  • Senior Thesis
    Brendan Moore ’18
  • Senior Seminar
    Lindsey Cohen ’18

Caroline Phelps Stokes Prize

  • China Braekman ’18

Alan J. Willen Memorial Prize

  • Alexandra Fay ’18

Myra Kraft Prize for Superior Academic Achievement in the Study of Human Rights

  • Brianne Felsher ’18

Prizes in the Humanities

Presented by Katja Vogt, Professor of Philosophy

Academy of American Poets Poetry Prize

  • Rebecca Michelle Teich ’18

Senior Thesis Prize in Art History and Archaeology

  • Alicia Schleifman ’18

Charles Paterno Barratt-Brown Memorial Prize

  • Charlotte Goddu ’18

Dino Bigongiari Prize

  • Katya Bookchin ’18

Bunner Prize

  • Gabriela Dowling ’18

Douglas Gardner Caverly Prize

  • Nathan Katkin ’18

Earle Prize in Classics

  • Nathan Katkin ’18

Arthur E. Ford Poetry Prize

  • Rebecca Michelle Teich ’18

James Gutmann Prize in Philosophy

  • Angela Vettikkal ’18

John Vincent Hickey Prize

  • Rebecca Michelle Teich ’18

The Adam Leroy Jones Prize

  • Nikhil Dominic ’18

Benjamin F. Romaine Prize

  • Nathan Katkin ’18

Ernest Stadler Prize For Excellence in the Study of Classical Antiquity

  • Henry Thomas Doran ’18
  • David Swanson ’18

Deutscher Verein Prize in German

  • Catherine Le ’18

Susan Huntington Vernon Prize

  • Maysa Natalia Baladi ’18