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May/June 2007
Cover: Homeward Bound Cover Story

Homeward Bound

Mark Weiner ’04 founded Emergency Communities, a group that continues to make a difference for Hurricane Katrina victims.
By Martina Brendel ’05 [more]


Five Alumni Receive John Jay Awards

The scene at the celebratory dinner

Five distinguished members of the College family were honored on March 1 for their professional achievements.
Photos by Eileen Barroso



Columbia Forum: Krueger’s Men

A counterfeit British pound

An excerpt from Lawrence Malkin ’51’s book about a Nazi plan to flood Britain with counterfeit British pounds produced by concentration camp prisoners.



Fighting the Cancer War

Dr. Paul A. Marks '46 at work in the lab

Dr. Paul A. Marks ’46, ’49 P&S is among the leaders of a research team that has discovered a promising anti-cancer drug.
By Jeneen Interlandi 06J, 06 GSAS [more]





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