College Expands Core to Commencement Campaign

Columbia College has announced the expansion of Core to Commencement, the first-ever fundraising and engagement campaign dedicated exclusively to the College. The next phase embraces five priority areas for support — including teaching and mentoring, and wellness and community — with an increased total goal of $750 million.

More than 35,000 donors have contributed $422 million since the campaign launched in November 2015 with an original goal of $400 million. In the two and a half years since, the campaign helped establish the Mendelson Center for Undergraduate Business Initiatives and the Eric H. Holder Jr. Initiative for Civil and Political Rights. The former has made business concentrations available to undergraduates; the latter creates a distinctive undergraduate experience that allows students to address issues of inequity and injustice.

In addition, $130 million of the contributions have gone to financial aid, 14 endowed professorships have been established and 1,000 funded experiences for students — from summer internships to humanities fellowships and science experiences — have been secured.

Looking ahead, the priority areas for the next phase of Core to Commencement are:

  • The Core at 100: ensuring the Core Curriculum’s continued relevance with a focus on faculty engagement, interdisciplinary programming and contributions to the public domain to establish the College as a leader in liberal arts education;
  • Beyond the Classroom: giving students hands-on experiences that expand their skills, worldviews and leadership abilities;
  • Wellness and Community: supporting and challenging students to develop life skills, well-being and resilience;
  • Teaching and Mentoring: attracting the best faculty and involving them in students’ lives while supporting their scholarly research; and
  • Access and Support: creating access for students most able to fully enjoy the potential of a College education and creating a vibrant and diverse student culture

For more information, go to the Core to Commencement website.