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Cover Story

Poet Kenneth Koch, who died on July 6, liberated the minds of Columbia undergraduates since joining the English faculty in 1959.

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[ Inaugurating Columbia's 19th President ]

Columbia inaugurated Lee C. Bollinger as its 19th president on October 3 in a day-long celebration highlighting the University’s diversity and tradition of commitment to academic excellence.

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[ College Fund Leadership Conference ]

More than 100 enthusiastic alumni, students and parents gathered on campus for the first Columbia College Fund Leadership Conference on September 28.

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[ Antitrust Attorney Finds Niche In Sports ]
If the fans can get beyond their anger at the headlines and read the articles that spell out the major issues and players of the labor strife, they might notice that one name, Jeffrey Kessler ’75 ’77L, is ubiquitous. Architect of the NBA’s free agency and salary cap system. Ditto for the NFL. Latrell Sprewell’s attorney. Counsel for the aggrieved former owners of the Montreal Expos and the players’ union for the Arena Football League. In the sports labor world, he seemingly is always there when something important happens.

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